Achieve Inner and Outer Balance with Guram



Our beliefs are developed at an early age and baked into our subconscious. And yet all too often, these same beliefs are what hinder us in our everyday lives—blocking our success, happiness, and fulfillment. Guram uses psycho kinesiology as a key method to effectively lead people into their full potential. Instrumental at resolving negative beliefs and converting them into positive, empowering affirmations, often only a single session is needed. Using simple yet effective techniques and exercises, you’ll discover how your subconscious mind works in different situations and program a new, positive set of beliefs into your subconscious mind in little to no time.

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is all about releasing old patterns—from this lifetime or a past lifetime—by consciously identifying and neutralizing them, before replacing them with more positive ways of thinking and being. Not only does it help heal and free the soul, but it also contributes to your personal growth and a sense of overall wellbeing; shines a light on any hidden talents; and enables you to release past-life trauma, as well as unexplained fears and anxieties. Prepare to align more fully with your life’s purpose.

Bulk sessions are available in sets of 5 and 10 for a discounted price.

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Burnout and Holistic Coaching/Counseling

Burnout is not a disease. But it can show up in our physical bodies and is a symptom that something fundamental needs to change in order for us to live full, happy, and successful lives. For those affected, burnout happens suddenly and unexpectedly. In reality, it develops over a longer period of time—announcing itself long before the first physical and mental problems appear. Burnout counseling is the first step to getting out of the acute phase of burnout. Together with Guram, you’ll discover how to prevent stress and get back to full health. Identify the specific triggers and stressors that led to burnout in the first place, so you can avoid it happening again in future.

Tackle common problems at their root by working to understand them fully with Guram. Each coaching session incorporates a range of solution-oriented methods and techniques—such as kinesiology, Constellation, and energy work—allowing new perspectives to develop, fear to dissolve, and hope to reemerge.

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