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Illuminate Your Life With Vibrational Revelations™

Illuminate Your Life With Vibrational Revelations™

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Welcome to Vibrational Revelations™

Our mission is to better understand the many aspects and layers of our reality.
Elena and Alejandro have developed a proprietary frequency testing method, using scalar wave technology based on quantum physics and quantum mechanics, to analyze and perceive beyond physical limitations and into the world of vibrational intelligence.
The system is capable of accurately and reliably accessing “information” stored in the biofield (an electromagnetic field of energy that both surrounds all living things individually and interacts dynamically with the whole system of creation).
Building on existing scales of measurement, we are able to interpret this information in a way that gives us profound insights into almost anything and anyone, past, present and future.
(Not sure what scalar waves are? Watch this video clip with Dr. Sam Osmanagich.)


A Few Examples of What We Measure


*The views and opinions expressed in these videos are solely that of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. These consciousness readings are based on a system designed by Elena and Alejandro using scalar wave technology. These readings do not make any factual claims about the subjects but only the opinion of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. All information shared in Vibrational Revelations™ is copyright protected and can't be shared or distributed without permission.

Vibrational Revelations™ offers a safe container to discuss various topics, share your experiences, and learn from other people's insights
. We also have fun together!
Join Elena and Alejandro on a beautiful exploration of all that it means to be human, based on our core values of:
Integrity – Humility – Non-judgment – Open-mindedness – Compassion – Connection – Unity

5 Main Reasons to Join Vibrational Revelations™

  1. Uncover the Hidden Truth
  2. Heighten your Intuition
  3. Raise your Vibration
  4. Experience more Freedom, Love, and Joy
  5. Accelerate your Spiritual Awakening

Open the door to a deeper understanding of the role we all play in the manifestation of our shared reality. 

BONUS Vibrational Revelations™ Membership Benefits:
   âś“  Access a library of 150+ episodes (via the online community or our app)
   âś“  Members-only discounts on our best-selling courses and meditations

*All memberships are charged annually. Renewal is automatic unless canceled in advance. All sales are final.

Top 5 Vibrational
Frequency FAQs

Why is my frequency in utero different from my frequency at birth? After analyzing thousands of people, we recognized a pattern. Most humans experience a drop in vibrational frequency due to the environment and unprocessed emotions experienced by the mother during pregnancy.
Can you identify a narcissist based on frequencies? Yes we can. In most cases, a narcissist will have a pattern of high superior ego, with low compassion and low vibrational frequency in the relationship area.
How can I reach 100% alignment with Divine purpose? By being true to yourself and increasing your level of joy. One way to do this is to spend more time doing things that inspire you and allow you to feel connected to a “flow” state.
How often should I check my vibrational frequency? We suggest rechecking your frequency at least every 6 months to give you real-time guidance and a clear idea of where you stand.
What is the difference between Divine purpose and personal purpose? Divine purpose is linked to your soul's mission and related to self-realization. Personal purpose is linked to the personality of the self, or ego, and related to self-actualization.



Benefits Included in Your Annual Membership

  • Besides the BONUS membership benefits listed above, we release two new Vibrational Revelations™ episodes per month.
  • Exclusive space to discuss various topics, share your experiences and learn from other people’s insights.
  • Depending on current events, we add surprise bonus episodes throughout the year.
  • Members also get first option on bookings for our growing calendar of in-person events such as Wholistic Quantum Healer Training & Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids Experience.

An Annual Membership for Freedom, Joy & Expansion

Energy, frequency, and vibration is not a philosophy. It’s the language of existence.
Explore the matrix and learn hidden truths as we reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, global events, belief systems, healing devices and more at your request!
When we look at life through the lens of vibrational frequency, it becomes clear that everyone and everything has something to teach us.

"After only one session, things started shifting in my life and my attitude. I’m thrilled and blessed to have found Alejandro and Elena. If you’re looking to break away from everything that’s holding you back and create a successful, joyful life, sign up today!"


"I love personal development and spiritual growth, now I love it even more, if that’s possible. If you are serious about personal growth, I highly recommend watching these series and getting your own personal reading done. Truly amazing work by amazing people."


"My personal reading was such a delightful surprise on many fronts. A huge weight lifted from my shoulders—finding out I’m greater than I thought myself to be. Thankfully, I’m forced to recalibrate how I’m living, having become aware of a much better reality."


"I'm so grateful and happy to have made this step into this journey with you both and everyone else making this commitment. Such beautiful and profound work which is shifting the paradigm one soul at a time."


"This extraordinary body of work is a secret door to what is. Once walked through there is much to be in awe of. Letting our coats of perception, programming, and prejudice to fall away, we come across threads of pure truth woven together to adorn the walls as the tapestry of everything, in actual and original form. This work is a miraculous gift to us all."


"I find myself with a much more open heart towards myself and by extension towards everyone else! This is a gift without measure."


"Your work is so important in this rapidly changing world. I feel deeply for every man, woman, and child on this planet, and what they are going through. The true motivation for raising our vibrations can only be for the sake of all. We are all one beautiful energy field, and each seeming individual coming to the light makes a huge difference!"


"I love all the amazing revelations that I am discovering and how science meets mysticism. It is giving me a new perspective on what our respective roles are in this human experience, and how important it is to stop judging myself and others. Learning each other's stories makes me realize that compassion is the key and I am working hard on that."


"Being a part of the Vibrational Revelations Community has been so rewarding! It has helped me in my own personal development when it comes to understanding alignment. I now know what it feels like and to know the difference between being in and out of alignment with my intuition. To be able to practice with each episode, to see and know the contrast and to be able to compare that with the vibrational frequency readings and my own internal experience and feeling is like having my own personal science lab within, as it is a very distinct experience and feeling that I have come to recognize and understand. It has helped me to measure, dial in and calibrate the information that can so easily get muddled in all of the chaos and drama of this world. Thank you so much for your work, your passion for the truth and your generosity in sharing this information. It is a life-changing experience for sure. I am forever grateful."


About Us

ELENA BENSONOFF, C.RPH, ABAAHP Diplomate, Quantum Medicine Practitioner, and Founder of Wholistic
As the founder of Wholistic, I am privileged to help people all over the world to find balance and vitality with the services and products I have developed through my uniquely diverse background. From clinical pharmacist to artisan perfumer and American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) diplomate, to becoming a pioneer in the field of functional, regenerative, and quantum medicine, I have been sharing the gift of healing for over 20 years. When it comes to health, my mantra is "Everything is connected!" I believe in addressing the whole personbody, mind, and soulwith loving patience and ongoing care.
Learn more about Elena

ALEJANDRO FERRADAS, The Life Flow Catalyst
For over 20 years, I have used my intuitive gifts to connect to the divine and help others discover the abundant, love-filled lives they were meant to live. By interpreting energetic inflows from my clients, I help them recognize synchronicities in their lives and understand the important messages revealed. I support my clients with proven tools to neutralize and overcome the battle against unhealthy stress and burnout. My gift is the ability to provide others with the energetic shift or catalyst they need to experience that “aha!” moment when everything finally makes sense and the path ahead is clear.

Learn more about Alejandro

Humanity Through the Lens of Vibrational Frequency

It takes courage to question the stories we are told, transcend media coverage, and seek Ultimate Truth.
Ultimate Truth always inspires and uplifts. It always accelerates our growth and expands our awareness. Helps us see the world with clear eyes and break free from dogma, release limiting beliefs and move forward on our own path with more ease and joy.
What the lens of vibrational frequency shows us is that everyone and everything is an integral part of the whole, beautiful dance of being. Of the great adventure and mystery that is life. Reality is not something that happens to us. It is something we co-create.



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