Wholistic Inc, or Elena Bensonoff do not intend to replace professional doctors or psychiatrists. Her work and information are not intended to replace licensed medical services or divert people from seeking medical professional care.

Follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans. Results are not guaranteed from the session(s) and product(s). You alone are responsible for any choices and decisions you make based on following any ideas, advice, and information given in the session(s) or listed on the product(s).

You alone are responsible for any psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical issues or problems – real or imagined – that might arise from following any ideas, advice, and information given in the session(s) or on the product(s). Elena holds no responsibility for the actions, choices, or decisions taken or made by you as a result of working with her or using her products.

This work is not a fit for people that expect someone else to do all the work for them.

Elena doesn’t run an emergency service. The issues that are presenting have most likely been brewing for a very long time. If they can’t wait for another week or few weeks, Elena’s work is not what you most need right now. Elena does not sell a miracle cure or a product that works for everyone. There are no short cuts or “magic pills.”. If these terms are not agreeable, do not engage with Wholistic Inc. services or products. By engaging with any service with Elena or purchase from Wholistic Inc., you have agreed to these terms and conditions.


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