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icon Initial Wholistic Wellness Assessment

The complete package for a happy, healthy body and soul.

Function at your premium, prevent illness from developing, and understand the root causes beneath your symptoms.

Each of us has an innate healing ability; our bodies are designed with the capacity to find balance and live in perfect health. But for many of us this state of balance eludes us as we have forgotten the inner language of our body. We no longer hear it, nor understand it; this is how dis-ease develops.

A Wholistic Wellness Assessment is a unique service for people who are serious about their inner wellness as well as their outer health. In your personal consultation, holistic energy healer Elena Bensonoff, will take into account physical symptoms, pre-existing conditions, holistic health markers (such as digestion, sleep and recovery), as well as assessing your spiritual, energetic and psychic balance. This will create a full picture of your wellness. From that she will devise a plan suited perfectly to your needs. It will enhance your wellness and help to get you back to full vibrant health.

The treatment is wholistic in nature. This means that no one area is seen in isolation. Every part of your body, mind and soul is assessed as a whole. True health is about understanding the interactions between body and soul, as much as individual symptoms.

The treatment plans are designed to be preventative. In your assessment, both potential and actual imbalance are examined. Each of us has within us the potential for abundant, vigorous good health, we also carry certain inherited markers for dis-ease. These are indicators of the areas in which we are more likely to suffer imbalance. A Wholistic Wellness Assessment will identify these markers, and give you a roadmap to claim what is rightfully yours: authentic good health.

Your body sends you messages if things are not in balance, but unless you know how to interpret them you may not realize until it becomes an established illness. A Wholistic Wellness Assessment is your early warning system.

Whether you are suffering from unexplained tiredness, skin conditions, gut problems, feelings of being out of balance or ‘not quite right’, or if you wish to better understand and learn to interpret your body, a Wholistic Wellness Assessment will help. 

*This assessment is not meant to replace a medical doctor. For serious illnesses we recommend that you use it in conjunction with your regular medical practitioner.




iconChakra and Energy Balancing

Chakra and energy balancing sessions are a gentle yet effective way to clear, balance, and recharge your personal energy field—transforming how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By tapping into your body’s memory of how it feels to be whole—when everything is functioning as it should be—we help you facilitate the healing process so that you can reconnect with your authentic self. During your session, Elena will use her expertise as a qualified pharmacist and experience as a clinical health practitioner to discuss any medical issues you may have, alongside any potential drug interactions, and deliver advice on how to fuel your body with the right food and supplements. She’ll also work to balance your chakras and aura using a method called Chelation—a healing technique that involves clearing your energy field by removing auric debris, before refilling your energy field and rebalancing the flow of positive energy. Essential oils from the Wholistic® Chakra System and Healing Salts are used in each session. Should additional medical expertise be needed, Elena will refer you to a certified Integrative Medical Physician. Get ready to discover your freest, most powerful self!

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HeartMath Intervention

HeartMath Intervention (HMI) sessions are about refocusing your energy and attention on your heart in order to bridge the chasm between your mind and body, diffuse negative emotions, and regulate your physiologic and emotional response to stress. Tapping into the intuitive intelligence of the heart has been shown to: enhance mental and physical well-being, improve emotional resiliency, accelerate performance, foster creativity, and stimulate mental clarity. HMI can also be used to treat a range of emotional issues—such as anxiety, anger, and depression—as well as various stress-related physical ailments, such as chronic pain and high blood pressure.

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