PSYCH-K – “I am worthy of the best, that love and life have to offer”.

PSYCH-K –A powerful tool to break through our borders

PSYCH-K is a powerful and effective tool to break through our limiting beliefs and reprogram our subconscious mind with new affirmations. Supportive Affirmations can bring ease into our daily lives within the first session.

PSYCH-K is a kinesiologically based method to resolve:

  • old patterns
  • limiting beliefs
  • fear and anxiety
  • grief and loss
  • stress
  • exam nerves
  • addictions
  • relationship issues

And to reinforce:

  • health
  • self-confidence
  • success
  • unconditional love
  • appreciation
  • abundance
  • better relationships and friendships

Throughout our lives we experience situations that make us feel small and hinder us from believing in our innate power and potential. Often, we are not aware of the affirmations that restrict us because they’re stored in our subconscious. As a result, we feel unhappy, blocked and outside of our power. Unfortunately, we have to stumble over the same problematic situations over and over again, until we are able to recognize the limitations.

This is one of the ways that life gives us little signs or opportunities to create the necessary changes in order to be happy and fulfilled by utilizing our unique power.

PSYCH-K  uses a distinct approach to address and resolve limiting affirmations, restrictions or behaviors. Significant results can be achieved within one coaching-session most of the time.

A few months ago a young woman came to see me. She was suffering with severe anxiety and stress because she felt that her business as a life-coach was not successful. Even though she loved her profession, she felt substandard and as if she wasn’t living to her full potential.

After a short introduction into how PSYCH-K works, I checked the belief points on her body. Utilizing the kinesiology-test, I noticed that her self-worth was very low.

In a standard coaching environment, it would have taken hours of conversation to find symptoms and additional hours to discover the deep reason behind her lack of self worth and the best practices to restore it. With PSYCH-K we discovered the reason within 5 minutes. After that, it only took an additional 5 minutes to reprogram the limiting affirmation coming from the subconscious into a powerful supportive affirmation.

At the end of the session I asked my client to do her homework and take action by bringing the newly implemented changes into her daily life. Normally to create a profound shift, it takes 4-6 weeks.

I’ve been practicing PSYCH-K with my clients and I can honestly say, the results are life-changing.


Testimonial after a few months:

“...I would like to say thank you once again and give feedback about your work with me earlier this year. I often think about our session, because I am realizing that it was a very important milestone for me. Now - after few months - I can honestly say that it has changed my life completely. I can feel deeply, that I am worthy of the best, that love and life have to offer. I am still at the end yet, but in a much-much better place. I realize I give myself a much higher significance and importance in my life. I pay more attention to my needs, my interests; I became more selfish ... :-). Concerning the financial aspect in my life, I never felt such a pressure and limitedness after our session than I experienced before.

Now the next steps can follow towards abundance, but it's my turn now :-) ...

Once again thank you very much for your amazing work!”



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