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beauty May 27, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 26
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to the Wholistic Living Podcast. Today, I invite you to take a short break from your busy day and step into a beautiful love story.

This love story has been your story since the beginning of time. Your existence here today in your body on this planet is nothing short of a miracle.

This podcast will help you to reconnect to the beauty that is all around, recognize that you are beauty incarnate, and remind you how to embody the magic of love.



The Beauty Around Us

As living beings on planet Earth, we are interwoven into the fabric of nature. Our love story begins with soft whispers from the Earth, our home. Mother Nature is a tender nurturer, a mother who brings forth and renews life. Gaia is resilient and creates beauty and life even in harsh conditions. In a delicate balance, all organisms and systems depend on the abundant resources the Earth provides.

One example of this balance is found in trees reaching to the heavens. Their leaves soak in the light and absorb carbon dioxide. Their roots reach deep underground drinking in great volumes of water. Not only are they beautiful, but they create ecosystems that stabilize the world we live in. This process of photosynthesis produces much of the oxygen that we breathe. Below the surface, fungi create networks on the forest floor, passing nutrients and information to each other. Creatures make their homes in the trees’ trunks and branches. Everything is connected and plays an important part in the Divine system.

Everywhere we look, from sweeping grasslands to thundering waterfalls, to the fiercest of beasts and the softest of butterfly wings, we see stunning beauty. And beyond the beauty there is purpose. Even in the most unlikely of places, Mother Nature writes this love story. The desert blooms after a rainstorm bringing forth a rainbow of color from what looked like dry and barren land. Even the destruction of a forest fire opens seeds once locked tight in pinecones waiting for their time. The cycle of birth, life, and death is eternal and beautiful in its mysteries. As we learn to surrender to the beauty that enfolds us, we too are swept off our feet in the most delightful way.



The Beauty Within Us

And we, who observe this dance of creation, are not outsiders. We are a living breathing work of art. Each human is unique in body and spirit. Each with a divine purpose and song in our heart. The life that we embody is a powerful field of energy that is beauty incarnate. We are nature. We are invited into this love story to revel in the beauty. When we love our Earth and the life it holds, we love ourselves. When we behold the beauty that is, when we live fully open in this space of love and light, we see with new eyes how sweet it is to be alive. 

You are a magnificent being.

It’s time to embrace the magic that we are. The story we are being called to is coming home and remembering the love that is our birthright. We were born for such a time as this, to know and be known. True beauty is reflected outward but it begins within the heart. Your energy, confidence, and passion for life are what will draw people to you. The fire behind your eyes, a glimpse into what is in the heart, kindles genuine connection. Beauty is not about your physical appearance or the size of the clothes you wear but the way that your heart expands and shines a light in the world.

Lasting beauty comes from roots watered deep in a firm foundation of unconditional self-love. That oasis of love overflows and draws others into the love story as well. Your beauty is eternal, even as you age. Know and embrace that the imprint your spirit leaves on those you love is everlasting. Smile with those bright eyes, touch with your healing hands, speak the truth, and listen with love. When insecurities or doubt creep in, remember who you are. Choose love. Love yourself, love this beautiful world, and trust others to love you just as you are.

Thank you so much for spending time here with me today. I hope you have been reminded of the beauty that is yours to embody. You are so loved. If you would like to connect with me and learn more about my work you can find me at Until next time, be well and spread love like wildflowers wherever you go.




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