Self-Love Sabotage

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON February 12, 2019

Have you ever struggled with self-love? Does it seem like you’re “blocking” others from loving you? Do you find it difficult to “unplug” and be truly present in the moment? This inner conflict and disconnect with presence is an epidemic …

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine: What Does it Mean?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON January 29, 2019

The Divine feminine. The Sacred feminine. The Awakening. You may have heard these terms and felt curious about what it all means. What is the rise of the Divine feminine, really? One of the first associations that comes to mind …

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3 Ways to Let Love Lead

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON September 24, 2018

  Imagine coming to a major crossroads in your life. You are unsure which path to take. I’m here to tell you, the answer is to let love lead.   Love is the greatest mystery you’ll ever explore. Connect with …

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From Negative to Neutral: Finding Your Path to Harmony

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON July 10, 2018

Energetic systems are all around us. Networks of information constantly flow – taking and delivering, creating and destroying. It’s a certainty in life that our surroundings are ever-changing. This flow occurs within us too. Our cells and systems communicate and …

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Hi, I’m Elena Bensonoff, Spiritual Health Practitioner. Here at Wholistic, our vision is to help facilitate the healing process so that you can reconnect with your authentic, whole self. So often, the root cause of physical or emotional imbalances is embedded in negative emotions that block the flow of energy in the body— increasing the likelihood of chronic pain, anxiety, and disease. We recognize and honor your life path and are here to guide you to your own mastery.