Science meets spirituality to help you connect to your chakras and live a healthy, more radiant life!


Our words, thoughts, actions, and dreams influence our individual health and overall well-being as well as the health of everyone around us. Learning about your Chakras, or emotional energy centers, can lead you to a deeper understanding of where diseases originate. Each chakra represents a different aspect of physical, emotional, and psychological concern and a degree of spiritual awareness and personal power.

When you understand how your personal energy flows, you are able to make it support you in expressing your personal best.

In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • What Energy is
  • How Energy works
  • Chakras and Organ System imbalances
  • Chakras and Emotional imbalances
  • How to clear, balance, and raise your Chakra energy

Live a healthy, fulfilling life by understanding your chakras!

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