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Are you ready to become the expert in optimizing your health?
Quantum Energy Expert, Elena Bensonoff, will help you discover the root causes of your health imbalances and give you the personalized wellness recommendations you need to experience the joy and ease of sustainable wellbeing!


What Is Wholistic Quantum Testing?

Dr. Paul Nogier was a research scientist and physician that discovered when normal resonance or frequency of a cell is out of balance, disease occurs. By repeatedly exposing the damaged cells to their correct resonance frequency, rapid healing occurs. This is frequency medicine.
Wholistic Quantum Healer Testing is a remote testing method using very advanced, non-invasive muscle testing techniques. It is deeply rooted in applied kinesiology and quantum physics and makes it easy to test anyone, anywhere, for just about anything!
What can Wholistic Quantum Testing detect?
Energetic Blocks
Hormone Disruptions
Food Sensitivities
Heavy Metals
Emotional Imbalances
Immune System Imbalances
Karma and Soul Contracts
Limiting Beliefs
Chakra and Meridian Imbalances
Benefits of Wholistic Quantum Testing:
Deeper Sleep
Pain Relief
Improved Mental Clarity
Decreased Inflammation
Increased Energy and Vitality
Restored Flow
Reduced Stress
Improved Gut Health
Increased Nutrient Absorption
Cellular Detoxification
Boosted Immune Function


How Does Wholistic Quantum Testing Work?

STEP 1: HEALTH INTAKE SURVEY - You will receive an initial survey to inform Elena of your current and past health challenges.
STEP 2: APPLIED KINESIOLOGY - You will meet with Elena for a 60-minute Zoom video call, where she will prepare and test you prior to the appointment for imbalances using applied kinesiology. Muscle testing is energetic and can be easily done at a distance!
STEP 3: CUSTOMIZED RECOMMENDATIONS - The results of the testing will reveal the root cause of your imbalances. Elena will customize personalized regimens which will include the following: food sensitivities, protocol based herbs / supplements, affirmations, and wellness recommendations so they are a perfect vibrational match for your unique needs.
STEP 4: OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH - By consistently following the recommended diet, supplements / herbs / homeopathy, and wellness regimen Elena provides, you will fortify and maintain your results and become the expert of optimizing your health!
STEP 5: UPGRADE TO A 3 OR 6 MONTH PACKAGE - These packages include 2 follow-up sessions per month. They include 4 remote scalar wave balancing sessions to help you clear deeply rooted imbalances and maintain your results long-term.

Quantum Health 1-Hour Appointment

After submitting your health intake survey, Elena will long-distance muscle test you and then get on a 1 hour Zoom call to go over her results and provide your unique regimen for healing.
This service does NOT include emails,  follow up, or scalar wave sessions. All follow-ups are separate bookings (see 3 and 6 month package options below for more support).
Review our Terms. All purchases are final. No refunds, credits, or cancellations.



Quantum Health 1-Hour Appointment Add-Ons

Purchasing a Quantum Health 1-Hour Appointment is a prerequisite for any add-ons below...

Cardio / Mitochondria

This add-on provides 2 months of long-distance scalar wave healing sessions (8 total) focusing on cardio / mitochondria. No follow up or calls included.



Gut / Mitochondria

This add-on provides 2 months of long-distance scalar wave healing sessions (8 total) focusing on gut / mitochondria. No follow up or calls included.



Brain / Mitochondria

This add-on provides 2 months of long-distance scalar wave healing sessions (8 total) focusing on brain / mitochondria. No follow up or calls included.



Upgrade: 3 Or 6 Month Packages For Scalar Wave Balancing

The 3 and 6 month package options include the Quantum Health 1-Hour Appointment from above, a deeper Quantum Analysis of your entire system, 4 remote scalar wave healing sessions a month, plus 2 monthly Zoom calls to go over progress.
How does scalar wave balancing work? Scalar waves send and receive information like a satellite. Elena uses this quantum technology to scan your Biofield / Energy Field and detect the root causes of your health imbalances.
Then, she analyzes your data and sends healing instructions directly to your Biofield via scalar waves to re-align your soul’s Blueprint with your body’s innate intelligence, clear imbalances from your field, rebalance your energy centers, and harmonize on a cellular and organ level.
Once you receive the beneficial scalar wave energy, it is like hitting the “reset” button on your body’s innate intelligence to heal from within.
Receive Comprehensive Support
The key to achieving lasting balance across all systems is continuous, custom support during the initial months of your healing journey.
Here is a look at what we will accomplish in our sessions:
✓ Identify and clear deeply rooted imbalances
✓ Explore your soul contracts, karma, and limiting beliefs
✓ Optimize the health of your chakras and meridians
✓ Send scalar waves to unblock and realign misaligned systems
✓ Inspire consistent lifestyle changes with progress reports
Bonus Gifts: Those that book the 3 Month Package will receive Elena's Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer Ebook and those that book the 6 Month Package will receive her 8-Week Online Course!
3 Month Package: $4,500
6 Month Package: $7,900
Review our Terms. All purchases are final. No refunds, credits, or cancellations.





"If you need an incredible and caring advocate for your health, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual—trust me, Elena is the confidant you want by your side.

On many occasions, Elena has made a profound difference in my health and that of my family. She works like magic, but it’s no trick. She has an incredible base of knowledge, experience and insight that sets her apart.”

~ Annette

“Elena's teachings gave me strength and empowered me to take charge of my healing journey.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and rushed to the ER the same day the tumor was discovered. The tumor was the size of a racquetball and I had to undergo emergency brain surgery days later. I am so grateful for Elena because she taught me tools and techniques that helped me heal myself during the recovery process. She changed my life by teaching me how to meditate, balance my chakras, and clear my energy field – I experienced so much peace even though I was recovering from such a traumatic event."

~ Mary

"Elena is truly a rare gem. It’s truly enlightening and remarkable the gift she has. I cannot wait until my next session with her.

When I first went to meet with her, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I was desperate to become centered and healthy and quite honestly I was a huge project. I was referred to her from my medical doctor. I’ve seen Elena twice and I’m centered and grounded and starting the most beautiful journey. I simply couldn’t say this before. I have a strong faith based background and through prayer, making wise choices (such as continuing to meet with Elena) it’s bringing me close to where I need to be. I adore her so much that I even brought my 3-year-old son to have a session with her.”

~ Sally

“I am deeply grateful for Elena’s exceptional healing modality as well as her wisdom, kindness and insight.

I sought out Elena’s help when my elderly mother (over 80) was in a critical condition with diabetic legs and dangerous lesions that were turning septic. She was due to go to the hospital, but thanks to Elena’s healing techniques my mother made a miraculous recovery! Not only did we avert sepsis, but her overall health and even diabetes values are significantly improved. Her doctor’s couldn’t believe it, as usually in these cases long -term hospital stays and aggressive medication are the norm. She is well on her way to a full recovery- even at her age and I have Elena to thank for that.”

~ Charles

“Elena Bensonoff and her energy work with me has brought me back to a place of renewed energy and health, both mentally and physically.

I started seeing her after my breast cancer diagnosis. I had completed the recommended surgeries and chemotherapy and was feeling utterly depleted. Our work has been incredibly healing, and I believe making me even stronger mentally and physically than before my cancer diagnosis. I would highly recommend her in conjunction with recommended medical treatments.”

~ Megan


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