Wholistic’s Chakra Assessment and Support Systems

At Wholistic, we specialize in clearing energy blocks and balancing your body, mind and spirit. There are many avenues to do this and one of our favorites and most powerful is helping you heal your Chakras.

Clearing, balancing and powering up your Chakras is a simple and effective way to living life in the best health and your truest power.

We have been busy researching and developing different ways to get the best results for balancing your Chakras. One is taking an easy Chakra Assessment that will help you tap into the exact energies that need to be shifted and balanced. The quiz is an incredible opportunity to discover imbalances that can cause disease, depression, lethargy, discomfort, fear and more.

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Learning about and working with your Chakras can produce significant results in how you are feeling. After taking the assessment, we will send you the results of your answers with detailed solutions based on our Wholistic Chakra System.

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We are also happy to work with you and go more in-depth in one-on-one private sessions in person or over the phone.

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What are Chakras and why are they so important to our well-being?

Think of Chakras as pure energy, almost like batteries. They receive, store and express vibrations and energy by interacting with the universal life force.

The knowledge of Chakras is believed to be over 5,000 years old and originated in India. The word Chakra is from Sanskrit, meaning “Wheel of Light”. Some people can see these brilliant wheels of color and the auras they create.

There are seven main Chakras in your body. Each Chakra vibrates at a different frequency. The lower the Chakra is in the body the slower the vibration. The higher it is, the faster it is. Each Chakra has its own color and represents different aspects of your being: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The freedom with which energy can flow back and forth between you and the universe is in direct correlation to your total health and well-being.

Chakras need to be balanced and recharged so that your body, mind and spirit can be an open conduit to light, love and energy and you can live life at your healthiest.

Wholistic has created many ways to balance and energize your Chakras. We are proud to be a healing system used by doctors, massage therapist, health practitioners and people just like you that are interested in Chakra balancing. We are excited to help you on your journey of making the most of what your Chakras can do for you and your wellness.

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