Connecting to Beauty

beauty May 27, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 26
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to the Wholistic Living Podcast. Today, I invite you to take a short break from your busy day and step into a beautiful love story.

This love story has been your story since the beginning of time. Your existence here today in your body on this planet is nothing short of a miracle.

This podcast will help you to reconnect to the beauty that is all around, recognize that you are beauty incarnate, and remind you how to embody the magic of love.



The Beauty Around Us

As living beings on planet Earth, we are interwoven into the fabric of nature. Our love story begins with soft whispers from the Earth, our home. Mother Nature is a tender nurturer, a mother who brings forth and renews life. Gaia is resilient and creates beauty and life even in harsh conditions. In a delicate balance, all organisms and systems depend on the...

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