Navigating the Dissonance: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

release & rise Dec 20, 2023

In a world where information flows freely and we're more connected than ever, it's paradoxical that humanity is experiencing massive dissonance on every level. This dissonance often stems from our attachment to limiting beliefs that obscure the light of understanding and progress for millions.

As a species, we stand at the crossroads of transformation where our collective consciousness plays a pivotal role in shaping our shared reality.

In today's blog, we will be talking about the power and energy of beliefs. Plus, I will be sharing 6 ways to break free from limiting beliefs which can help humanity navigate this dissonance, collectively raise its vibrational frequency,  and manifest a more harmonious and enlightened reality.



The Power of Belief

Our beliefs shape the lens through which we perceive the world. They are the filters that influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions, ultimately determining the path we choose to follow.

While beliefs can empower...

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3 Steps to Release Ancestral Trauma

release & rise Jun 20, 2023

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or negative thoughts and emotions?

You may be able to reflect and identify a specific time in your life when these struggles began.

However, it’s possible you don’t fully understand where these feelings stem from. It might even strike you that this anxiety, this depression, these negative thoughts... feel as though they aren’t fully “yours.”

What if I told you those feelings might not be from your lived experience?

You may be carrying the weight of your ancestors’ past traumas. Ancestral trauma can create patterns of negativity for generations.

Do you sense that ancestral trauma could be influencing your life?

Read on to discover how ancestral trauma can affect your genes, how to release the energetic and emotional patterns it causes in 3 steps, and what you can do about those patterns that are from your own lived experience.

(This is just all just a taste of my NEW ONLINE PROGRAM, Release & Rise:...

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Wholistic Living Podcast: 3 Steps To Release Ancestral Trauma

release & rise May 25, 2023

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 41
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Hello and welcome to the Wholistic Living Podcast, my name is Elena. I’m so glad you joined me here today. As a Quantum Energy expert, I’ve had many people come to me with mystery symptoms, struggling to understand why they are suffering from conditions like anxiety and depression with no clear cause.

Today, I want to talk about ancestral trauma and programming and explore how this topic is extremely relevant when you’re investigating the root cause of mystery symptoms. I will help you understand what ancestral trauma is, how it could be affecting you, and we will talk about 3 steps you can take to release ancestral trauma and programming.

I’m here to help you uncover these hidden patterns and give you simple tools to begin the healing process from the inside out.



What Is Ancestral Trauma?

Ancestral trauma refers to the...

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You May Have Inherited Limiting Beliefs, But You Can Release & Rise Above Them

genes release & rise Nov 16, 2022

"So many of us are leading limited lives not because we have to but because we think we have to." ~ Bruce H. Lipton, PhD (The Biology of Belief)

In Chapter 5 of my book, Wholistic Wisdom, which Dr. Lipton endorsed, I speak about the power of belief.

Many studies on the placebo effect have shown that there’s little difference between patient groups that actually received medication or treatment and groups that only believed they did.

Belief is powerful enough to change even our physical health. But belief can go both ways.

As much as we can believe ourselves into a state of healing, love, and peace, our limiting beliefs can also keep us stuck on the negative side of the spectrum.

When we stay in a low-vibrational thought loop, our brain stresses, our body suffers, and our ability to improve our experience diminishes.

But what if we inherited certain limiting beliefs without even being conscious of them?

As Alejandro and I have discovered through analyzing people’s...

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