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Are you suffering from a mystery illness or unexplained symptoms that are impacting your ability to enjoy life? Are you feeling out of balance, low energy, or just “not quite right?” Do you sometimes feel abandoned, lonely, or hopeless? Maybe you struggle with many unanswered questions and unresolved issues that are holding you back from living life to the fullest. 

There is Hope, and I Can Help…

With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Pharmacist and extensive training in integrative medicine, I have a unique ability to bring Functional, Regenerative, and Energy balancing modalities together to help you finally resolve even the most obscure ailments. I draw from extensive wisdom in both modern and ancient therapies to personalize patient treatment plans and ensure every aspect of your wellness is being addressed.

Be Empowered by the Wholistic Approach to Wellness…

In our sessions, I look at the whole picture of what you’re struggling with. My ability to expertly detect imbalances and disruptions in your energetic flow allow me to examine the root causes of your health challenges so we can work through them together. The transformational experience you have at Wholistic opens the door for you to reach your greatest potential and achieve thriving wholeness. Continue reading for more information and book your Wholistic Life Mapping sessions with me today!


Energy Flow Balancing Sessions (Long-Distance)

Do you struggle with chronic conditions? Do you often feel fatigued, unhappy, or just “stuck”? You might even feel as if something outside of you is influencing you in a negative way.

You could be suffering from energetic imbalances.

If you want to resolve these problems and align with your divine purpose, but your schedule is packed, or you travel frequently…

There is hope, and I can help!

Long-distance energy medicine easily accommodates your busy lifestyle and yields miraculous results. Cutting-edge remote technology allows me to analyze your morphogenetic field, aura, chi flow, chakra health, and more. I assess the whole picture of what you’re struggling with and get to the root cause of your imbalances, so we can work through them together.

What is your morphogenetic field, and why is it important?

Your morphogenetic field is the essence of your consciousness. The quantum model of reality presents this phenomenon as a force that guides you through life. It responds to energetic inputs and outputs from other fields, individually and as a universal collective. The ebb and flow of this field governs your past, present, and future.

During our sessions, I can tap into your field, analyze your energetic timeline, and activate any essential aspects of your being that have become disengaged. Then, I can clear the interferences that could be impacting your body, mind, and soul.

Through a transfer of vital energy and powerful intentions, you’re able to overcome energetic blocks and increase your resonance with love, joy, and well-being.

I’ll gently guide you through the transformation process, empowering you with the knowledge you need to maintain your results long-term.

Here are some of the incredible benefits you’ll experience from long-distance sessions:

  • Restore balance and harmony to your body, mind, and soul
  • Receive the comprehensive support you need to achieve wellness
  • Realign your energy field to resonate with the frequencies of healing
  • Transform your mindset and attract more abundance
  • Resolve energy “leaks” and optimize flow to all energy systems
  • Identify and resolve imbalances and potential chronic conditions
  • Locate and analyze the influence of parallel timelines on your health
  • Help you identify and heal old wounds and clear past karma for good
  • Explore soul contracts and connect to your higher self

My mission is for you to enjoy all of the blessings in life to the fullest. Let’s get started!

Initial Session Pricing: $500-$1500*

*Pricing is dependent on my assessment of the amount of imbalances involved in your individual situation.

Contact me to learn more about how these remote sessions can work for you!

This service is not intended to be a substitute for your physician’s medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are suffering from a serious illness, I recommend that you combine my services with regular appointments with your primary medical practitioner.

Initial Analysis*
(Pricing is dependent on my assessment of the amount of imbalances involved in your individual situation)

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6-Month Package*
(Two sessions, two 15 minute follow up calls, and detailed reports of your progress are included monthly)

$3,000.00Add to cart





12-Month Package*
(Two sessions, two 15 minute follow up calls, and detailed reports of your progress are included monthly)
Plus a Special Gift: Wholistic Wisdom 8-Week Online Course (valued over $2,500!)

$5,900.00Add to cart





Single Follow-Up*

$250.00Add to cart





1-Month Package*
(Two sessions, two 15 minute follow up calls, and detailed reports of your progress are included)

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*Additional payment may be required. Please email a photo of yourself before our first session. Make sure you are alone in the picture, standing straight, and fully clothed with your full-body visible in good lighting.



“An angel and a star at the right place, and at the right time. For me, being in Elena’s hands was a fascinating experience. She walked me through the process in a super smooth and informative way; it was like someone special was taking me by the hand in an unknown path. I arrived at her location with an acute vertigo, I was disoriented and with a lot of nausea. I laid down and with her magical hands, lights and Cristal all my no-well feeling were vanishing along the session. Afterwards I felt more energized and in peace. I shall say a kind of meditative state. Thanks Elena for all your help at the moment I needed the most.” –Alexandra Cadenas – Arnal, 5 Elements Snacks

“I cannot even put into words just how grateful I am for my time and experience with Elena. I have been a medical mystery for years and have suffered tremendously both physically and spiritually because of my health. In and out of the hospital with no answers and thousands of dollars in prescriptions that just magnified my pain. After one visit of functional testing and recommended supplements, my entire life has changed. I feel amazing!!!! I cannot explain how beautiful the entire process has been. There is such a grace and Angelic presence with Elena and the healing that she does is indeed Spiritual and miraculous. Where there was once no hope of finding answers or healing, there is now renewed vitality, spiritual ascension and so much happiness. Much gratitude.” –Angela

“I wasn’t sure what Elena could do for me. It was a “well, it can’t hurt and nothing else has worked” appointment. I’d seen over a dozen doctors over the past 5 years. They had told me that passing out, gaining 22 pounds a week over 3 weeks (66 pounds), shakey hands, chronic bowel issues (with the food intolerances that started 12 years ago), chronic fatigue, and multiple miscarriages were all due to old age. When this started, I was 38. I was an athlete. I was eating low-glycemic, whole foods. In just one session with Elena, she did muscle testing and determined I had parasites affecting the thyroid (likely from India 12 years ago but the doctors wouldn’t test me for parasites, instead they put me on antibiotics for 2 years straight). She gave me a few things and 4 days later–I was vomiting Indian parasites. What a relief! The chronic water retention immediately went down, physical energy returned, my body for the first time in over a decade is actually processing food. Within a month– I’m pregnant! Elena, thank you for listening to my body and giving me the joy of being me with a positive pregnancy! -Soness

“Having a profound interest in physical fitness, nutrition and body building and as a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, I have been searching for healthier alternatives to traditional medicine. I have always taken care of myself physically and nutritionally, yet recently despite my best efforts, I was noticing some difficulty in staying as lean as I used to and felt like I was not functioning at an optimum level emotionally and spiritually. I had the fortune of meeting Elena and immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her. I was intrigued by her holistic skills and her high level of pharmaceutical training. When she asked me if I wished to be evaluated, I did not hesitate at all. Elena’s initial wellness assessment and her chakra and energy balancing evaluation were simply amazing. I was in shock when she isolated and found common items I was consuming that were not agreeing with me and contributing to a gut issue. She was able to isolate what illnesses internally I was suffering from such as a fungal infection and adrenal issue, and what foods and supplements I regularly consumed were creating gut issues. Her chakra and energy balancing was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. Her insight and wisdom combined with her warm heart made the evaluation one of the most awakening experiences I’ve ever had. During the exam, she desensitized me to numerous foods, then spent a great deal of time giving me recommendations nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. After following all her her recommendations, not only about foods and supplements but also about meditative techniques, I quickly began to feel significant internal and external changes. I felt at ease with myself, less stressed, and my body leaned out in a very short period of time. I am a firm believer in this holistic approach to health and I am so happy to have her as my healer. I have recommended Elena without reservations to a number of my patients, friends and anyone with an open mind looking for a conscious path to a better life. I am so grateful that the universe has brought Elena into my life.” –Mark Hashim, M.D., The Herbal Clinic, M.D.

“Elena, I can’t express how grateful I am for seeing you as a patient and the eye opening experience I have experienced between the energy work, muscle testing and the right supplements as well as the daily affirmations and much more. Your talent and knowledge combined with your passion and compassion to helping people is so amazing. 3 weeks ago I saw you and that day changed my life forever. Now I am on the right route to a healthy mind, heart and body. My body is changing: I lost 10 pounds so far and my skin is changing to the better everyday (which was my main concern with nodular acne). My anxiety and how I deal with it is so much better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am forever grateful.” (Then seven months later…) “I have been thanking you Elena the past week everyday!!!! The change that has been happening in my life mentally, emotionally and physically has been nothing short of amazing!!!! You have taught me how to dig deep into the place no one wants to go to and heal my wounds to be able to achieve my goal of health and well being including weight loss and acne healing. It has been quite a journey since February 1st when I woke up and knew that was the day to make the appointment and come see you. I feel free and have deep inner peace, I lost 30 pounds so far and my skin is not completely clear but so close. Thank you my God sent angel on earth. -Gloria P. Hreish

Elena helped me rebalance my gut and I went from being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (scary autoimmune decease) down to manageable inflammation. NO prescription drugs, just proper diet and supplementation.”
Vera Anderson


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