Embracing Parenthood: Cherishing Every Moment

mother Apr 23, 2024

Children are the unexpected blessings that enter our lives, transforming our world with boundless joy and immeasurable love. From their first cries to their tentative first steps, each moment spent with them is a treasure—a fleeting glimpse into the profound beauty of life's journey.

As parents, we are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of nurturing, guiding, and loving these precious souls as they navigate the world. It's a role that fills our hearts with both immense pride and deep humility, for we hold in our hands the power to shape the future through the lives we help mold.

Yet, as much as we may long for time to stand still, we are acutely aware that childhood is but a transient season. Our little ones grow before our eyes, evolving from tiny bundles of innocence into independent individuals with dreams and aspirations of their own. It's a bittersweet realization, knowing that the time we have with them is finite, yet brimming with endless possibilities.

As our...

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Part 3: Illuminating Inspiration Consciousness

consciousness Apr 17, 2024

Life’s greatest gifts are often the simple things: the warmth of love, the tranquil flow of peace, a glimmer of joy, or a grounding sense of purpose.

If you want every day to overflow with those gifts, you must align with inspiration consciousness!

There is so much to discover about the third stage of consciousness in our Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening blog series: The Inspiration Stage.

If you are catching up on the stages of consciousness, you can learn about the first two stages here:

  1. Victim Consciousness
  2. Activation Consciousness

Let’s embark on a journey of understanding as we uncover the source of creative sparks, purposeful living, and the ever-expanding landscape of inspiration.

Read on to learn:

  • What the inspiration stage is
  • The 5 key elements of Inspiration Consciousness
  • How to nurture the flame of Inspiration Consciousness
  • How to discover your current consciousness level



What is the Inspiration Stage?

The stage of inspiration is more...

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Heartburn Meds Linked to Cancer: Addressing PPI Risks & Embracing Natural Alternatives

health wellness Apr 16, 2024

Do you suffer from heartburn and indigestion?

For years, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prilosec and Nexium have been the trusted solution, quickly calming symptoms by reducing stomach acid. Doctors practically prescribe them on autopilot, with the global PPI market soaring to over 11 billion dollars in 2023. However, recent studies suggest a major downside to PPI use.

In this blog, I’m breaking down the research information so you can fully inform yourself about the dangers of PPIs. I’m also sharing 3 natural ways to address heartburn and indigestion so you can finally feel empowered to reclaim your digestive health.

Digestive issues are usually a red flag for other imbalances within your body, mind, and soul. Stay tuned! At the end of the blog, I have a free gift to help you start your journey to digestive balance.



Studies Link PPIs to Gastric Cancer

A 2022 study investigated whether prolonged PPI use might increase the risk of gastric cancer....

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Part 2: Ascending to the Activation Stage of Consciousness

consciousness Apr 03, 2024

We began our deep dive into the stages of consciousness by exploring the lowest level, the range of victimization. If you missed it - you can read Part 1 of this series here!

As you continue your journey of self-discovery through the Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening, you reach the next stage in consciousness evolution – the Activation Stage.

I’m excited to reveal the significance and transformative nature of the Activation Stage, shedding light on what it means for individuals and the collective consciousness.

Read on to learn:

  • What the activation stage is
  • The 5 key elements of the activation stage
  • 7 action steps to navigate the activation stage
  • How the shift to activation consciousness impacts the collective
  • How to find out your current level of consciousness



What is the Activation Stage?

The Activation Stage represents a pivotal point in the evolution of consciousness, signaling a shift towards higher awareness, expanded perception, and a deeper...

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Methylene Blue Killing Your Microbiome?!

gut health wellness Apr 02, 2024

I recently recorded my third interview with top gastroenterologist, researcher, and clinical trial expert, Dr. Sabine Hazan to discuss the potential consequences of Methylene Blue and how it impacts the microbiome.

Since the pandemic, the number one searched product on the internet has been Methylene Blue. While I was very hesitant at first, I too took it for about 4 months last year. While I did notice improvements initially with brain clarity, it also caused severe GI symptoms. And that's when I reached out to Dr. Sabine and she suggested to test my stool to see what was going on.

What we found, in my case and many others, was that Methylene Blue is killing the bifidobacteria and harming the microbiome. It's important to understand that anything and everything you eat, take, apply, and inject ends up in your gut. And once damaged, it can take at least a year to heal. Whenever a new product takes the world by storm, it's so important to test the microbiome...

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Falling for Biohacking Scams?

Today, I want to share something that I keep seeing over and over in my practice...

For both online and in-person appointments, I always encourage patients to bring all the supplements, herbs, vitamins, and foods they ingest on a daily basis. Lately, people have been showing up with HUGE bags for me to test and they all have the same story:

They have been going to medical providers for YEARS, spending thousands of dollars, adding supplement after supplement to their intake list, and their symptoms are getting WORSE.

My most recent case was just prescribed supplements for heavy metals, parasites, and bacteria and NOT ONE of these things were actually found in her system using my Wholistic Quantum Healer™ method of applied kinesiology.

Even worse, the medical provider hadn't even tested her for any of these imbalances... just said it would be "a good idea to take them."

This is a huge red flag!

All the protocols she was...

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Seasonal Allergies Connected to Your Gut?

gut health Mar 26, 2024

Today, I want to talk about pollen.

In some places around the world, pollen is out. Everything is blooming, it's springtime, and therefore, a lot of allergies.

Many of you have been reaching out and asking, "Elena, what can I do to prevent from being impacted by pollen and not having irritable eyes, congestion, and cough?" All of which are quite common during pollen season.

Let me explain something...

Pollen is related to mold which is a cousin of candida in your GI tract. Whenever your GI or your microbiome is out of balance, you're going to be a lot more sensitive and reactive to the pollen and to everything that is blooming outside.

If you have noticed that your symptoms keep getting worse with each allergy season, it's not spring that's changed, it's the health of your gut.

I explain in this 1-minute video below...

So, what can be done?



Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Symptoms

To prevent seasonal allergies, it's important that you see a specialist that knows how...

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Part 1: 10 Action Steps to Transcend Victim Consciousness

consciousness Mar 20, 2024

Have you wondered what you can do to become more conscious, awakened, and aware?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place!

So many people are being activated right now to snap out of the victim mentality. It’s a huge challenge because the majority of our matrix is built from fear-fueled victim consciousness.

But there’s hope! You can integrate the lessons of this consciousness stage and rise above it with vibrational mastery. This blog will be your roadmap to escape the cycle of negativity for good.

Read on to learn:

  • What victim consciousness is
  • Common signs of victim consciousness
  • 10 action steps to transcend victim consciousness
  • The top 3 Wholistic tools for vibrational mastery



What is Victim Consciousness?

We are all energy beings so we all exude a certain frequency based on our emotions. Victim consciousness is the lowest of the 5 stages of consciousness within the Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening Scale, expressed through...

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Egypt: A Journey Through the Ancient Past to Remember our Human History

bosnia egypt Mar 12, 2024

Alejandro and I recently returned from an extraordinary voyage, joined by a group of 30 individuals hailing from all corners of the globe. Our expedition through Egypt was not merely a trip; it was a transformative journey through the annals of time, delving deep into the mysteries of our shared human heritage.

This wasn't our first visit to Egypt, and as we embarked on this adventure, we knew it wouldn't be our last. Our souls hungered for the ancient wisdom buried beneath the sands, beckoning us to unravel its secrets and share its profound insights with others.



Experiences in the King's Chamber

One of the most poignant moments of our journey took place within the hallowed chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The night before our official tour began, Alejandro and I had a private two-hour time capsule in the King's Chamber. As we meditated in the rose granite chamber and lay within the confines of the ancient sarcophagus, we felt the energies of the pyramid...

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The Secret Ingredient in DNA Alchemy

sacred geometry Mar 06, 2024

The ancient art of alchemy sought to transform materials and pinpoint the ingredient that would complete the recipe for spiritual awakening.

What if I told you that ingredient is available to you right now?

It’s stored in the blueprint of your being, within the ancient recipe of your DNA. If you know where to look, you’ll find that your DNA contains a secret ingredient: sacred geometry.

In today's blog, we are exploring the alchemy of DNA to discover…

  • DNA’s role as a transducer, alchemizing genetic code into life
  • DNA’s function as a transmitter, transcribing genetic code across generations
  • 3 key ways sacred geometry optimizes DNA function
  • The scientific connection between sacred geometry and DNA



DNA as a Transducer: The Recipe for Life

DNA shows just how intricate nature’s design can be. Like an alchemist's elixir, DNA swirls with the magic of life and secrets of existence, transforming biological information with incredible...

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