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Elena Bensonoff’s Chakra Healing was featured on Elephant Journal: This is where Medical Science & Spiritual Healing Meet. Eastern and Western medicine are finally working as one… “Holistic therapists like Elena often use energy healing to activate the body’s subtle energy systems to remove deep-seated blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, they stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. We are more than the sum of our parts. True healing happens when both our energetic body and our physical bodies are in alignment and working together. In our modern world, we tend to be disconnected from our energy. We ignore, suppress, or eliminate problems, rather than being curious about how they came about in the first place.” –Elephant Journal  Click here to read the article.


Orali® wins outstanding perfume at the 2017 Celebrity Connected Suite for the Emmy’s! “The Florida-based staff at Orali® carefully select natural and organic ingredients then hand-crafts every batch of perfume, allowing the fragrances to steep and age naturally.  The results are delicate notes that charm the senses without affecting allergies or seizing the throats of passersby.  The fragrances Orali® had prepared specifically for the gifting suite were lost in the wake of Hurricane Irma, however the samples that were available for review, including three perfumes: a floral, a clean and a unisex piney scent, as well as a chocolate-infused body oil, made you want to have repeated whiffs.” -Variety 411 (Click here to see the full list of winners)


Orali® was featured on Entertainment TodayTV show host Margie Rey went to the historic Biltmore Hotel to cover The Emmy Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite. There was sponsoring businesses in technology, home decor, beauty, health, food/beverage, the latest in fashion/apparel industries, and many new and unique products including Orali® Perfume! The many celebrities, and news outlets that attended this amazing event, loved the products that were given to them! What they had to say: “Orali®’s natural, discerning vail is sensual, romantic, profound, demur, and captivating. It yearns to accessorize the soul, conjuring moments past and memories yet to be made.” Click here to read more about this amazing event.


Wholistic® Chakra System was featured in Elephant Journal’s Yoga & Ayurveda Guide!
They wrote, “Sacred Chakra Balancing System: Crystal infused essential oils to heal. Insight cards to inspire. Yoga postures to align. Clean juice recipes to nourish. A unique system to support body, mind and soul.”
The guide also featured many other beautiful Ancient & Mindful Wellness products. 
See the full Yoga & Ayurveda Guide here.



Wholistic® Chakra System is a Healing Lifestyles 8th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award Winner! Why they loved it: “Mind, body and spirit must all be in balance in order to achieve optimal health. These 7 truly unique blends of essential oils and crystal infusions help balance chakras for an overall wholeness of health and beauty.”
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Elena helped me rebalance my gut and I went from being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (scary autoimmune decease) down to manageable inflammation. NO prescription drugs, just proper diet and supplementation.” –Vera Anderson

“I truly LOVE your line of skin care products. I have tried all the Department Store brands and how lucky I am to have ended my search for the “perfect” potion. It’s funny to say that each morning I literally look forward to getting out of the shower and using your products. The scent of the body lotion awakens my senses. I apply the face and eye cream to slightly damp skin and I absolutely “GLOW”. It sinks into my skin and provides wonderful hydration and a great base for my make-up. I cannot tell you how many people say that my skin is so pretty. My secret is all natural and is what I call my “skin food”. This is my indulgence and I’m worth it! :)” –Halle Ladd

“I must tell you that I’ve always been a fragrance junkie. I have bought SOooooooo many over the years. Always trying to find something incredible & unique. Last year in Paris I visited Annick Goutal at Vendome & thought those were the most beautiful fragrances ever created…. but now Orali perfume has overtaken all. I LOVE it & my husband is mesmerized! He doesn’t know WHAT he smells & his adoration is LOVELY!!!! Thank you Elena Bensonoff!!!!” –Sarah Vanslette Faulkner, Milk Velvet Pearls

“Elena, we are out of words to express our thankfulness to you. Ravi has been diagnosed with his health condition for over 10 years now. Every time Inna and Boris mentioned a consultation or idea of working with you, I would say it is too far to travel, not a correct timing and other excuses. When I first met you, I honestly did not know what I am getting myself into and was somewhat confused the way you were testing Ravi for his strength and weakness. You clearly mentioned the food he needs to avoid and recommended some diet changes for him in addition to the supplements to clean his gut, viruses and other needed things. Everything was too overwhelming after the first meeting. One thing that we are always clear on is to give a 100% once we sign up for something. It has been about 2 months now, after incorporating the diet changes and taking the recommended supplements Ravi is feeling very good, happy (after long time), indulging in conversation, less fatigue, no foggy brain and does have more energy than what he had. He looks clean and fresh and his colleagues noticed the same as well. We are so grateful that we met you and a very confident that practicing all your recommendation will improve our quality of life. As always thank you for responding to me and taking time to talk and guide us.” –Krupa K.

“Having a profound interest in physical fitness, nutrition and body building and as a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, I have been searching for healthier alternatives to traditional medicine. I have always taken care of myself physically and nutritionally, yet recently despite my best efforts, I was noticing some difficulty in staying as lean as I used to and felt like I was not functioning at an optimum level emotionally and spiritually. I had the fortune of meeting Elena and immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her. I was intrigued by her holistic skills and her high level of pharmaceutical training. When she asked me if I wished to be evaluated, I did not hesitate at all. Elena’s initial wellness assessment and her chakra and energy balancing evaluation were simply amazing. I was in shock when she isolated and found common items I was consuming that were not agreeing with me and contributing to a gut issue. She was able to isolate what illnesses internally I was suffering from such as a fungal infection and adrenal issue, and what foods and supplements I regularly consumed were creating gut issues. Her chakra and energy balancing was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. Her insight and wisdom combined with her warm heart made the evaluation one of the most awakening experiences I’ve ever had. During the exam, she desensitized me to numerous foods, then spent a great deal of time giving me recommendations nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. After following all her her recommendations, not only about foods and supplements but also about meditative techniques, I quickly began to feel significant internal and external changes. I felt at ease with myself, less stressed, and my body leaned out in a very short period of time. I am a firm believer in this holistic approach to health and I am so happy to have her as my healer. I have recommended Elena without reservations to a number of my patients, friends and anyone with an open mind looking for a conscious path to a better life. I am so grateful that the universe has brought Elena into my life.” –Mark Hashim, M.D., The Herbal Clinic, M.D.

Orali perfumes are fragrances that combine the best of earthly pleasures and heavenly vibrations. I am so happy to have discovered them.” –Christiane Northrup, MD, NY Times bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age

My Wholistic journey has been remarkable. I’ve experienced nothing but positive results from my treatments with Elena. She is guiding me through a wellness transformation of success!” –Stephanie J.

“I had a pleasure and honor of meeting an incredibly talented soul, Elena Bensonoff. I experienced her wisdom, kindness and expertise to heal and shift energy several times in the past year. First time I met Elena, she did not know much about me. However, after a few minutes, she was able to feel my energy blocks and mineral imbalances along with other ailments that needed attention. Elena was able to point out which Chakra was blocked and suggested specific strategies to get the energy flowing in my body and facilitate the balance of mind, body and soul. In addition, to her healing abilities, Elena is a Consultant Pharmacist, Spiritual Health Practitioner and Intuitive Healer. She incorporates all her knowledge into diagnostic and treatment sessions. I am impressed with her gifted ability to combine traditional, complimentary and alternative approaches to emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. I recommended Elena’s services to many people with various physical, emotional and psychological needs. We are energy and have a healing ability to open Chakras and get the energy flowing for our highest good. I am so grateful I met Elena and benefited from her sessions.” -Inna Olshansky, OTD, OTR/L

“My experience with Elena for a Chakra Healing session was incredible. Her space was serene and full of peace. Her presence and practice is therapeutic from the moment you meet her. During the session, she tuned in to my energy and was able to pinpoint areas I needed to work through precisely, explaining everything in a way I could understand. She was there every step of the way through the visualizations and inner work that I desperately needed to do. Her insights and knowing wowed me. She truly cares about being thorough with the healing process and armed me with many practices I could do to continue the work we did in the session on my own. I am in a growing phase with my finances and investing in this was an investment in myself and future health and success; I feel more open to abundance and in my power than ever. My inner light is shining more brilliantly than I could have hoped for in one session. I’m amazed and grateful. Thank you Elena!” –Amey Sanders of

“My experience today with Elena was absolutely incredible. After introducing herself to me, she quickly let me know some of the energy she felt from me. Wow, was she spot on. I have been seeing a therapist for most of this year and I’ve always felt like I was just chatting with a friend and not healing myself. Elena brought out things in me that I have never even realized about myself. She knew my grandfather had recently passed and knew I had never grieved his passing. As she went on, I became more emotional. I was emotional because I felt like for the first time, I was starting to understand myself. I am looking forward to many more visits with this amazing woman. Everyone need Elena in their lives!” -Christian B.

“Elena Bensonoff’s Orali® Perfume is a mixture of organic essences straight from nature. Not only is she beautiful but she is a Registered Pharmacist and has put her knowledge and talents into formulating perfumes that have a spiritual and uplifting quality to it. The scent I loved was called SAINT. It’s described as leaving you ‘mesmerized and curious from the first moment on’. I liked that sound of that! It has blends of green Fir Balsam and ancient resins of Sandalwood & Frankincense along with other scents that left me feeling in the zone. I also loved the beautiful perfume bottle with the glass top that you place the perfume on your wrist with. It left me with a old fashioned glamorous feeling of really appreciating the moment and not just spraying a scent “on the go”. You can get your own consultation and find out more about this creative lady and her scents at: Murphy, Director, Producer and Actress from

“Elena, I can’t express how grateful I am for seeing you as a patient and the eye opening experience I have experienced between the energy work, muscle testing and the right supplements as well as the daily affirmations and much more. Your talent and knowledge combined with your passion and compassion to helping people is so amazing. 3 weeks ago I saw you and that day changed my life forever. Now I am on the right route to a healthy mind, heart and body. My body is changing: I lost 10 pounds so far and my skin is changing to the better everyday (which was my main concern with nodular acne). My anxiety and how I deal with it is so much better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am forever grateful.” (Then seven months later…) “I have been thanking you Elena the past week everyday!!!! The change that has been happening in my life mentally, emotionally and physically has been nothing short of amazing!!!! You have taught me how to dig deep into the place no one wants to go to and heal my wounds to be able to achieve my goal of health and well being including weight loss and acne healing. It has been quite a journey since February 1st when I woke up and knew that was the day to make the appointment and come see you. I feel free and have deep inner peace, I lost 30 pounds so far and my skin is not completely clear but so close. Thank you my God sent angel on earth. -Gloria P. Hreish

“My friend Elena is a talented healer and amazing soul! She radiates love and acceptance. She saved me from self harm and brought light back to my depression filled days!-Savannah

“Today I received a treatment from healer Elena Bensonoff. I found out from one of my patients who was treated by both of us that she came up with the exact same diagnosis as me without asking any questions. I had to know what she was doing, then I found out her office is less than a mile from mine with the same address. I don’t know how to describe my treatment today other than saying it feels like she put me back in my body. The fact that she knew things about me and my health without me saying a word was just a bonus to how different and charged I felt when I left. Words can’t really explain the experience. And she also makes her own organic botanical infused, spice infused, sacred geometry and alchemy infused perfumes. If you know anything about the sacred feminine it’s all here.” -Dr. Ashley Heintz of Ashley Heintz Acupuncture

“The last two years have been an incredibly difficult time in my life. Last year, my family experienced the loss of 5 people. Then earlier this year, my relationship of 4 years fell apart. My daughters and I were clutching onto anything that felt safe. Nothing felt safe. Despite a couple ambitious projects that exhausted more resources than they provide, I had nothing. No safety net. We were falling. I was lost and trying to reassure my daughters that we would be okay when deep down I wasn’t so sure. I’d lost faith. Instead of praying, I questioned a God or higher power, one I used to be so certain of. And then I met Elena. I was lost and desperate for direction. Elena was like the song that you can’t get out of your head until you finally surrender and listen to it. My visit with her was nothing short of magic. I have never experienced this kind of transformation in my entire life, let alone in a single hour. She started confidently explaining to me the source of my pain; self-limiting beliefs I have secretly carried with me since I was a child. Beliefs I have been denying, avoiding, and disguising for my entire life. Her energy felt so loving and calm. She read my chakras. Her answers complimented questions I have had since I was a little girl. Her insights were a window into the darkest parts of me; my soul and every decision and consequent regret I have ever known. After her initial reading, she begins the healing. I tend to be naturally introspective aka skeptical. As she was guiding me through a meditation, I remember becoming distracted. My brain’s natural inclination to doubt sounded kinda like, ‘pink light, pink light, I’m sending pink…is a silly word. Is this working? Is she reading my mind right now? Does she know that all I can think of is the ‘Pink Panther’ soundtrack?’ Then she calmly mentions that Arc Angel Michael is in the room. My brain; ‘Ok, mmmhmmm, sure.’ Then the most incredible experience OF MY LIFE ensued. Without warning, my entire body started to tingle. It was like nothing I have ever felt. These sensations were so strong. It was like a loving lightning bolt traveling up and down my body for about 2 minutes. It was like chills that lit your entire existence on fire. As soon as it subsided, without warning, I started sobbing like a baby. I was completely hysterical for about 3 minutes, asking Elena, ‘What is going on? What is happening to me?!’ She reassured me, telling me to let go. I lost track of time, but when I finally did (let go) stop crying I was overcome by a feeling of peace and love. For the first time in a long time, I felt safe. Elena is a gift from God. I know this with every ounce of my being. If you have considered seeing her, do it. It is part of your journey and your soul’s calling. She helps expedite the process. Over the last week, I continue to have remnants of the chills I felt in her space. They always come to me when I am focused on my non-profit. Since my visit with her, I have felt synchronicity in most moments. Divine coincidences that serve my passion to create a world which thinks beautifully. I am no longer “lost”. This quote embodies her… ‘You were put on this planet to hold people in their darkness so they can see the stars, to mend the broken pieces of the abused, lost, and forgotten…and to love people in a way they will never forget…a way that gives them courage to live and love again.’ -Author unknown. Thank you, Elena.” –Victoria Jean

img3“I have been searching for a skin care product line that is free of chemicals for my patients to use. I love the all natural ingredients and plan to suggest it for all of my wellness patients!” –Lisa Koche, MD, Spectra Wellness Solutions

“My doctor told me about Wholistic® and the skin care line they offer. I was immediately impressed with the honesty and complete disclosure of what goes into every one of their products. The fact that it is 100% natural and contains organic ingredients was all I needed to know. I consider this line of skin care to be a miracle product. Thank you.” -Michelle Mueller

“As a typical conventional working father and husband, I was resistant to the idea of working with Elena. I was suffering from general back pain and sadness in my life. Fortunately, my wife pushed me into the office of a incredible and well educated healer for the mind, body and soul. Elena used a variety of tools to teach me what was missing and pushed me to make small changes that made a big difference. Although it was tough to admit, I needed the help in feeling healthy and finding joy. Her approach and care made me very comfortable exploring solutions outside of conventional medicine. Within a few sessions I noticed a substantial shift in my emotional health, which was directly linked to my physical health. I am so happy I stepped into Elena’s office and partnered with her to feel better in the long term.” -Bryan M.

img5“I have known Elena for more than a decade. She has always been a beautiful, bright, elegant, industrious woman. I have had the delight of observing facets of her ascension and manifestations. The result of her divine intervention has been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve been fortunate to have her treat me. She has been gifted with an amazing ability to heal on all levels. Her gift of spirit combined with prodigious and varied academic background, combines for a life/health upgrade after one session… Elena has travelled the globe to formulate the finest healing, skin, and perfume products on earth… I highly recommend Elena with holistic part of your health and healing besides being a Miltie agreed and certified holistic practitioner she is one of the loveliest souls I have ever encountered… On my journey I have encountered many gifted and loving healers… Elena [is a] powerful and loving healer that performed a five hour cleansing and gallivanting Feng Shui through out my house. I did not realize the density that existed in some of the rooms. Also preformed pca lite detractor was detected throughout the my home. All of the rooms in my home have a lightness, essence of joy and peace. As a result, I feel no fear and reduced intrepidaton and anxiety. I do not require as much sleep.” –Dr. Richard Shaker, D.C., Chiropractic Physician/Trigenics® & Manual Medicine Practitioner:

“My experience with Elena was nothing short of profound. Within minutes she intuitively knew the top 3 things I needed to work on without knowing anything about me other than my name. I am a mental health counselor, so I spend a good part of my day being analytical and cerebral. While I believe in the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I also believe that if we want to be our best selves we need to work on all aspects. Working with Elena is the the perfect balance. She gets you out of your thinking mind and in to your feeling body. If you believe that we are energy and we have the ability to open our chakras to experience living fully, go see her. If you don’t believe it, go see her. She’ll change your mind (and your spirit).”Marissa Geraci, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

img2“On many occasions Elena has made a profound difference in my health and that of my family. She works like magic, but it’s no trick. She has an incredible base of knowledge, experience and insight that sets her apart. If you need an incredible and caring advocate for your health, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual—trust me, Elena is the confidant you want by your side.” –Annette Saldana, Founder of Irresistible Requests

“I love the Wholistic® products because they smell fresh and they leave my skin feeling smooth, clean, and energized. However, the best part of using these products is that I know I’m doing something wonderful for my skin!” –Shawn Veit Sanchez

“As a veteran of competitive sports and 15 years in high-stakes financial services… I’d always dismissed healers and energy work as “hippie shit.” But after picking up meditation a few years back and witnessing the profound benefits on all areas of my life, I was open to working with Elena on the energy healing level. What’s unmistakable about Elena is, well, her energy. She radiates warmth, compassion and feminine strength. Her effortless fluency of the energy discipline and the helped a beginner like me instantly connect with the work. She was the guide, I was the explorer. She constantly checked in on me and made sure I was understood and cared for. Most importantly, Elena immediately establishes trust. I found myself telling her things within minutes of meeting that only the closest people in my life know. And as I went on to find, trusting your energy healer is critical to the process of opening up and removing your personal blockages. Elena is the real deal.” -Dominick Quartuccio of Design Your Future

“It is so refreshing to finally be able to choose a healthy clean skin care line. I love the fact there’s no small print or hidden ingredients. Their products are specifically formulated to be free of harmful chemicals and to be healing. In short, Wholistic® products are not only organic they’re good for you!” –Barbara Casasa, PhD

“Elena Bensonoff… is a gift to your heart. Be it in her healing work, her perfumes, or her elixirs, you will feel renewed. There is a gentleness and a deep love that flows like water to every part of you that hungers. I do not recommend many people, but I highly recommend Elena. Allow her presence to soothe you, to love you, to nourish you, to heal you. Thank you, Elena. In gratitude and appreciation, Danny. To contact elena ( Do it. Make yourself happy.” -Danny Levin of

“I used to cringe every time my eight-year-old daughter used hand lotion, because I was fearful about carcinogenic ingredients that are used in those products. I’m really excited about Wholistic®. My daughter and I use the hand/body lotion every day. It’s such a relief to finally find skin care products that are safe! I think the lotion has a really nice, smooth consistency. A little definitely goes a long way! I also use the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. I would definitely recommend all these products, especially like the toner. Everything feels so refreshing, and I think my skin looks younger and healthier.” -Debra Schlact

img4I have found Elena’s spiritual counseling to be extremely helpful and insightful. Her beautiful spirit is very healing. Her presence is transforming in quite unexpected ways. I am so thankful to have her as a very important resource in my life.” –Sheryl

“I am so happy that I found this line of skin care as I am a great believer of toxic free skin products. The results are incredible! Wholistic® skin care line restored a natural, healthy glow to my skin, re-energized it, improved firmness and elasticity, also reduced appearance of some fine lines and wrinkles which are not as noticeable as before. With the skin healthy I don’t only look good but I can also be sure that I am protected knowing that this skin care line is infused with natural minerals and active healing ingredients!” -Irina Gerlack

“Elena [is a] true professional in [her] field. With… love and compassion [she] transformed the energy in our house dramatically. [She] spent a tremendous amount of time mapping out exactly what we needed to do in our home to create Feng Shui. We have incorporated each and every tip… and we have felt an incredible shift and our house transformed into a home. We are truly grateful for Elena… and we look forward to enjoying our Feng Shui environment to the fullest. Thank you for this beautiful and life changing gift!-Teresa Williams, Founder and Broker of Prospera Realty & Prospera Management

“Elena is truly a rare gem. When I first went to meet with her, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I was desperate to become centered and healthy and quite honestly I was a huge project. I was referred to her from my medical doctor. I’ve seen Elena twice and I’m centered and grounded and starting the most beautiful journey. I simply couldn’t say this before. I have a strong faith based background and through prayer, making wise choices (such as continuing to meet with Elena) it’s bringing me close to where I need to be. I adore her so much that I even brought my 3 year old son to have a session with her. It’s truly enlightening and remarkable the gift she has. I cannot wait until my next session with her.” –Sally Roe

“Here Comes the Sun’… is the best way to describe the warm and loving presence of Elena’s wisdom and energy work. She is truly a blessing to call upon when the body and energy fields are in need of attention and restoration. Elena creates a graceful, with ease experience with lasting, healing benefits.” -Melissa Zimmer Pierce

Elena is illuminating the world one soul at a time! She’s truly kind and beautiful angel who inspires and changes your life for eternity. I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from the nectar of her unique and intuitive healing.” -Carla

img1“I have been using Wholistic® skin care products for several months and they are by far the best skin care products I have ever come across. This powerful accolade comes from the fact that I had been searching for safe skin care for myself and my family. I would watch with anguish as my beautiful daughters would slather unsafe commercial products on their skin, all the while knowing that their unhealthy and untested ingredients were being absorbed into their skin. Other companies would claim to have “natural” or “organic” products and while looking at the ingredients, it was obvious that labeling can be deceptive at best. Wholistic® has no unsafe ingredients. Of course, as important as the safety of the product is how your skin feels. I can say that the “staying” power of the moisturizers is excellent with my skin feeling smooth, moist and fresh-looking all day. I continually get compliments on my skin and I wear no makeup. The only thing people are seeing is the effects of Wholistic® skin care. I wholeheartedly recommend Wholistic® to those knowing consumers who want the best for their skin.” –Peggy Watson, MD, Land O’Lakes Primary Care Wellness Center