October 8, 2017 @ 9:00 AM – October 9, 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Pearlstone Retreat Center
5425 Mt Gilead Rd
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Elena Bensonoff

In this 2-day workshop, you will gain a holistic understanding of applied health and healing so you can complement the services you already offer.

Get the tools to heal both yourself and your patients using:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Chakra healing
  • Kinesiology (muscle testing)

More and more, patients are looking for a holistic approach towards their health. Professionals that understand this mindset and methodology, and offer complementary treatments to support this approach, are creating an enhanced patient experience and better serving their clients.

Nestled in the Maryland countryside just outside Baltimore, the Pearlstone Retreat Center will be the venue for the Uncover Your Inner Healer Workshop. Led by intuitive practitioner and energetic healer Elena Bensonoff, over the two days you will learn, practice and share, in a beautiful, supportive environment.

A healthy, delicious home-style lunch is provided each day and accommodation can be arranged at the center’s facilities for a range of preferences and budgets.


Day 1 – Sunday, October 8
Mindfulness Made Easy

Emotional hygiene is the goal in this full day workshop, where Elena Bensonoff guides you through specific, powerful techniques to connect with your inner-self and bring spirituality into your everyday life.

After this full day workshop you will understand how to practice mindfulness, release blocks that have held you back in the past, and have the tools to turn off the chattering mind which can be so destructive.

This unique workshop goes far beyond meditation and uses powerful techniques to tap into your subconscious and clear blocks that have been clouding your inner space. Each participant will have the tools to incorporate these practices into daily life.

You will discover how to activate your full potential so you can live a fuller, more connected life.

This workshop is stand alone or can be taken as part of the whole weekend.

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Day 2 – Monday, October 9

Chakra Workshop (morning session)

In this workshop, you will discover how to listen to your energetic body, interpret its messages, and harness the power of your chakras. When your chakra system is in alignment, there is an endless source of energy available. This workshop will show you how find that alignment and tap into that energy.

When blocked or out of balance, emotions can be erratic, the mind can be disturbed and physical symptoms can manifest. When your chakra system is in balance you feel calm, energized and at peace.

This powerful workshop will give you the tools to build inner confidence and live with more authenticity, through learning how to bring your chakras and energy field to a healthier, more aligned place.

Kinesiology (afternoon session)

Based on a combination of both Eastern medicine and Western philosophies, kinesiology shows that at a deep unconscious level, your body knows exactly what it needs to be healthy.

Essentially, Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in our structural, chemical, and emotional fields, and to establish the body’s healing needs. Kinesiology allow you to tap into your body’s deep knowledge.

This workshop will show you how to identify many possible physical issues and imbalances, from kidney to thyroid, from adrenal fatigue to food sensitivities, kinesiology holds the key to unlocking your body’s innate knowledge and wisdom.

Many practitioners begin with this fast, easy and non-invasive technique, then follow up with a conventional diagnosis before commencing treatment.

This workshop is stand alone or can be taken as part of the whole weekend.

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Early Registration: Attend both days for $595 (savings of $90).
After September 8, price raises to $685.

Please call Inna at (410) 917-3233 to book or for more information about the retreat or facilities.

We are all our own healers and we connect in many different ways. This retreat offers a variety of modalities to help bring out your inner healer and recognize the innate wisdom our bodies hold.

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About Elena

Elena Bensonoff is an energetic healer and intuitive practitioner with over 20 years experience in the health and healing fields. A board certified functional medicine pharmacist, her work is grounded yet spiritual, and she seeks to create connection and transformation in her patients so they can lead fuller, more harmonious lives.

Elena draws on many different philosophies as well as her own nutritional and medical background to give a deep understanding to participants about their own energetic system.

Many practitioners find that a hands-on experience greatly deepens their understanding and their own healing abilities.

Elena will be offering 1-on-1 sessions (click here to learn more) on the days before and after the workshop. Please email her at to book a session between October 6-10. 



This workshop allowed me to tap into my own light source. I became aware of knots of repression I had no idea I was carrying around. Your guidance has taught me how to release this repression and become a better version of myself.  -Stephanie

As a medical professional with over 30 years experience, I have always approached health from the expected conventional angle. Even while branching out into functional and integrative medicine, I never appreciated the truly vast amount of our health that has to do with things that are not immediately available to our conscious thinking. It is with the expert help of Elena and Guram that I have been able to tap into this aspect of my own personal health and move forward with more awareness and balance and appreciation than ever before. They are incredibly gifted and talented individuals with a deep desire to help guide others. Participating in their seminars as well as personal sessions have been key. I have found this to be so valuable that I now recommend their services to my patients as well.  -Peggy Watson, MD

Elena, I can’t express how grateful I am for seeing you as a patient and the eye opening experience I have experienced between the energy work, muscle testing and the right supplements as well as the daily affirmations and much more. Your talent and knowledge combined with your passion and compassion to helping people is so amazing. 3 weeks ago I saw you and that day changed my life forever. Now I am on the right route to a healthy mind, heart and body. My body is changing: I lost 10 pounds so far and my skin is changing to the better everyday (which was my main concern with nodular acne). My anxiety and how I deal with it is so much better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am forever grateful. -Gloria P. Hreish

I now have the tools to better understand myself. Thanks to your workshop I am able to diagnose and meet my needs, both conscious and subconscious, which helps me to live my life in a more open and honest way. -Antonette K.


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