Scapegoating: A Deep Dive into Humanity's Darkest Impulse

In a world where conflict and misunderstanding often dominate our interactions, the age-old practice of scapegoating continues to cast a long shadow over humanity. Scapegoating, the act of unfairly blaming others for our own problems, has caused profound suffering and division throughout history. From ancient rituals to modern-day prejudices, this destructive behavior has left deep scars on individuals and communities alike.

This blog seeks to illuminate the dynamics of scapegoating, with a special focus on its historical manifestation in anti-Semitism and the unjust persecution of Jewish people. By exploring the psychological, social, and cultural roots of scapegoating, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of why it occurs and how it affects both the scapegoat and the perpetrator. Drawing on the insights of renowned thinkers like René Girard, we will delve into the mechanisms of violence and projection that underlie this behavior.

More importantly, this blog is a call to...

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