Illuminate Your Divine Potential: Journey Towards the New Paradigm

In a world where stress seems to be on the rise and chaos threatens to divide humanity, there has never been a more opportune time to delve into the depths of our inner selves. Years ago, I received a divine message from Source—a message initially perceived as a personal path until the realization dawned upon me that its essence was meant to be shared. This message is a guiding light for humanity's journey towards self-illumination.

Our planet is on the brink of a profound transformation, transitioning into a new paradigm anchored in love, serenity, and peace. But for this shift to manifest externally, it must first germinate within each individual.

At the heart of this awakening lies a shift in vibrational frequency. By grounding ourselves in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth and aligning with the cosmic flow of the Universe, we unlock boundless possibilities guided by the compass of our hearts.

Yet, as human beings, we often find ourselves ensnared in the web of low vibrational energies. Thus, it becomes imperative that we reconnect with the natural world and tap into our divine essence, harmonizing our energies to ascend as one unified consciousness.

It is time to heed the call to remember our divinity and prepare for the dawn of a new era—a paradigm shift into the fifth dimension. But this transition necessitates profound inner work, a journey of self-discovery and self-realization.



Follow the Path to Illumination

Are you feeling the call to elevate your consciousness and contribute to the collective awakening?

To fulfill this sacred mission, it is essential to cleanse your being—body, mind, and soul—of energetic blocks and debris, unveiling the latent gifts that lie dormant within you. You possess the innate power to ignite your codes of consciousness and ascend to a higher plane of existence.

Thus, I present to you a transformative journey distilled into seven days of illuminating content. Through this program, you will effortlessly receive divine doses of meditation, powerful activations, enriching video lessons, and sacred ceremonies—all from the sanctity of your own home.

Each day is meticulously crafted to nurture your holistic well-being—body, mind, and soul—with wisdom, love, and light. Many participants attest to the profound impact of this journey, returning to it time and again, each experience deepening their connection to divine wisdom and love.



Your Course Experience

Here's a glimpse into the extraordinary experiences and activations awaiting you on your journey to Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness:

  • Day 1: Detoxing & Anchoring
  • Day 2: Chakra Activation
  • Day 3: Brain Activation
  • Day 4: Love and Luminous Body Activation
  • Day 5: Earth Living Library Activation
  • Day 6: Activate Dormant DNA
  • Day 7: Stand in Your Full Light and Love with All that is Conscious

Special Bonuses! In addition to the transformative journey outlined above, you'll receive two FREE bonuses to further illuminate your path and enhance the integration of your learnings:

  • Ignite Digital Workbook: A comprehensive tool for processing and reflecting on your Ignite journey, empowering you to deepen your understanding and connect with your intuition.
  • The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion: Unlock the secrets to optimal digestive health with natural techniques you can implement from the comfort of your home.

If you're ready to embrace your divine gifts and play a pivotal role in humanity's evolution towards love, serenity, and peace, then this retreat is your online sanctuary for self-illumination.

Join me on this extraordinary journey and prepare to ignite your codes of consciousness—awakening to the fullness of your divine potential and ushering in a new era of collective awakening.

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"Your work in this program as well as Vibrational Revelations membership are the clearest path of ascension I have come across to date. I am in awe of the shifts and up-leveling I have experienced with such ease and grace in just the past seven days. It is my intention to continue to cycle through this seven-day process ongoing so I can continue to open up and ascend to higher and higher states of consciousness and frequency calibration. I look forward to participating in future offerings from Wholistic. My favorite... the brain activation meditation! SO powerful!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! With so much love!! xx" ~ TAMIE M JOYCE

"My favorite part of Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness was the live activations with Elena. Her soothing voice and words created beautiful visuals and transformations that surprised me… from feeling waves of sickness wash over me in the beginning as I released the darkness to feeling such love at the end that tears streamed down my face. My head feels clearer, my heart is more open, and I feel so connected to this planet and everything in it. I was lucky enough for Elena to read my personal frequency before taking this course which was 500 (love). After the 7 days, it was 625 (peace) which she said was the exact frequency I was when I was born! Knowing this has been such a confirmation of how far I’ve come getting back to who I really am. Elena, thank you for this gift!" ~ HOPE BACHE

"I loved the 12 chakra meditation course, it was lovely!!!! Wow One of my favorite classes in the program. Also loved being able to comment on the course and have you respond. Everything's falling into place this week it's so beautiful. I'm so thankful for everything. I loved the light body activation as well. This program was so powerful!! I'm so thankful for the intentions we made. I want to take it again and again so I can keep my energy aligned. What a beautiful path you have guided me on, extremely powerful in the most loving and peaceful way. Thank you!!!!" ~ KIMBERLY ARCHULETA

"The meditation brought me down to tears, while holding hands I could feel all the love that we were transmitting to our beloved earth and to each other... It was just amazing and hard to express in words the chakras activation as well. Thank you." ~ CLAUDIA ARGÜERO



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