Achieve Inner and Outer Balance with Elena


Feng Shui

Remove the blocks that are keeping you from fulfilling your soul’s path.

So many of us long for success, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity. We exercise, we eat right, we seek advice from this healthcare provider or that healthcare provider—and yet somehow, we still lack a sense of ease, flow and evolution in our lives.

Often, that’s the result of some form of energetic “stuckage” or non-supportive energies in our home or work environment. And that’s where Feng Shui comes in.

What is Feng Shui? Also known as “Alpha Chi Feng Shui”, Feng Shui is an art and a science based on ancient wisdom and 5,000-year old techniques. Elena applies these techniques to support you through your personal evolution and fulfillment. She does this by detecting, analyzing and transforming energy fields within a given space.

How does it work? It transforms any of the stored energy that might interfere with your life’s path (or that of your employees or family members who inhabit the same space), so that you can enjoy more balance and harmony in your life.

Example of how you can feel the energy in your daily life: When you enter a room full of people, you usually immediately perceive the energy in that room. Even if you don’t know what was said before you entered, you can feel it. You can sense whether the inhabitants argued or agreed with one another. This sort of energy can be stored up in furniture and buildings and influence the occupants for generations.

When Feng Shui releases negative energy and fills the space with positive chi instead, you’ll often find that you feel more balanced, relaxed, and in harmony with your surroundings.

Moving furniture, or even relocating premises, is only necessary in rare cases.

Feng Shui for the workplace: Feng Shui in places of business supports a company—and the people working in it—to live and sustain the company’s overall philosophies, the company’s vision and its goals. Companies need clear leadership and a strong sense of direction to be successful. Feng Shui can help with that. This type of work can also lead to more abundance, heightened creativity, faster decision-making and a profound sense of alignment and flow between people and divisions.

Feng Shui for the home: Home is where the heart is—or so they say. But if home doesn’t currently feel like a supporting and a sacred place in which to recharge, Feng Shui can help shift and rebalance the energy on your behalf.

How long does it take? Your initial session may take anywhere between a half day to a full day. It may include a consultation afterwards and a follow-up meeting at a later date. Typically, you’ll feel a shift in your environment right away. Although sometimes, it may take several days or even weeks for the energy to settle completely and for you to recognize its effects.

What else do I need to know? You’ll need permission from those people who live with you or own your company before you book your Feng Shui session.

Feng Shui supports you on your life path and in pursuit of your soul’s purpose. For this reason, the new energy might not make you feel comfortable right away. This could be because your soul needs to open up and evolve into a higher state of being. If that’s the case, we recommend you look at it as an adventure, and an opportunity for growth. In either case, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Feng Shui pricing is calculated by the type of location (residential or commercial) and total square footage.