Changing the standards of medical practice to put an end to chronic illness


Now Accepting Applications For 2019!





Join me and my team of top experts for a five-day immersion into the wisdom of wholistic healing. During this retreat you will experience a world-class certification program that is redefining what it means to be a healthcare provider.

The Future of Medicine is Happening Now & You Have the Opportunity to Be at The Forefront of Shaping that Future.

This program is the opportunity of a lifetime to receive training in wholistic healthcare that will have a massive impact on your career, your personal life, and your relationship with yourself. This knowledge will empower you to help eliminate chronic illness and drastically improve patient care in your practice. The paradigm shift is in your hands. Be part of the solution to the global health crisis and apply today.

Become a More Conscious Practitioner.

Who Should Consider This Program? 

Health professionals that wish to integrate wholistic health care principles into their practice qualify for this program. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, acupuncturists, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other licensed health care providers are encouraged to apply to expand and enrich their ability to fulfill patient needs.

Benefits of This Program Include:

  • 30+ hours of formal training and a signed certificate
  • Expert hands-on wholistic healthcare guidance in a supportive environment
  • Cutting-edge training presentations from renowned wholistic specialists
  • An innovative educational experience that leads to real-world results
  • You will be equipped to incorporate everything you’ve learned immediately
  • A mindset transformation that will make your career more meaningful and fulfilling
  • Breakthrough improvements in the quality of your professional skillset and abilities
  • Fun and unique networking opportunities and activities with a like-minded community
  • All the training you need to keep up with your patient’s ever-growing knowledge and curiosity
  • Permission to use our certification program logo on your marketing materials and website
  • A three-year membership to the Wholistic Practitioner Portal – an exclusive group for connecting with me, other practitioners around the world, and patients in your area.





Meet Your Instructor:

I’m Elena Bensonoff, founder and creator of this program. I’ve been gifted with a unique ability to bring Functional, Regenerative, and Energy balancing modalities together and after many years of being asked, I’m final ready to share all my revolutionary protocols that will help you integrate wholistic principles into your patient care.

With over 20 years of experience and extensive training in the field of Integrative and Energy Medicine and many years working in the field as a Clinical Pharmacist – I know how you’ve seen your patients suffering, feeling like you’ve tried everything and there must be a better way. I want to empower you to create a huge impact on how medicine is practiced because I feel that together we can create massive change and inspire a wellness revolution.  

Join me to expand you mind and begin the journey of healing billions of people who need us. Experience the future of medicine and unite with other practitioners like you to begin eliminating chronic illness once and for all.




Course Information:

Each certification program will be held in a beautiful destination around the world. You’ll be learning while enjoying a serene environment and delicious meals catered by a top chef!


This certification program is a one-of-a-kind five-day retreat. Here is a brief outline of what you can expect from the curriculum and schedule. More details on the exact location will be announced soon.

Day 1: Opening Ceremonies– receive a warm welcome and learn why the whole patient – their body, their spirit, their mind – must be addressed to achieve health.

Meet and Greet – meet other attendees and receive an introduction to the education you will experience over the course of the program.

Day 2: Spirit– receive training in wholistic principles and techniques pertaining to the spirit. We will be opening your connection to spirit and intuition.

Day 3: Body & Mind – receive training in wholistic principles and techniques pertaining to the physical body and the mind.

Day 4: Immersion– experience total immersion into wholistic healing with guided hands-on practice.

Day 5: Explore & Experience– experience powerful sound healing, breathwork, and yoga. You’ll also hear presentations from esteemed guest speakers.

Closing Ceremonies– bid farewell to your new friends and receive information on how to complete your practical* to receive your certificate.

*Disclaimer – You must submit 20 patient cases after returning to your practice to receive your certification.