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Book | Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer

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You can keep searching for answers on your own, or you can…

  • BE SUPPORTED with practical advice that meets YOUR needs
  • BE EMPOWERED to prevent and overcome chronic conditions
  • BE ALIGNED with your most vibrant and authentic self
  • BE AMAZED to discover the Divine healer within YOU

Lifestyle transformation has never been easier with simple self-tests, magical meditations, and other comprehensive techniques included in the book.

Born out of Connected World view, Wholistic Wisdom offers a unifying perspective on health that will change your beliefs, actions, and the way you approach your human experience.

Some of the important topics we’ll explore together include:

  • Gut & Adrenal Health
  • Detoxifying the Body
  • Understanding Thoughts and Emotions
  • Healing Practices for the Heart and Mind
  • Your Soul Anatomy
  • The Alchemy of Light, Color, Aromatics, Crystals
  • The Power of Sacred Geometry

Master the art of releasing what no longer serves you, letting everything that’s been holding you back finally fall away.

What People Are Saying:

“In Wholistic Wisdom, Elena Bensonoff invites us to live happier, healthier lives by offering us insightful principles and practices based on a new paradigm, namely that we are made up of invisible forces of energy and consciousness, and that we are interconnected and interdependent with virtually everything in the universe.”

Dr. John Amaral, D.C.

“The unique value Elena brings to the field of holistic healing is that she truly understands how ‘everything is connected.’ Combining the best of what she learned as a pharmacist with her personal experience, intuitive gift, and extensive training in ancient as well as cutting-edge healing modalities, Wholistic Wisdom offers a unifying perspective on health and spirituality that may very well change your beliefs and the way you approach your human experience.”

Nassim Haramein

“Frontier science recognizes the grand convergence of Body-Mind-Soul as the powerful trinity collectively shaping our biology, genetics, and behavior. In Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer, Elena Bensonoff presents an account of the mechanisms by which environment and consciousness create the conditions of our bodies and the character of our lives. Wholistic Wisdom includes a concise compilation of practical activities, exercises and programs that enables readers to evolve from passive victims to responsible co-creators of their life experiences. The knowledge of “self” provided in this highly readable work offers an opportunity to acquire the “self-empowerment” needed to thrive through the current wave of planetary chaos.”

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

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Book | Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer $9.97 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $9.97 USD