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Participants of Mindfulness Seminars are able to identify their unconscious, limiting beliefs and create a master plan for an abundant, happy, and fulfilling life.


Mindfulness Made Easy

Through Mindfulness Made Easy, participants take an active role in achieving mindfulness. They receive daily life tools for freeing their subconscious mind and unlocking self-awareness through the 8-hour workshop and leave with a new understanding of how blocked emotions can cause physical symptoms.


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Chakras – Science Meets Spirituality

Chakras – Science Meets Spirituality is a 1.5 hour seminar that explores the medical, emotional, and physical connection to chakras. Participants learn about Human Energy Field (HEF) and how it correlates to chakras, organ systems, and emotional and physical imbalances. Tools to clear, balance and raise your own chakra energy to live a healthier, more fulfilling life!


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Uncover Your Inner Healer Workshop

Uncover Your Inner Healer Workshop is a two-day training where you receive the tools to heal both yourself and your patients using: meditation techniques, chakra healing, and kinesiology (muscle testing). Deepen your healing skills with holistic techniques that will support your own spiritual growth and your patients’ greater wellbeing.


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CHAKRApothecary™ is a 4-Week Mind-Body Hack, Lacing Spiritual Flow and Physical Health. Details coming soon.


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