The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Favorite Perfume

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON August 17, 2017

And why you should care… All Perfumes Aren’t Equal Many of the most popular perfumes use synthetic fragrances to give them their signature scent. That ‘ode de cologne’ you love so much. The ‘floral bouquet’ aroma that seduces. That waft …

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Can Holistic Healing Coexist with Mainstream Medicine?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON August 7, 2017

If you are unsure about working with an alternative practitioner, you are not alone. Many people are sceptical of anything that is unfamiliar and it is natural for us to be wary of what we don’t understand. However, more and …

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Serendipity – When the Universe Works With You

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON June 3, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling of being in just the right place, at just the right time, connecting with just the right people? The planets are aligned… Everything is in sync… You are in the ‘zone’. What is it that …

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Creating Space for the Sacred to Arise

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON April 13, 2017

Do you find it difficult to switch off and relax? Do you often feel disconnected? One of the best remedies to ‘busy-ness’ is cultivating a spiritual practice. But fitting in a spiritual practice can be a challenge. It is often …

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Balance – Your Key To Wellness

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON February 13, 2017

Being in balance is our natural state. When we are in balance our energy is good. We sleep better, have more vitality, recover faster. We are happier and healthier. Our mood is lighter, our intuition clearer. When we are out …

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The Secret Life of Chocolate

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON January 5, 2017

Chocolate is synonymous with love, sensual indulgence and decadence. Who hasn’t salivated at the sight of a decadent chocolate ganache? Or had your heart race at the thought of indulging in a liqueur infused chocolate truffle? We gift chocolates to …

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2017: Your Time to Shine!

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON December 7, 2016

Numerologically, 2017 is a number ‘one’: the sacred number of new beginnings. The start of a new nine-year cycle represents a time of adventure, creation and activity. It brings with it much opportunity if you know how to prepare for …

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Are You Tired of Feeling Fatigued?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON September 21, 2016

Have you been feeling fatigued and spaced out, having digestive discomfort, break-outs on your face and body, itchy skin, and/or yeast infections? From my personal experience as well as working with people for over 20 years, I am happy to share that …

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3 Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Leaky Gut

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON June 16, 2016

Leaky Gut or Intestinal Hyper-permeability is such an important topic in my daily life and work. Gut Health is linked to so many functions in the body: Digestion, Hormone Metabolism, Brain Function (Serotonin), Skin health, Happiness, and overall well-being. In …

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Breaking Free From A Fear Based Living

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON May 31, 2016

I am not speaking about the realistic fears such as being under physical attack, being chased by a terrifying tiger, living and experiencing a state of war, or dealing with a life threatening illness. Today I would like to focus …

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Hi, I’m Elena Bensonoff, Spiritual Health Practitioner. Here at Wholistic, our vision is to help facilitate the healing process so that you can reconnect with your authentic, whole self. So often, the root cause of physical or emotional imbalances is embedded in negative emotions that block the flow of energy in the body— increasing the likelihood of chronic pain, anxiety, and disease. We recognize and honor your life path and are here to guide you to your own mastery.