"Healing is the Ultimate
Expression of Self-Love..."


"Healing is the Ultimate Expression of Self-Love..."

Elena Bensonoff, Wholistic founder

, founder of Wholistic Inc, Author, Consultant Pharmacist, and creator of the "Wholistic Wisdom: Harness Your Inner Healer Masterclass."

Allow me to share how I discovered that through love and knowledge - you can heal yourself.  I believe every awakening is truly a love story...
My story begins long ago when I was a very sick child. I had asthma, recurring ear infections and high fevers, pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis. I remember the fear that plagued me not knowing if I’d be able to catch my breath. I was often exhausted and in tears from the constant coughing and the searing pain in my ears. I saw how other kids seemed to easily thrive and I felt I had to work ten times harder just to be a healthy child.

When I was just 6 years old, a wave of grief hit me when my grandfather passed away from cancer

I felt the heaviness of loss in my chest. I felt devastated and powerless, wishing there was something I could have done to help him heal or ease his pain.

One day as I was wondering through into town my curious nature pulled me towards an old world pharmacy. Gazing through the window I was absolutely dazzled by the pharmacists, viewing them as magicians mixing magic potions. I fantasized about what they could be mixing up behind the counter, like an elixir of life that could extend the lives of my loved ones. I wanted more than anything to grow up to be the magician on the other side of the window. This desire ignited a spark within me to create a magic potion to eliminate suffering for my loved ones.

I followed my heart and after years of studies and research, I achieved my goal of becoming a clinical pharmacist

And yet, I still felt a yearning for something more, like I hadn’t quite found what I was looking for... Just when I seemed to have my life in order as a wife and a new mom, my own chronic symptoms took a turn for the worst. I thought I was going to die… I was rushed to the clinic feeling as if I was trying to breathe underwater. My life and the future of my children flashed before my eyes. I had extreme anxiety and major panic thinking I wasn’t going to make it and my children were going to be left alone without a mom. The prognosis was grim… the doctor delivered the gut-wrenching news that my lungs were functioning at less than 25 percent and my condition would require steroids and inhalers for the rest of my life. A vision of being barred from walking, running and playing with my kids hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt I had no choice but to accept my fate and adjust to this heartbreaking “new reality.”

As if that wasn’t enough trauma, it was around this time that my son began to suffer from eczema, colic, and food allergies, screaming for hours a day. It felt like I had failed as a mother and it was so painful to watch him struggle as I had as a child. At this low point, I decided to began a tireless search for answers. The realization hit me that the medications we were on were a temporary fix instead of the root-cause solution we needed. I knew acute medical care still had its place and importance, but I felt there must be a better way to truly solve our health issues. One day while experiencing a sense of frustration I asked the Universe for guidance and soon after, I received a divine invitation that changed everything…

The invitation was to attend an American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference that felt like Divine intervention (and it was!). This conference was my first real introduction to traditional holistic practices. I quickly became captivated by the research and case studies supporting natural healing techniques. What I learned confirmed just how toxic many of the ingredients in Western medicine were. My pharmacy career felt like a sham and I knew I had to make a drastic change.

I made the decision to leave the compounding pharmacy where I worked to go back to school to fully commit to holistic medicine and energy healing

It was an uphill climb to pursue a new career path as a mother of four. The most powerful realization I had on this path, is that true healing doesn’t come in a pill bottle, it comes from within. Every person holds the key to their own healing and all they need is a guiding light to empower them with love, wisdom, and support. That is what I have been fully committed for over 20 years in my private practice at Wholistic Inc. This realization also led me to build my business to be the change I wanted to see in the world by creating natural products to fulfill the needs of my clients who were victims of the toxic personal care industry. Now I infuse light, love, and wisdom into my books, meditations, and internationally renowned Wholistic courses to expand the network of empowered self-healers and lightworkers in the world.

I want everyone to know that they are not alone on the path to wellness

Though we have all suffered, we don’t have to continue suffering. There is an important choice to make, to carry on with courage to choose love over fear. One of my greatest teachers, my mother, opened my eyes to the true meaning of life during her last days of battling cancer. She reminded me that life is so precious and worth doing the work to overcome fear, even in the face of great suffering, simply so we can experience the beauty of giving and receiving love.

Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing clients and students learn to embrace their illness as a teacher that ultimately leads them out of fear and back to love. Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are waiting for each one of us when we immerse ourselves fully in love.

I invite you to start your healing journey

Enroll in my 8-week online course to gain the wisdom you need to align with love and achieve body, mind, and soul balance.

I designed this revolutionary course to give you the tools to discover your unlimited healing potential. Imagine waking up each morning, free from pain and suffering, feeling an exhilarating sense of purpose and bursting with deepest love, joy, and gratitude.

That is the empowered existence you can align with when you commit to awakening your inner healer. I am here to guide you to your vibrant health. I believe you can unlock your healing gifts to change your own life and improve the lives of your family, friends, and community. I am so excited to watch your self-love story unfold!



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