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Welcome Consciousness Explorers!

Join Consciousness Experts, Alejandro Ferradas and Elena Bensonoff, for weekly sessions that reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, systems, and so much more at your request!
Some of the people they will be revealing include Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jesus, Buddha, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, and so many more! 
What is Vibrational Revelations? Alejandro and Elena are on a mission to help you better understand many aspects and layers of what makes up our reality. They developed a unique system to test vibrational Frequencies and layers of Consciousness and have created this exclusive community to share their discoveries with you.



Meet Your Guides

Alejandro Ferradas, The Life Flow Catalyst
For over 20 years, Alejandro has used his intuitive gifts to connect to the divine and help others discover the abundant, love-filled lives they were meant to live. By interpreting energetic inflows from his clients, he can help them recognize synchronicities in their lives and understand the important messages revealed. In our world, fighting stress and burnout is a very real battle. He provides the tools to neutralize and overcome that threat so the path to love and happiness is clear. He has honed an ability to provide the energetic shift (the catalyst!) necessary for others to achieve the pinnacle “aha!” moment when everything finally makes sense.
Learn more about Alejandro

Elena Bensonoff, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Quantum Medicine Practitioner, and Founder of Wholistic
Elena is a pioneer in the field of functional, regenerative, and Quantum Medicine who has been sharing her gift of healing for over 20 years. She founded and helps people all over the world find balance and vitality with her services and products. Elena is a clinical pharmacist, acclaimed artisan perfumer with an award-winning natural skincare line, and American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) diplomate. Elena's mantra is "Everything is connected!" When it comes to health issues, she believes there are no isolated incidents. The whole person--body, mind, and soul--must be addressed with loving patience and ongoing care.
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Raise Your Vibration

The revelations in this series will empower you to raise your energetic vibration to a higher level. The Vibrational Revelations community is committed to Raising the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet and contributing to each individual’s evolution process.
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Want a sneak peek? 

Please enjoy Episode 57 Hero’s Journey - One Soul at a Time with Teya Danel:

Free Episodes with Sacha Stone:
  • Episode 1: We reveal Sacha's vibrational frequencies live and then he shares how our revelations correlate to his life story
  • Episode 2: Organizations: CIA, CDC, World Health Organization, United Nations, British Crown, Clinton Foundation, Nato, Moderna, Covid-19 and many more
  • Episode 3: Witches & Warlocks: Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, John Dee, Aleister Crowley, Agnes Waterhouse, Martha Corey, and Credo Mutwa
  • Episode 4: Saints & Sinners: Ignatius of Loyola, Marina Abramovic, Julian Assange, Hugh Hefner, Lady Godiva, Princess Diana, Grigori Rasputin, and Mahatma Gandhi
  • Episode 5: Aliens & Starseeds: Anunnaki, Sirians, Orions, Pleiadians, Zeta Reticulum, Andromedans, Arcturians, Nordics, Draco Reptilians, Alien Greys, Mantis, The Galactic Federation, The Atlantean Human, and Humans
  • Episode 6: Aliens & Starseeds, Part 2: Alpha Centaurians, Lyrans, Metatron, Martians, Alpha Draconian, Venusians, Yaldabaoth, Sphere Being Alliance, Alcyone, Agarthans, Central Sun and Solar Sun, Great White Brotherhood, Lemurians, and St. Germaine
  • Episode 7: The Entire Electric Universe: Zodiac Signs, Solar System, Event Horizons, and Continents
  • Episode 8: Gurus & False Prophets: Nithyananda, Guru Nanak, Amma ‘Mother’, Mooji, Swami Ramdev, Ram Dass, Adi Da Samraj, Bikram Choudhury, Sadhguru, Osho, and Yogananda 
  • Episode 9: Gurus & False Prophets Part 2: Dadi Janki, Maharishi Mahesh, Radhe Maa, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, Sun Myung Moon, Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
  • Episode 10: Junkies, Opiates, Medicine Plants & Pharma: Aspirin, Penicillin, Warfarin, Prozac, Xanax, Morphine, Zoloft, Alcohol, Tobacco, Nicotine, Cocaine, Coca Plant, Heroin, Poppy, DMT, LSD, Kambo, Giant Monkey, Shrooms, Cannabis, CBD, THC, Ayahuasca, Iboga Root Bark, Ibogaine, Sugar, Sugar Cane, Coffee Arabica, Coffee, Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 Step Program, Willow Bark, Timothy Leary, Janis Joplin, Oscar Wilde, Marie Antoinette, Bob Marley, Ernest Hemingway, Betty Ford, William Griffith Wilson, and Dr. Bob Smith
  • Episode 11: Sacred Sites & Ancient Monuments: Tower of Babel, Stonehenge, Borobudur, Saqqara Pyramid, Abu Simbel, Uluru, Washington Monument, Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, Parthenon, Siwa Oasis, Temple of the Oracle, Stone of Tara, Chichen Itza, Mount Shasta, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Dome of the Rock, Kaaba - Mecca, Georgia Guidestones, Zimbabwe Ruins, Colosseum, Potala Palace, The Forbidden City, Wadi Al Natrun Monastery, Gobekli Tepe, The Tor, Bosnian Pyramid, Baalbek Ruins, and Easter Island and the Moai
  • Episode 12: Sacred Sites & Ancient Monuments, Part 2: Adam’s Calendar, Mount Rushmore and it’s sculptor Gutzon Borglum, The Great Sphinx, The Chair of Saint Peter, Notre-Dame de Paris, Antarctica, The Bermuda Triangle, The Wailing Wall, St. Catherine’s Monastery, The Silk Road, Lascaux, The White Lions, Mount Kailash, Kingdom of Pagan, Nazca Lines, Camelot Castle, Domboshava Rock, and Crop Circles
  • *Episode 13: Germs… Genes & The War on Humanity: The current Human Immune System Collective and those of the Aboriginal Australians, Hadza Tribe, Hunza Tribe, Ikaria, Blue Zones, Amish, Vegans, Jehovah’s Witness, and Scientology plus the Terrain Theory, Claude Bernard, Florence Nightingale, The Germ Theory, and Louis Pasteur. Vakseens for Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, Influenza, and C0v1d-19. Botox, Tooth Implants, Root Canal, Breast Implants, Pacemaker, and IUD procedures (*YouTube deleted this episode. Become a member to watch it on our platform)
  •  Episode 14: Alpha and Omega: Earth, Inner Earth, Firmament Model, Toroidal Earth, Round Earth, Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, North Pole, South Pole, New Zealand, Outer Sun, Inner Sun, Moon Dark Side, Moon Facing Side, Asteroid Belt, Betelgeuse, Halley's Comet, Star of Bethlehem, Nibiru, Tiamat, Vatican City, London, Washington DC, Israel, CIA, C0V1D19, Anthony Fauci, Adolf Hitler, Bill Gates, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Alpha Centaureans, The Reptilian Draconian, The Alien Greys, Human Collective (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2045, and 2046), Birds, Cats, Dogs, Cetaceans, Horses, Insects, Reptiles, The Great Convergence, and The Harmonic Convergence 
Free Episodes with Lada Duncheva:
  • Episode 1: We reveal Lada's vibrational frequencies (and she shares how they correlate to her life story) and the frequencies for humanity in comparison to the Atlanteans
  • Episode 2: Consciousness Frequencies of the 9 Planets - Astrology & Quantum Study: Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Asteroid Belt, Star of Bethlehem, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Deneb, and Russell Brand
  • Episode 3: The current collective frequencies of the sun and moon in the 12 signs
  • Episode 4: We compare frequencies and astrology of the Gates family: Bill Gates Sr., Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates
Free Episodes & Interviews:
  • Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman: There was a divine presence that flowed through this interview and you'll be able to see how he truly walks the path of an enlightened being. We hope you enjoy this fascinating and beautiful discussion about the meaning of life, light, consciousness, and all that is
  • David Icke: David Icke talked to us about the 'vibes' that can imprison us or set us free
  • Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon: Discussing scalar waves and revealing the vibrational frequencies of Rumi and the author Neville Goddard and his book Awakened Imagination
  • Christine Schlonski: Heart Sells! Episode 341 Embody Your Expertise and Thrive with Elena Bensonoff: Discussing frequencies of movies Dirty Dancing, Wolf of Wall Street, Boiler Room, Million Dollar Baby, Erin Brockovich, Hidden Figures, and A League of Their Own
  • Dr. Konstantin Korotkov: His respect for all life has led to a prestigious research career, integrating science and spirit in the development of numerous groundbreaking technologies such as his technique, Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) which is a breakthrough for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy system
  • Eric Edmeades: Founder of the highly effective health transformation company, WILDFIT, Eric is widely regarded as one of the most interesting and entertaining speakers in the world. He has been visiting, living with, and studying the Hadza people (some of the last hunter-gatherer people on earth) for over ten years and really enjoys sharing their insights into health, relationships, and parenting
  • Ole and Kim Dammegard: We talk all about the totally unique system we developed to test vibrational frequencies and layers of consciousness. Hear what we have to say about the matrix, people, countries, and the current state of our world.
  • Beyond Perception with Simon Rilling: Human Collective (before 1980, 1980-1990, 2021, 2045, and 2046), Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, Round Earth Theory, Flat Earth Theory, Hollow Earth Theory, Geocentric Model, Heliocentric Model, Religious Creationism, Darwinism / Evolution, Human Race as Genetically Engineered Alien Slave Race, Involution, 'All-Is-One' Theory and Ettore Majorana, The 13th Dimension, Source, The 'Chakra Model' by Ruth Huber, '12 Dimensional Model' and Burkhard Heim, and The Indian Saint Anandamayi Ma
  • Media & Institutions: Agency France Press, Associated News, BBC, CDC, CIA, NSA, Reuters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram, International Fact-Checking Network, Facebook C.O.V.I.D. alerts, CNN, and NASA
  • Spirits in Spacesuits with Seán ÓLaoire: Seán was born in Ireland and earned a B.Sc. degree (major in Mathematics) from the National University of Ireland. Ordained a catholic priest in 1972, he spent 14 years working in Kenya. He is multi-lingual and has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology; he is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice. He is co-founder and the Spiritual Director of a non-denominational community called “Companions on the Journey” based in Palo Alto. He is the author of five books and co-author of a sixth
  • Top 6 Players on Wall Street: Warren Buffett, Stephen Schwarzman, James Simons, Raymond Dalio, Carl Icahn, and Steven Cohen
Free Episodes from the Series:
  • Episode 12: Bruce Lipton (join to watch the rest of this episode that features Mother Teresa, George Soros, Ellen DeGeneres, & Joe Dispenza)
  • Episode 30 Artists: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, and Sandro Botticelli
  • Episode 32 Composers: Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, and Vivaldi
  • Episode 36 Couples: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Episode 45: The human immune system collective compared to the Hadza Tribe in Tanzania, Amish, Vegans, Blue Zone, and Ikaria, Greece. They also revealed the frequencies for the germ theory and the following procedures: breast implants, pacemakers, IUDs, tooth implants, root canals, and Botox
  • Episode 48: Hero’s Journey - One Soul at a Time with Elizabeth Butler! Elizabeth is a professional American artist living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. In this interview, you will learn what frequencies she was born with, how her frequencies shifted throughout her life, what her frequencies are now, and be inspired by the miraculous shifts that are possible if you choose to change! After learning her frequencies, Elizabeth practiced some new techniques to help her move out of the analytical and more into her love and flow
  • Episode 51: 12 Apostles: Peter (Simon), Andrew, James (Son of Zebedee), John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James (Son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, Paul, Judas Iscariot, Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, & the Bible
  • Episode 57: Hero’s Journey - One Soul at a Time with Teya Danel! In this special episode, you have the pleasure of meeting one of our clients, Teya. You will learn what frequencies she was born with, how her frequencies shifted throughout her life and exactly what caused them, what her frequencies are now, and be inspired by the miraculous shifts that are possible if you choose to change! Grab your tissues... this episode is powerful and so very beautiful!
  • Episode 59: Water Part 2: Masaru Emoto plus more locations, lakes, springs, rivers, oceans, glaciers, filtration systems, and bottled waters
  • Episode 61: Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin BSV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, Craig Steven Wright, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Algorand (ALGO), USD Coin (USDC), Internet Computer ICP, Dominic Williams, Celo, ADA or Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, Linux Foundation, Ethereum Foundation, DARPA, Monero (XMR), Pirate Chain (ARRR), Phala Network (PHA), Polkadot, Uniswap, Nexo, Celsius, Helium, Coin (CRO), Solana, TrustSwap, Akash Network, Decentraland (MANA), Rainicorn, Aave, PancakeSwap, Chainlink, Coin Bureau Channel, Crypto Tips Channel, Satoshi Stacker Channel, XRP Coin, and Dogecoin
  • Episode 62: Healing Modalities: Human Design, Tarot, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Craniosacral Therapy, BodyTalk System, Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Reconnective Healing, Chromotherapy, Reiki, NLP, NetworkSpinal Healing - EpiEnergetics, PSYCH-K, Numerology, Astrology, Babylonian Astrology, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Gene Keys
  • Episode 68: Shark Tank Investors: Daniel Lubetzky, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Kendra Scott, Barbara Corcoran, and Mark Cuban
  • Episode 69: World Events and Human Collective: French Revolution, World War I, Russian Revolution, World War II, Cold War, Cold War Ends (1989), Spanish Flu, Global Depression, Chinese Revolution, Global Financial Crisis (2007- 2008), 9/11 Attacks, and the Human Collective in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2045, and 2046
  • Episode 70: Hand Analysis with Brent Bruning: Albert Einstein, Vishwananda, and Hand Analysis
  • Episode 71: Countries, Cities, & States: United States, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Beijing, New Delhi, Tokyo, Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York City, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Cape Town, Reykjavik, Moscow, Sydney, Florida, Texas, North Dakota, California, New York, and Hawaii
  • Episode 76: Energy Sources, Climate Change, & Probability of Blackouts in 2022 & 2023: The Paris Agreement, COP26, The Green Deal, Greenpeace, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Electrical Energy, Wind Turbine Energy, Hydropower, Bioenergy, Geothermal Energy, Wave Power, Floating Wind Turbine, and the probability of blackouts in 2022 and 2023 for Europe, Asia, USA, Africa, Middle East, South America, Russia, China, India, Germany, Canada, Australia, England, France, and Brazil
  • Episode 78: Heaven on Earth Interview with Bruce Lipton


The views and opinions expressed in these videos are solely that of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. These consciousness readings are based on a system designed by Elena and Alejandro that draws from the Consciousness Scale created by Dr. Hawkins. These readings do not make any factual claims about the subjects but only the opinion of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. Any products that are mentioned during the episodes are not sold or endorsed by Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas.





“Wow. What can I say? That to me, is remotely enabling you, me, us, to build up a full holographic signature of a living soul, in so far that is humanly possible. That's what this technique, technology, and divination that you're gifting to the world represents. And honestly, I salute you both. I love you both.” Watch Sacha's full video testimonial to hear more!



"It was sooooo awesome!!! I am really starting to have so much more insight and clarity about humanity and the group consciousness!! Thank you so much!! XOXO" 

"I had a Timeline Frequency Reading with Alejandro and Elena a few weeks ago and I was floored with the facts about my life, childhood trauma and even things that happened in my parents’ lives when my mother had me in her womb 😱 that they revealed to me, they were able to uncover all this during the reading. I was in tears because they revealed to me things that nobody knew, and things that I had put on the back of my mind for fear and shame, yet, those things were getting me stuck in my personal, romantic and financial life. After only one session with both of them, things started shifting in my life, and my attitude. I’m thrilled and blessed to have found Alejandro and Elena. I’m now ready to dive deeper and book a Quantum Analysis with Elena. I can’t wait for all the doors of blessing that will open in my life. If you’re looking to break away from everything that’s holding you back and create a successful, joyful life, book your session with them TODAY!"
GLADYS F, @bienvenidagilofficial

"I enjoyed my timeline frequency reading with Elena and Alejandro. They were able to give me my energetic frequency at the time I was born and described some situations when I was younger that  only I would know and made an impact on my life. Their reading was incredibly accurate as everything they told me was  spot on. I'm so thankful for their advise. Elena is a beautiful soul in the Earth. I truly recommend her Services to everyone."

"I started to work with Alejandro and Elena on my level of consciousness back in March 2020. They analyzed my levels from birth to the current. They further described how occurrences occured in my life to cause dips in my consciousness. Occurrences that no one in my life knew about except me, but made perfect sense. After the detailed analysis, my soul wanted to raise to where it was supposed to be. Therefore, I worked with Alejandro on how to heal, forgive, and accept these occurrences. After a few months of work and journaling, I felt the shift! Early in August, I shifted back into Love! I feel more balanced, happier, and have extra clarity. I can't say things do not bother me anymore, but they bother me significantly less. I am so happy I made this journey with them!"

“I am really enjoying the evolutionary dialogue, great food for thought.”

“I love personal development and spiritual growth, now I love it even more, if that’s possible, having had my own personal reading done by Elena and Alejandro and so happy to see the truth coming out and some amazing revelations to increase our awareness and our consciousness. If you are serious about personal growth, I highly recommend watching these series and getting your own personal reading done. Truly amazing work by amazing people.” 

“The reading was such a delightful surprise on many fronts. A huge weight lifted from my shoulders--finding out I’m greater than I thought of myself. We spied behind my own curtain, and the inner critic was declawed. Thankfully, I’m forced to recalibrate how I’m living, having become aware of a much better reality."

“I'm so grateful & happy to have made this step into this journey with you both & everyone else making this commitment. Such beautiful & profound work which is shifting the paradigm one soul at a time. Thank you & blessings be upon your family and the work. Love"

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Session. You are a great, well balanced team. I so enjoyed your clarity, wisdom, encouragement, guidance, energy and compassion. I feel quickened by the energies shifting profoundly even now, right after the session. It's wonderful to be 'seen and known'. It's transformative to be able to see and feel the patterns myself and realize they can be mastered. Thank You Both for this most powerful work. I 'See You' and Appreciate your spirits So. Much! With Love and Many Blessings,"

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the WONDERFUL Vibrational Frequency Reading. It was such a profound experience and so deeply healing and helpful. I am filled with tears of gratitude. The reading surpassed all of my expectations. I learned so much! I would highly recommend everyone get a reading - it is truly a gift and a blessing for the soul."

I recently had a Soul Frequency reading with Elena and Alejandro, and like many who've had their own reading, I must gush how impressed I am with their grace, warmth and compassion. Though I was feeling vulnerable leading up to the reading, I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful and kind exchange. What I got most from the reading was a beautiful affirmation that I have managed my life well, working through many layers of abuse, neglect, bullying from infancy to my late teens, which of course scars can fade but never truly disappear. Now into my 6th decade of life, I have never once sought out mental health therapy so the reading was the clarity I needed, an acknowledgment I didn't know I needed until this week, affirming, 'I've done good kid!" I feel freer than ever, more at peace than ever. I'm not done yet, I have some fine tuning to do but I am very close to my ultimate peace. Thank you Elena and Alejandro."

“I was inspired by Elena and Alejandro’s session with Sasha Stone and signed up right away to get my vibrations read as I thought it might give me more insight into myself and where I was at. They were brilliant – not only was did the actual reading blow my mind but they even set me homework (I respond well to homework – being in the solution). It wasn’t as though there were many actual surprises with the reading, it did confirm a lot I knew about myself but it did help clarify my mind and open me up even more to the universal energy, which further galvanised me into being quite determined to complete all the important and noble missions I know I have to embark on and know without a question of a doubt that I have already succeeded. I always knew that I had a guiding light but it never occurred to me that it was my higher self, so that was extremely good to know. What really made me howl with laughter was to discover that my ego was at 91% - a good four points higher than the charismatic and dynamic Sasha Stone – the idea that my ego was bigger than an international rock star/ human activist icon was hilarious. A & E did kindly point out that my ego had reached that level as a self defence mechanism and would come down to a more spiritual number not only by doing the affirmations they set me but by the mere fact that they had read my vibrations. I was further inspired to do a second reading which took place on Thanksgiving Day – and was thrilled to discover that Elena and I have a life long affinity with getting ourselves covered with mud, all so healing and important. I cannot recommend this more highly. As Elena has said – I’ve been on fire since speaking to her and Alejandro, both very special and magical people, who spend their days saving lives, transforming lives and being of maximum service all for the higher good. I send them both, as always my heartfelt gratitude and oceans of love."

“With the intuition frequency of 750 which is a level of enlightenment, I often experience premonitions, synchronicities, lucid dreams and shamanic journeying where I cross over lost souls leaving the earth plane. This is my premonition dream, A few weeks before Sacha Stone introduced Elena and Alejandro on his video interview for the first time: I found myself at Sacha's New Earth Project Resort Humanitad in Bali in front of an amazing rainbow-colored stargate, I was told that this technology is a new way of revealing the right people to put in position for paving the way towards the 5th dimensional Earth Consciousness. There was also a group of people ready to have their energy blueprint scan which would reveal their SumTotal Consciousness Contribution ability for the right responsibility for the new earth, I hesitated and told the voice that I do not trust alien technology and do not wish for my light to be exposed to malevolent ET's, Sacha heard my reservation and he telepathically assured me that this technology did not belong to negative ET's and that it was a gift from source, so I proceeded to go through, as I went through this technology Sacha along with two beautiful people at the panel revealed to me that I was chosen to participate in this great shift, this is where the dream ended, My wife and I were absolutely astounded when Elena and Alejandro were being introduced by Sacha and we could clearly see a three way panel, this was so synchronistic that when the scalar technology was being explained by our hosts I had already decided that I would contribute toward our human family. I believe that this beautiful technology will ultimately be instrumental and an integral part at putting the right people in the right jobs for the dismantling of the current parasitic control matrix system and allowing humanity to witness the true vibrational frequencies of many who are playing their role of polarity according to the universal laws and with no judgment. My experience with Elena and Alejandro at our private session was like a family reunion and my life is enriched by their timeless presence."

“My reading today by you and Alejandro left me in a peaceful state. The feeling that you have swam all day at the pool and are now laying on the towel basking in the sun. I felt a shift inside of me like never before. I had dropped more baggage today. I had unpacked more baggage. You give us the tools, to do the work ourself. Only we can do it. What a wonderful job to have. Helping people heal and find their self more. I've went through life at times just existing. I felt like a tight Rose bud, scared to open, I didn't know what I would see, it's safe for all tucked inside here. I looked in the mirror when I was washing my hands, saw a new look on my face. Actually smiled at myself and had a few tears. We avoid mirrors and we avoid loving herself sometimes. Not thinking we're Worthy. Avoiding pictures because we're overweight. We need to be our own kind of beautiful...... I felt such a love for the two of you today. Because you really do care about people. Thank you...."
~ LR

“This extraordinary body of work carried out by the divine Elena and Alejandro is a secret door to what is. Once walked through there is much to be in awe of. Letting our coats of perception, programming and prejudice to fall away, we come across threads of pure truth woven together to adorn the walls as the tapestry of everything, in actual and original form. The vibrant and tumultuous journey of humanity suspended and imprinted as was and then finally illuminated. The work is a miraculous gift to us all, as we accept everyone as a player in our collective production we see and read all the scripts. My personal script was revealed to me today by the affable and beautiful Alejandro, my nerves gave way to feeling shy under an imagined spotlight. I absolutely Love these two wonderful, skilful, weavers of truth and the experience would have been further enhanced had Elena been able to be there too. My personal revelations are still settling as knowledge, holding me upright, yet, in a state of flux. I thought my best dress was under a hundred others in a big pile…. Yet I see today I am wearing it. I thought my grief and awkwardness were lowlights in my hair, instead I see the gold and silver I was given as gifts by everyone that loved me, shimmering back at me in the sunlight. To bare witness to these times is increasingly difficult to navigate, let this be your compass of truth too, a way home lit by the stars back to yourself. With Love Jas"

“Dear Elena, dear Alejandro, it was great to be with you last night. Indeed, your analysis of the figures concerning my emotional state and history has been slowly entering my awareness during the last hours since it does require several shifts in my usual understanding of who I am and who I intend to become. You re-introduced a sense of movement in apparently well structured perspectives, thus turning around my vision of balances that were illusory because many of the figures that you unveiled were quite unexpected - in the lows as well as in the highs of the emotional tapestry you pointed to. Colours and forms are slowly emerging that I was unaware of and, thanks to your compassionate listening, I am now encouraged to use differently the feelings and attitudes that have defined me over my many years. In other words, to move on! This conversation was all the more precious that we were like three old friends bringing together a sense of belonging to a common destiny - thus partaking in our deep human community. Even when I was not immediately accepting the implications of the reading, I never felt judged or underrated although I tended to speak a lot: it was like a slow birth to a new view of my unique identity. Thank you so much for these moments of enlightening amity! Your friend from beyond the pond, in Switzerland."

Since my session, I am feeling an unraveling of knots of energy and and a pulsing of Peace throughout my Being. So beautiful and simple. And I am finding the affirmations are like a song I knew but had forgotten but so comforting to hear--in fact--I am singing them. Each time, a different tune, a different feeling but each time just as lovely. The exquisite compassion that Elena and Alejandro modeled for me when they looked at my journey is so inspiring and so infectious that I find myself with a much more open heart towards myself and by extension towards everyone else! This is a gift without measure."

“Very insightful and helpful in understanding relationships with information we can apply to learning from others, and about ourselves. I am seeing people, and myself, in a whole new light since following your programs here. It has been a game-changer for sure. Thanks for all that you do and your willingness to share you gifts, your wisdom and knowledge, and your love and life with so many of us."

Thank you for giving me the "keys" to go into that space of darkness. I thank myself for having the courage. It was ever so important for me to feel the pain, the hurt, the sadness of my mom, myself and ancestors. I appreciate you both holding space while I experienced it as it has been stuffed way down. Most importantly, I must remember that having those frequencies, programs, wounds is not my fault but it is my choice to get out of victimhood. I will not let my mistakes or poor decisions be a life sentence but as lessons learned for my own growth to set me free from the prison I put myself in. I will remind myself that the past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. Lol I believe living in the present moment will become easier for me. I will put the past at rest with detachment by processing the emotions with acceptance and FORGIVENESS in order to transmute the Past to Wisdom. I believe I will return to breathing on my own and cut the "oxygen " cord as I begin to open my heart to trust and feel safe on my own. I AM my own rock and I recognize I walked in my ex's shadow which gave my powers, self esteem, self confidence away. I would have never left my ex and so it took a necessary "love affair " to awaken my Divine Sacred Feminine self that I had shut down, ignored and dismissed. God and the Universe give us what we need, it is not always what we want, but can be both. I AM beginning to speak to my Yoni space and Love it as it is where I harbored my deepest pain of shame and guilt, which is why I haven't allowed myself much self pleasure. It is true, hindsight is 2020! I believe all things will be revealed by the Divine when we are ready to see them. Of all the methods and approaches to healing ourselves, I believe your method of Vibrational Frequency readings is the most direct and loving as it comes from Source. I have already shared your website to many of my friends that are doing their work. Thank you for being an integral part of assisting humanity to find LOVE /healing within themselves. From listening to your Vibrational Revelations of others, it has given me valuable insight, that not judge others or make assumptions. Each and every one of us has a beautiful story (movie or Spiritual path) whether it be a drama, a comedy, an action, a fantasy, a musical, a mystery, a romance, a thriller with twists and turns or a combination of these things. I prefer movies with happy endings. My all time favorite movie is "The Wizard of Oz". I am like Dorothy, returning to HOME. I am all the characters who are got their Courage (facing my fears), Heart (practicing Love of self) and Brains (Wisdom). And so I choose to Co-create and direct the Happy/Joyous ending I deserve from this day forward. And who knows, perhaps I once again will find romance without the need to look for LOVE outside of me. Anything is possible! What an amazing time it is to be ALIVE! Much love and gratitude!"

“We often speak of the vibe emitted from a place. Now we can understand that in measurable energy field terms. After having a reading done with you two and listening to many of your sessions with Sacha and the membership group readings, I can see more concretely how my own personal frequency seeks a similar resonance. This disclosure always presents itself instantly like an unexplainable draw and feels like entering a clearing. Likewise, that which does not resonate, discloses as well. So perhaps what your work offers is similar to getting a correct eyeglass prescription. The eye is intuition and the clarity boost enhances trust."

“Dear Elena and Alejandro, I cannot thank you enough. I'm elated and feel much lighter! Today's session is continuing to be so transformative! I am sitting with the frequency readings, and spending time on the affirmations. So much is coming up and is being released - instantaneously! I've practiced in earnest and with sincerity a good few spiritual disciplines over many years, and I can say this is the most effective transformational process in such a short period of time. I literally see the world, and feel, differently! Thank you both for facilitating such clarity and openness, happiness and joy! The outcome for me is to keep heading towards full awakening, my constant companion and motivation. As a child I used to spend a lot of time sitting quietly alone, examining thoughts and exploring what was beyond them. I knew there was something underlying and unifying everything, seemingly just out of reach. Everything I've done in my life to date has been a conscious and determined continuation of that desire, including sitting with a Zen master; a Tibetan master; training with Shaolin monks; even recreational drug use - all explorations seeking the same end. I feel the frequency readings have validated those efforts (maybe not the drug use...:)), but more importantly provide a beautiful gathering up of everything that's gone before into the breathing space of the light of what has been revealed. As Alejandro said, now it's not about turning a new page, but starting a completely new book!!! And I need to say, your work is so important in this rapidly changing world. I feel deeply for every man women and child on this planet, and what they are going through. The true motivation for raising our vibrations can only be for the sake of all. We are all one beautiful energy field, and each seeming individual coming to the light makes a huge difference! Thank you again, with all my heart, and all my love,"

“What a privilege to enjoy the presence of Elena and Alejandro directly in my home for each of the readings! When practicing the homework given by Elena after my Vibrational Frequency reading, it felt like I had been granted a visa to visit unexplored territory, up in the clouds, through a subtle white cord. Then after the Lifetime Frequency analysis I was directly propelled into an expanded state of joy with a huge unleash of energy making me feel invincible, powerful, at peace and full of love, and truly connected to my higher self and my divine soul family on earth. I am just so so grateful to have met you during these crazy times, and receive your unique precious guidance in this lifetime"

After my wonderful reading I spent a lot of time contemplating the connection between intuition and creativity that has been the hallmark of all the great artists you and Alejandro have done episodes on. And the beauty of my reading was that I really grasped, ok I am in alignment with divine plan 98% and back to my Home base of 400. . So I have the choice to really explore what I want to experience in this life. And I really want to experience higher creativity and intuition, to know what it’s like to allow divine creativity to flow through me intuitively without any resistance. I then spent some weeks meditating on what it would feel like to have a love relationship with creativity (as my current relationship is reason 400). As well as meditating on what it would be like to have a greater willingness (300) to listen and respond to my intuition (at the time of reading my intuitive compositor was 250, although clairvoyant and clairsentient was 400). Then I decided to set aside the space for an intuitive painting. I started with a 45 minute body meditation, where I sat and just moved my body intuitively as response to meditation/what my body asked. This helped me get into my clairsentient mode. Then I decided to make a “blind” intuitive based painting where I had no actual reference to work from or even image in my head to try to get. It was a painted based on responded to what my body told me intuitively. The only guidelines I had for myself was that I couldn’t judge the work or question the intuition. So I had the most amazing experience. Typically the way I work is I have a photo or live reference that I’m intending on creating and I chose my brushes and colors based on what I see in front of me. This time with no image in my mind or in front of me, I just asked my body, my intuition, or I suppose consciousness - ok what brush? Ok sounds good what color? And went along like this and never once second guessed or questioned. And so I’m sending you an image of the piece, which if you look at my website you can see is entirely different from anything I have ever created before. So this is my grand thank you for the work you are doing! I can feel myself letting go of resistance in creativity and intuition and look forward to seeing more major creative breakthroughs in my work as I move beyond analysis and into love. Thank you!"

I am so happy I found the two of you about half a year ago... At the time I felt quite confused and also somewhat scared and alone in this world that to me appeared more and more chaotic. I first got in contact with you through one of your episodes with Sacha Stone and instantly felt myself drawn to you and what you presented/represented. I decided to join your community and also to do a personal reading. Even though some parts of the reading came as quite a surprise to me, and to be honest it was hard for me to ”digest” at first, I was so eager and ready to make a change in my life at that moment, that I decided to go on working with Alejandro as my coach. Something in your work resonated deeply within me... I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity to make this revealing journey together with you. I feel so much calmer, peaceful and in my heart today and the outer world doesn’t bother me as much anymore. You for sure have helped me to get on track with my life... The weekly coaching sessions with Alejandro, the blog posts from Elena, as well as all of your episodes has been so helpful to me, especially the Hero's Journey episodes which I find very easy to connect with. Sometimes it’s almost like a meditation to watch them; I feel connected and get inspired by them and I can almost feel my vibration increase just by listening. :-) Thank you Alejandro and Elena. I feel blessed beeing a part of your beautiful community and important work."

“I love all the amazing revelations that I am discovering and how science meets mysticism. It is giving me a new perspective on what our respective roles are in this human experience are, and how important it is to stop judging myself and others. Learning each others stories makes me realise that compassion is the key and I am working hard on that. I love that Elena and Alejandro are pioneers in their use of scalar waves and Dr Hawkins' Map of Consciousness. Their work to produce detailed 3d profiles for everything, literally everything, blows my mind! I love the Inner Healer course I recently completed which taught me so much about how to care for my body, mind and soul. It was beautifully put together. I will certainly use much of what I learnt to help others. I also love that there are hundreds of people from such diverse backgrounds and cultures who are part of this group. Clearly the revelations transcend many barriers. I particularly love that Elena and Alejandro present their findings with love, patiently explaining everything, as was the case with my personal vibrational revelation review. After our session, I truly felt empowered to move onward and upward."


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