Feng Shui for a newly built townhouse

energy feng shui Mar 22, 2016

In February of 2016, we were invited to do a Feng Shui for a brand new townhouse in a newly established housing estate community. We visited the townhome prior to the owner moving in. She wanted us to check if the energy and the environment were going to support her in the best way possible. The incredibly intuitive owner asked us to do a Feng Shui at her new home because she felt the supportive energy flow in the ground and the environment was missing. She really wanted her townhome to be filled with cheerful, restorative and light-filled energy.

Driving into the subdivision, we were welcomed by a beautiful scenery of grass-land next to a small harbor. Diving into the energy and the 5-elements of Feng Shui, we could feel the energy of metal, water and wood supporting this area. However, fire and earth elements were missing to complete the flow from the circle of the 5-elements. Therefore, the energy was out of balance for this property, and wouldn’t be supportive for the people moving in.

We began our Feng Shui with a fire ceremony in the back of the home to raise up the energy of the fire element from mother earth. Afterwards we guided this powerful and transformative energy into the ground floor of the house to give birth to the element of earth. Only then we could raise the energy up supporting and balancing all of the 5 elements on all levels of the house.

When the owner returned upon completion of her Feng Shui, we guided her through each of her rooms and gave her helpful tips for the necessary accessories to support the energy in each of the rooms.

Every Feng Shui is unique and therefore requires a different approach and process. Prior to performing our Feng Shui service, we take into the consideration each individual living in the house, the energy of the environment inside and outside of the property. We create the very best outcome possible for the people living in their homes.

Keys to success in this Feng Shui case:

  • raising up the energy of fire and earth
  • setting up the new energy flow
  • placement of complementary furniture, accessories and colors for a perfect combination to have a highly supportive life-force energy (Qi)


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