Burnout Counselor, Holistic/Kinesiology Coach, and Spiritual Teacher


Unconditional honesty—
and the willingness
to live a life
for yourself and for those around you.

Guram Reith is a project manager and graduate geologist with a passion for scientific study and personal growth. During his studies, he often found that intellect alone was no match for his deeper questions about life, science, or the everyday. And so he began to meditate to find the answers he so desperately wanted.

Again and again, his questions led him back to the same, all-encompassing response: LOVE.

After graduating, Guram secured a position as an international project manager for one of the world’s largest financial service providers but quickly realized that professional success and high income were no guarantee for a happy and fulfilling life. And so he began enrolling in multiple training programs—ultimately graduating as a Holistic Coach, Kinesiology Coach, Feng Shui Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher.

His scientific studies, alongside many years managing the affairs of a world bank, plus his experience in the field of personal development and spirituality has given Guram a wide range of life experiences to draw from.

In his eyes, science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they complement each other in incredible ways.

Over the years, Guram has mastered several effective methods and techniques to support people with their personal development—particularly when things seem hopeless or daunting.

Together with his clients, he sets attainable goals so that they can take the next pivotal step in their lives—despite any fears, and regardless of any perceived weaknesses.

The only prerequisite? Unconditional honesty—and the willingness to live a life of unconditional love for yourself and for those around you.