15 Reasons Cooking at Home is Crucial for Your Health

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON May 1, 2019

Do you spend much time in your kitchen? Is it a place you enjoy creating special memories and mouthwatering meals? Or is it daunting and unfamiliar… leaving you feeling intimidated and lost? I see it as a wonderful space to …

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What You Must Know About 5G EMF Exposure

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON April 25, 2019

We are all currently part of a dangerous experiment on humanity… There is a rampant, unexplainable outbreak of brain fog and fatigue sweeping the nation without clear cause. Some of my clients are reporting feeling as if they’ve been “hit …

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Is Sugar Making You Sick?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON March 18, 2019

Have you made the decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle, only to find yourself failing to give up your favorite sweets time and time again? Have you felt powerless in the attempt to give up sugar? If so, you are …

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The Dark Side of Plastic Surgery: A Perspective on Beauty

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON March 12, 2019

Aging is defined by the passage of time. The way our bodies respond to time is an inevitable side effect of our journey on Earth. Our environment and genetic expression come into play. Some aspects can be improved through diet, …

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Self-Love Sabotage

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON February 12, 2019

Have you ever struggled with self-love? Does it seem like you’re “blocking” others from loving you? Do you find it difficult to “unplug” and be truly present in the moment? This inner conflict and disconnect with presence is an epidemic …

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine: What Does it Mean?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON January 29, 2019

The Divine feminine. The Sacred feminine. The Awakening. You may have heard these terms and felt curious about what it all means. What is the rise of the Divine feminine, really? One of the first associations that comes to mind …

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Fed up with chronic fatigue and other mystery symptoms?

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON January 10, 2019

You’re on your second double-shot espresso, fighting another yawn, struggling to focus at work, zoning out during precious time with loved ones… Sounds familiar? Your days fighting chronic fatigue and other unexplained mystery symptoms can finally come to an end. …

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Language of Light

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON January 10, 2019

How to Transmit the Light On our planet Earth, the transmission of sunlight to the surface of the planet is vital to our survival. Our human bodies use the sunlight to produce Vitamin D. Without this nutrient, our mood can …

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Your Spiritual Prescription for 2019

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON December 31, 2018

There’s an energy pulsing in our veins after the holidays, urging us to make major life improvements, to establish a brighter tomorrow. You’re used to seeing loads of “new year/new you” protocols and proposals roll out for the coming year. …

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Manifesting Miracles in the New Year

POSTED BY Elena Bensonoff ON December 28, 2018

We all have an idea of the life we would love to see manifest. It comes to us when we’re daydreaming, feeling inspired, or simply unsatisfied with our current situation. The ideal situation looks different for each of us. Maybe …

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Hi, I’m Elena Bensonoff, Spiritual Health Practitioner. Here at Wholistic, our vision is to help facilitate the healing process so that you can reconnect with your authentic, whole self. So often, the root cause of physical or emotional imbalances is embedded in negative emotions that block the flow of energy in the body— increasing the likelihood of chronic pain, anxiety, and disease. We recognize and honor your life path and are here to guide you to your own mastery.