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Welcome, Truth Seekers!

Join Consciousness Experts, Alejandro Ferradas and Elena Bensonoff, for weekly sessions that reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, systems, and so much more at your request!
Some of the people they will be revealing include Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jesus, Buddha, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, and so many more! 
What is Vibrational Revelations? Alejandro and Elena are on a mission to help you better understand many aspects and layers of what makes up our reality. They developed a unique system to test vibrational Frequencies and layers of Consciousness and have created this exclusive community to share their discoveries with you.



Meet Your Teachers

Alejandro Ferradas, The Life Flow Catalyst
For over 20 years, Alejandro has used his intuitive gifts to connect to the divine and help others discover the abundant, love-filled lives they were meant to live. By interpreting energetic inflows from his clients, he can help them recognize synchronicities in their lives and understand the important messages revealed. In our world, fighting stress and burnout is a very real battle. He provides the tools to neutralize and overcome that threat so the path to love and happiness is clear. He has honed an ability to provide the energetic shift (the catalyst!) necessary for others to achieve the pinnacle “aha!” moment when everything finally makes sense.
Learn more about Alejandro

Elena Bensonoff, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, and Founder of Wholistic
Elena is a pioneer in the field of functional, regenerative, and energy medicine who has been sharing her gift of healing for over 20 years. She founded and helps people all over the world find balance and vitality with her services and products. Elena is a clinical pharmacist, acclaimed artisan perfumer with an award-winning natural skincare line, and American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) diplomate. Elena's mantra is "Everything is connected!" When it comes to health issues, she believes there are no isolated incidents. The whole person--body, mind, and soul--must be addressed with loving patience and ongoing care.
Learn more about Elena




Benefits of Becoming a Member:

Uncover revealing truths about consciousness and the matrix of reality
Develop deeper awareness of yourself, your environment, and the collective
Learn about how public figures and systems are your teachers, learn hidden lessons, and understand yourself and humanity on a more profound level
Expand your consciousness with every revelation we divulge in each session
Heighten your ability to tune in and trust your intuition
Receive unlimited access to all Vibrational Revelations replays and content

When you sign up, you’ll receive members-only access to our Private Vibrational Revelations Online Community for a whole year! This group will enjoy exclusive giveaways and content. Post questions, discuss episodes, and dive deep into the weekly revelations with other members. Explore and learn together!



Raise Your Vibration

The revelations in this series will empower you to raise your energetic vibration to a higher level. The Vibrational Revelations community is committed to Raising the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet and contributing to each individual’s evolution process.
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Want a sneak peek?


Watch this special episode where we reveal Sacha Stone's vibrational frequencies and he shares how our revelations correlate to his life story.


More Free Episodes with Sacha Stone:
  • Episode 2: Organizations: CIA, CDC, World Health Organization, United Nations, British Crown, Clinton Foundation, Nato, Moderna, Covid-19 and many more
  • Episode 3: Witches & Warlocks: Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, John Dee, Aleister Crowley, Agnes Waterhouse, Martha Corey, and Credo Mutwa
  • Episode 4: Saints & Sinners: Ignatius of Loyola, Marina Abramovic, Julian Assange, Hugh Hefner, Lady Godiva, Princess Diana, Grigori Rasputin, and Mahatma Gandhi
  • Episode 5: Aliens & Starseeds: Anunnaki, Sirians, Orions, Pleiadians, Zeta Reticulum, Andromedans, Arcturians, Nordics, Draco Reptilians, Alien Greys, Mantis, The Galactic Federation, The Atlantean Human, and Humans
  • Episode 6: Aliens & Starseeds, Part 2: Alpha Centaurians, Lyrans, Metatron, Martians, Alpha Draconian, Venusians, Yaldabaoth, Sphere Being Alliance, Alcyone, Agarthans, Central Sun and Solar Sun, Great White Brotherhood, Lemurians, and St. Germaine
  • Episode 7: The Entire Electric Universe: Zodiac Signs, Solar System, Event Horizons, and Continents

The views and opinions expressed in these videos are solely that of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. These consciousness readings are based on a system designed by Elena and Alejandro that draws from the Consciousness Scale created by Dr. Hawkins. These readings do not make any factual claims about the subjects but only the opinion of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas.





“Wow. What can I say? That to me, is remotely enabling you, me, us, to build up a full holographic signature of a living soul, in so far that is humanly possible. That's what this technique, technology, and divination that you're gifting to the world represents. And honestly, I salute you both. I love you both.” Watch Sacha's full video testimonial to hear more!

"It was sooooo awesome!!! I am really starting to have so much more insight and clarity about humanity and the group consciousness!! Thank you so much!! XOXO" 

"I had a Timeline Frequency Reading with Alejandro and Elena a few weeks ago and I was floored with the facts about my life, childhood trauma and even things that happened in my parents’ lives when my mother had me in her womb 😱 that they revealed to me, they were able to uncover all this during the reading. I was in tears because they revealed to me things that nobody knew, and things that I had put on the back of my mind for fear and shame, yet, those things were getting me stuck in my personal, romantic and financial life. After only one session with both of them, things started shifting in my life, and my attitude. I’m thrilled and blessed to have found Alejandro and Elena. I’m now ready to dive deeper and book a Quantum Analysis with Elena. I can’t wait for all the doors of blessing that will open in my life. If you’re looking to break away from everything that’s holding you back and create a successful, joyful life, book your session with them TODAY!"
GLADYS F, @bienvenidagilofficial

"I enjoyed my timeline frequency reading with Elena and Alejandro. They were able to give me my energetic frequency at the time I was born and described some situations when I was younger that  only I would know and made an impact on my life. Their reading was incredibly accurate as everything they told me was  spot on. I'm so thankful for their advise. Elena is a beautiful soul in the Earth. I truly recommend her Services to everyone."

"I started to work with Alejandro and Elena on my level of consciousness back in March 2020. They analyzed my levels from birth to the current. They further described how occurrences occured in my life to cause dips in my consciousness. Occurrences that no one in my life knew about except me, but made perfect sense. After the detailed analysis, my soul wanted to raise to where it was supposed to be. Therefore, I worked with Alejandro on how to heal, forgive, and accept these occurrences. After a few months of work and journaling, I felt the shift! Early in August, I shifted back into Love! I feel more balanced, happier, and have extra clarity. I can't say things do not bother me anymore, but they bother me significantly less. I am so happy I made this journey with them!"

“I am really enjoying the evolutionary dialogue, great food for thought.”

“I love personal development and spiritual growth, now I love it even more, if that’s possible, having had my own personal reading done by Elena and Alejandro and so happy to see the truth coming out and some amazing revelations to increase our awareness and our consciousness. If you are serious about personal growth, I highly recommend watching these series and getting your own personal reading done. Truly amazing work by amazing people.” 

“The reading was such a delightful surprise on many fronts. A huge weight lifted from my shoulders--finding out I’m greater than I thought of myself. We spied behind my own curtain, and the inner critic was declawed. Thankfully, I’m forced to recalibrate how I’m living, having become aware of a much better reality."

“I'm so grateful & happy to have made this step into this journey with you both & everyone else making this commitment. Such beautiful & profound work which is shifting the paradigm one soul at a time. Thank you & blessings be upon your family and the work. Love"

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Session. You are a great, well balanced team. I so enjoyed your clarity, wisdom, encouragement, guidance, energy and compassion. I feel quickened by the energies shifting profoundly even now, right after the session. It's wonderful to be 'seen and known'. It's transformative to be able to see and feel the patterns myself and realize they can be mastered. Thank You Both for this most powerful work. I 'See You' and Appreciate your spirits So. Much! With Love and Many Blessings,"

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the WONDERFUL Vibrational Frequency Reading. It was such a profound experience and so deeply healing and helpful. I am filled with tears of gratitude. The reading surpassed all of my expectations. I learned so much! I would highly recommend everyone get a reading - it is truly a gift and a blessing for the soul."

I recently had a Soul Frequency reading with Elena and Alejandro, and like many who've had their own reading, I must gush how impressed I am with their grace, warmth and compassion. Though I was feeling vulnerable leading up to the reading, I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful and kind exchange. What I got most from the reading was a beautiful affirmation that I have managed my life well, working through many layers of abuse, neglect, bullying from infancy to my late teens, which of course scars can fade but never truly disappear. Now into my 6th decade of life, I have never once sought out mental health therapy so the reading was the clarity I needed, an acknowledgment I didn't know I needed until this week, affirming, 'I've done good kid!" I feel freer than ever, more at peace than ever. I'm not done yet, I have some fine tuning to do but I am very close to my ultimate peace. Thank you Elena and Alejandro."

“I was inspired by Elena and Alejandro’s session with Sasha Stone and signed up right away to get my vibrations read as I thought it might give me more insight into myself and where I was at. They were brilliant – not only was did the actual reading blow my mind but they even set me homework (I respond well to homework – being in the solution). It wasn’t as though there were many actual surprises with the reading, it did confirm a lot I knew about myself but it did help clarify my mind and open me up even more to the universal energy, which further galvanised me into being quite determined to complete all the important and noble missions I know I have to embark on and know without a question of a doubt that I have already succeeded. I always knew that I had a guiding light but it never occurred to me that it was my higher self, so that was extremely good to know. What really made me howl with laughter was to discover that my ego was at 91% - a good four points higher than the charismatic and dynamic Sasha Stone – the idea that my ego was bigger than an international rock star/ human activist icon was hilarious. A & E did kindly point out that my ego had reached that level as a self defence mechanism and would come down to a more spiritual number not only by doing the affirmations they set me but by the mere fact that they had read my vibrations. I was further inspired to do a second reading which took place on Thanksgiving Day – and was thrilled to discover that Elena and I have a life long affinity with getting ourselves covered with mud, all so healing and important. I cannot recommend this more highly. As Elena has said – I’ve been on fire since speaking to her and Alejandro, both very special and magical people, who spend their days saving lives, transforming lives and being of maximum service all for the higher good. I send them both, as always my heartfelt gratitude and oceans of love."

“With the intuition frequency of 750 which is a level of enlightenment, I often experience premonitions, synchronicities, lucid dreams and shamanic journeying where I cross over lost souls leaving the earth plane. This is my premonition dream, A few weeks before Sacha Stone introduced Elena and Alejandro on his video interview for the first time: I found myself at Sacha's New Earth Project Resort Humanitad in Bali in front of an amazing rainbow-colored stargate, I was told that this technology is a new way of revealing the right people to put in position for paving the way towards the 5th dimensional Earth Consciousness. There was also a group of people ready to have their energy blueprint scan which would reveal their SumTotal Consciousness Contribution ability for the right responsibility for the new earth, I hesitated and told the voice that I do not trust alien technology and do not wish for my light to be exposed to malevolent ET's, Sacha heard my reservation and he telepathically assured me that this technology did not belong to negative ET's and that it was a gift from source, so I proceeded to go through, as I went through this technology Sacha along with two beautiful people at the panel revealed to me that I was chosen to participate in this great shift, this is where the dream ended, My wife and I were absolutely astounded when Elena and Alejandro were being introduced by Sacha and we could clearly see a three way panel, this was so synchronistic that when the scalar technology was being explained by our hosts I had already decided that I would contribute toward our human family. I believe that this beautiful technology will ultimately be instrumental and an integral part at putting the right people in the right jobs for the dismantling of the current parasitic control matrix system and allowing humanity to witness the true vibrational frequencies of many who are playing their role of polarity according to the universal laws and with no judgment. My experience with Elena and Alejandro at our private session was like a family reunion and my life is enriched by their timeless presence."

“My reading today by you and Alejandro left me in a peaceful state. The feeling that you have swam all day at the pool and are now laying on the towel basking in the sun. I felt a shift inside of me like never before. I had dropped more baggage today. I had unpacked more baggage. You give us the tools, to do the work ourself. Only we can do it. What a wonderful job to have. Helping people heal and find their self more. I've went through life at times just existing. I felt like a tight Rose bud, scared to open, I didn't know what I would see, it's safe for all tucked inside here. I looked in the mirror when I was washing my hands, saw a new look on my face. Actually smiled at myself and had a few tears. We avoid mirrors and we avoid loving herself sometimes. Not thinking we're Worthy. Avoiding pictures because we're overweight. We need to be our own kind of beautiful...... I felt such a love for the two of you today. Because you really do care about people. Thank you...."
~ LR

“This extraordinary body of work carried out by the divine Elena and Alejandro is a secret door to what is. Once walked through there is much to be in awe of. Letting our coats of perception, programming and prejudice to fall away, we come across threads of pure truth woven together to adorn the walls as the tapestry of everything, in actual and original form. The vibrant and tumultuous journey of humanity suspended and imprinted as was and then finally illuminated. The work is a miraculous gift to us all, as we accept everyone as a player in our collective production we see and read all the scripts. My personal script was revealed to me today by the affable and beautiful Alejandro, my nerves gave way to feeling shy under an imagined spotlight. I absolutely Love these two wonderful, skilful, weavers of truth and the experience would have been further enhanced had Elena been able to be there too. My personal revelations are still settling as knowledge, holding me upright, yet, in a state of flux. I thought my best dress was under a hundred others in a big pile…. Yet I see today I am wearing it. I thought my grief and awkwardness were lowlights in my hair, instead I see the gold and silver I was given as gifts by everyone that loved me, shimmering back at me in the sunlight. To bare witness to these times is increasingly difficult to navigate, let this be your compass of truth too, a way home lit by the stars back to yourself. With Love Jas"


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