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This assessment is to help you learn more about your chakra system. Be honest with your answers and remember that it is to help you understand more about yourself. Use your results to see which chakras are strongest and which ones you need to work on, as well as their relationship to each other. Your results will be explained to you in detail in your session. You can schedule a session in person or on Skype.

Please read and answer each question truthfully and carefully. The answers are based on a scale of -2 to 2.
-2: Strongly Disagree
-1: Disagree
0: Don’t Know
1: Agree
2: Strongly Agree

I had trauma at birth. 
I experienced any kind of abuse - physical, sexual, emotional. 
I had any kind of surgery or major illness. 
I had accidents, especially car accidents, witnessed an accident, natural disasters, and crises. 
I moved a lot, especially before the age of 18. 
I experienced abandonment, such as when a parent leaves the family or my partner suddenly splits. 
I am restless and can't seem to settle down. 
I am under chronic stress. 
I am low in energy and often feel weak, tired or just not well. 
I have physical problems in lower legs, knees or feet. 
I am prone to negative attitudes. 
I have sold out for money, power, or sex. 
I feel chronically lonely or abandoned. 
I sacrifice my own dreams and goals to get someone else's approval. 
I am overly concerned about the opinions of others. 
I am open to changes. 
I am on cruise control a lot and preoccupied. 
I am unable to let things go and tend to be revengeful. 
I do the right thing for everybody except myself. 
I have a lot of unexpressed anger. 
I am inclined to blame others for my problems. 
Jealously is a big issue for me. 
I always have to go solo. 
I always feel like there isn’t enough time. 
I am a control freak. 
I am afraid that others will overpower me. 
I am consumed with winning. 
I require outside approval to feel good about myself. 
I have difficulties giving and receiving love easily. 
I have felt betrayed by a love partner. 
I have felt rejected by family or friends. 
I hold resentment for things that happened in my past. 
I have been told that I criticize and judge people. 
I have been diagnosed with heart-related problems or lung disease. 
I suffer from emphysema or recurring bouts of pneumonia. 
My hands or arms ache. 
I have difficulty with communication. 
I have problems expressing myself with speech and with making myself understood clearly. 
I have difficulties listening attentively to other peoples point of view. 
I have throat infections or thryroid, ear or neck problems in general. 
I feel creatively blocked or that I am not a creative person. 
I have health conditions related to the eyes, nose, head(ache). 
I can always remember my dreams. 
I tend to be closed-minded or unable to see more than one way to address most issues. 
I can always visualize my future. 
I shut off, disregard, or ignore my inner guidance. I feel as though it doesn’t exist. 
I behave in a way that is against my own ethics and moral obligations. 
I typically expect the negative to occur and project that onto most situations. 
I am happy and at peace with myself. 
I consider myself a visionary. 
My creativity and inspiration is unlimited. 
I am spiritually open. 
I know my life's purpose and feel spiritual connection. 
I have learning blocks and restrictions. 
I believe that meditation/prayer supports my life.