Activate Your Inner Alchemist with PYD Salt #28

salt May 17, 2023

After our travels in Egypt and having experienced Mono-Atomic Gold prior to going into the Kings Chamber, Alejandro and I realized that all who are seeking such a deep inner experience can benefit from it.

Egypt was the birthplace of Alchemy; it was a land of an ancient technological civilization. The Egyptian beliefs in life after death and the mummification procedures they developed gave rise to rudimentary chemical knowledge and a goal of immortality.

Eight years ago, I launched a powerful holistic harmonizing salt line with 27 different types of salts for body, mind, and soul balance, which have been sold all over the world from doctor’s offices, health food stores, and spiritual shops. Salt is a powerful information carrier medium, like a crystal that can be imprinted with lots of information. Salt crystals are being used in modern-day science to store information (see more about that here).

My inner alchemist was activated again and with Alejandro's assistance...

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