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Stand Fully in Your Divine Light?

Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness

Imagine What it Would Feel Like… To Stand and Be in a Conscious State of Flow in Love and Light 


Imagine What it Would Feel Like… To Stand and Be in a Conscious State of Flow in Love and Light 


Be empowered with the guidance and techniques you need to clear your energy field and activate your inner gifts!

This revolutionary program is a direct download from source, received by Elena Bensonoff, Wholistic teacher and practitioner. She has compiled the powerful information into a 7-day activation designed to help you upgrade your DNA and accelerate your shift into a 5D reality.

If you’ve felt lost, frustrated, or just “off” - this seminar will help you get back into a conscious state of flow and balance!


Here’s an overview of what you will experience when you enroll in this program:

Day 1: Detoxing & Anchoring: 
You’ll receive guidance for conducting a 7-day detox, begin the process of rewiring the nervous system, clear your energy field, and anchor to Mother Earth for optimal activation conditions.

Day 2: Chakra Activation: I will guide you to activate your 7 main chakras and 5 that exist outside your body. You will reclaim your multidimensional identity, helping you remember who you truly are.

Day 3: Brain Activation: We will synch the right and left hemispheres of the brain, activating all aspects of the brain and connecting to the wisdom of the codes of consciousness. Then, we will explore dolphin energy.

Day 4: Love and Luminous Body Activation: You will awaken your organs, cells, and mitochondria to stored information that will help you ignite your codes of consciousness. It’s time to claim your space in the Universe!

Day 5: Earth Living Library Activation: I will facilitate a powerful activation of the planetary living library and your living library within. We will unite with the plant and animal kingdoms (and many more!), connect with the timekeepers of the Earth, and call back all “lost” aspects of yourself.

Day 6: Activate Dormant DNA: Right now, you have two strands of DNA. In this activation, we will ignite the codes for all 12 possible strands to help you shift into the new paradigm of 5D.

Day 7: Stand in Your Full Light and Love with All that is Conscious: This is where the ignition process really “heats up” and we will weave together all we have learned to ensure your codes of consciousness are fully activated and new strands of DNA are awakening.

FREE WORKBOOK: This comprehensive tool is designed to help you integrate all you learn!

ELENA'S RECIPES RX COOKBOOK: To make the elimination diet really convenient, easy, and delicious!

BONUS MEDITATION DOWNLOADS: You’ll have the ability to download a curated meditation bundle that will give you the gift of tuning into the exclusive Ignite seminar meditations whenever you want. Making these meditations part of your daily routine will ensure your continued success on the journey to Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness!

  • Clear Your Energy Field
  • Clearing Emotional Debris
  • Love & Light
  • Upgrade Your Brain
  • DNA Activation


Now Only $47!  (Valued at Over $225!)



"My favorite part of Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness was the live activations with Elena. Her soothing voice and words created beautiful visuals and transformations that surprised me… from feeling waves of sickness wash over me in the beginning as I released the darkness to feeling such love at the end that tears streamed down my face. My head feels clearer, my heart is more open, and I feel so connected to this planet and everything in it. I was lucky enough for Elena to read my personal frequency before taking this course which was 500 (love). After the 7 days, it was 625 (peace) which she said was the exact frequency I was when I was born! Knowing this has been such a confirmation of how far I’ve come getting back to who I really am. Elena, thank you for this gift!”






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