5 Ways To Support Your Mitochondria For Healthy Aging

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 39
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to the Wholistic Living Podcast. My name is Elena. In this episode of the Be The Hero Of Your Health series, we will be talking about the power of mitochondria. Every hero has a special power. I’m excited to tell you why your mitochondria are the secret power that helps you achieve healthy aging and chronic illness prevention. I want to share some little-known facts about this organelle to help you understand its role in your longevity so you can actively work to improve the health and efficiency of your mitochondria.

First up, I’ll share the basics of the role your mitochondria play in the body. Then we will discuss what happens when this important energy powerhouse malfunctions. Finally, I’ll reveal 5 ways you can boost your mitochondrial function.



Overview Of Mitochondria

  • Mitochondria are the “energy...

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The Dark Side of Plastic Surgery: A Perspective on Beauty

aging Mar 12, 2019

Aging is defined by the passage of time. The way our bodies respond to time is an inevitable side effect of our journey on Earth. Our environment and genetic expression come into play. Some aspects can be improved through diet, exercise, and nurturing our hearts and minds. Yet the truth remains: we all age, and our bodies eventually will tell the story.

When I think about aging, I see a grandmother’s beautiful hands. They tell the story of years gardening in the sunshine, coaxing life from the soil, and providing sustenance for her family. Her hands are strong from protecting children and guiding them on their way. Veins stand out clearly, like a living map, leading straight to a heart that has known sorrow and love through the years. She is delicate yet fierce. She is wisdom embodied in an earthen vessel.

For some women, the concept of aging comes loaded with fear and apprehension. We fear aches and pains. We fear the loss of beauty as our faces become wrinkled and our bodies...

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