The simplest, most powerful method to connect with your inner self and manifest your full spiritual and emotional being, even if you have tried other spiritual practices before and failed.


Those who live a mindful life enjoy twice as much happiness at home, satisfaction at work, and more joy in general. Unfortunately, few know how to practice mindfulness properly. You may have tried and found it frustrating. You may have attended other workshops but did not get any practical tools. Maybe you attempt to be mindful now, but you know there is so much more of your inner world you could access.

If you find yourself feeling disconnected or frustrated, if you know there is so much more to life, this is the workshop for you.

In this unique exclusive full-day workshop, esteemed mindfulness practitioner Elena Bensonoff will guide participants though a powerful process. You will discover how to release blocks that have held you back in the past and she will show you the path that allows you to feel balanced so that you can live your life fully, enjoying the full potential your spiritual being has to offer.


East meets West

Meet your guide for the day:

Elena Bensonoff, with over 20 years in the medical and healing arena, brings a unique combination of the spiritual and the functional. Drawing on her years in medicine, her connection to spirit and her own personal journey, developing mindfulness in every day and seeking truth in every situation, has become Elena’s passion. She brings a sensitivity and deep understanding to her work. Her greatest joy is giving others the tools to discover their own inner truth and enabling them to live a more authentic life.


What’s in store: In this full day workshop you will learn techniques to bring spirituality into the everyday and discover the ability to connect with your true inner self, no matter the situation.

Here are some of the transformations we will explore:

    • A super-quick process that anyone can practice anytime, anywhere, that will immediately calm your mind and help you to make better decisions on a daily basis.
    • A unique way to connect with your inner power so that you can tap into this source of unlimited energy and knowledge.
    • A step-by-step guidance you can use to start each day with intention so that you are able to cope with whatever the day brings. This tool alone will transform your life!
    • The big mystery behind why so many who start a self-awareness journey don’t continue. This knowledge will make all the difference in how you approach your daily mindfulness from now on.
    • Unlock the thing holding you back from feeling balanced with a unique process that you can use going forward to master your emotions no matter the situation.

This is an interactive workshop. You will get the theory as well as hands on experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to practice the techniques on the day and will have time with a qualified guide to go though your individual process of transformation.


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This workshop allowed me to tap into my own light source. I became aware of knots of repression I had no idea I was carrying around. Your guidance has taught me how to release this repression and become a better version of myself.  -Stephanie

I now have the tools to better understand myself. Thanks to your workshop I am able to diagnose and meet my needs, both conscious and subconscious, which helps me to live my life in a more open and honest way.  –Antonette K.

 “As a medical professional with over 30 years experience, I have always approached health from the expected conventional angle. Even while branching out into functional and integrative medicine, I never appreciated the truly vast amount of our health that has to do with things that are not immediately available to our conscious thinking. It is with the expert help of Elena… that I have been able to tap into this aspect of my own personal health and move forward with more awareness and balance and appreciation than ever before… [She is] incredibly gifted and talented… with a deep desire to help guide others. Participating in their seminars as well as personal sessions have been key. I have found this to be so valuable that I now recommend their services to my patients as well.  -Peggy Watson, MD

Act now. We have to keep our number small so we are able to give each participant the support and guidance they need throughout the day – that means extremely limited spots are available.

Our workshops get booked out fast! If you feel drawn to this workshop, then act now to secure your spot.



Contact us directly for more information or to host your own seminar at your home or business.