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Hypnotic natural elixir of love!

Inhale… Allow yourself to be moved in the scent and awaken the Divine Feminine! Her dominion of beauty, passion, mystery, and love awaits you. Within seconds of anointing, the senses of smell and touch overwhelm both space and time.
Allow the healing aroma to seduce you as you embark on a voyage to the realm of Magic. Your first encounter is the sparkling Bergamot, Blood Orange, and Sweet Vanilla. Curiosity and yearning now join your travels. Soon, the consecration of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Apricot, Patchouli, and Peru of Balsam permeate your being, caress your core, and entice the inner Goddess. Her principles, your principles of insight, creativity, harmony, and wisdom take nourishment in the energy now coursing through your pores. Once your senses are fully awakened by this natural hypnotic aroma, you are left transfixed on this mystical place of LOVE and LIGHT!
  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Geranyl Acetate, Vanillin, Blood Orange
  • HEART NOTES: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Apricot
  • BASE NOTES: Civet, Peru Balsam, Patchouli


Inspired by a dear friend, Saint will leave you feeling mesmerized and curious from the first moment on.

The pure fragrance is built in sensuous layers that expand your awareness and open your curiosity. It is infused with crystal energies that open your senses, bringing healing and expanding qualities into your being with each and every note.
From the first anointment of this mystical fragrance… you become intoxicated by the green, smooth and balsamic blend of Fir Balsam, warm and woody Orris Butter, strong and spicy Bay Laurel, Coriander and Juniper Berry. The ancient resins of Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Amber leave you feeling deeply and intuitively touched wanting to explore even deeper. Infused with refreshing Lemongrass, herbaceous Clary Sage, and the powdery, candy-like aroma of Tonka Bean leave you completely intoxicated. Saint is the perfect orchestration of sacred ancient notes flowing in the most unexpected symphony.
  • TOP NOTES: Coriander, Juniper Berry
  • HEART NOTES: Bay Laurel, Lemongrass, Tonka Bean, Clary Sage
  • BASE NOTES: Orris Root, Sandalwood, Amber, Fir Balsam Absolute, Frankincense


Wholistic’s Orali Chocolate Perfume is a unique blend of citrus and sweet floral that has, at its heart, the essence of chocolate. The delicious, heady aroma of chocolate bypasses rational thought and goes directly to our hearts. When smelling that exotic aroma, natural endorphins are released and you instantly feel calmer, happier, and sexier. The essential oils of the cocoa contains aphrodisiac flavonols. These promote an increase in libido and arousal. Use it to give you a lift and arouse your love hormones. A light shimmer on your skin sets off a divine tang through your whole body. You first detect the delicate notes of citrus which sharpen your mind and clarify your thoughts. Then, the powerful qualities of the sacred bean assert themselves as the warmth of your skin releases the exotic notes of cacao, arousing all of your senses.

Hear a whisper of ancient rituals. The air about you takes on a sultry quality as you move through it like a goddess. Let your imagination take over!

  • TOP NOTES: Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit
  • HEART NOTES: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Raspberry, Benzyl Benzoate
  • BASE NOTES: Cacao Absolute, Peru of Balsam


Inhale… Embark on an alluring journey to a golden flower meadow surrounded by orange orchard trees.

Notice the bumble bees dancing their beautiful, mesmerizing dance from one flower to the next. The warm sunshine is kissing and caressing your face and body. You are slowly submerging and becoming one with the surroundings. Your breath captures the essence of thousands of mimosa flowers, oranges, and the warm and smooth fragrance of honey. You are now deeply connected to the soft and crystalline feminine essence. Your light is amplified and radiating from within.
Radiate your beautiful light!
  • TOP NOTES: Blood Orange, Mimosa, Vanillin
  • HEART NOTES: Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol, Strawberry, Honey Absolute
  • BASE NOTES: Benzoin, Benzyl Benzoate

Wild Rose

Wild rose is here to enchant your senses and help you attract your desires. Two varieties of wild roses embrace in a celestial union, coloring the air around you with a meditative breath of tender petals kissed by Divine dew. 
Let the sensuous aroma awaken your inner wild, inspiring you to explore, express, and honor the love in your heart. You’ll be held by the gentle power of the Earth’s love, as a complimentary note of pink peppercorn flows with the roses like poetry in this perfume.The art of perfume and the beauty of wild roses fuse with the alchemy of ambrette seed, raising your vibration on a cellular level – warming and opening four main chakras: the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown. A subtle note of pink peppercorn uplifts the roses sweetness to celestial heights. Wild rose empowers you to melt into the present moment and illuminate love.

Awaken your wild and attract your desires.

  • TOP NOTES: Pink Peppercorn, Damascenone, Geraniol, Pink Grapefruit
  • HEART NOTES: Rose Oil, Rose Water Concentrate, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
  • BASE NOTES: Ambrette Seed, Orris Butter, Frankincense

Spicy Rose

This fragrance inspires an image of red roses blooming in late summer, bejeweling a magical forest with ruby radiance.
Bathe in a bouquet of rosy passion with a hint of jasmine and boldly arouse the senses with a spicy note from pink peppercorn. The peppercorn tree was revered by the Incas as the Tree of Life… this ingredient not only compliments the essence of spicy rose, but it also elevates the energetic properties of the aroma to the realm of Divine sensuality. The addition of acclaimed nervine and aphrodisiac, ambrette seed, will raise your vibration on a cellular level – warming and opening four main chakras: the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown. Venus, the planet of love, is represented by the addition of tonka bean, also known as the “Love Wishing Bean.” The clove, cinnamon, and vanilla notes of the tonka bean are dreamy and alluring, helping you draw love into your life and make your wishes a reality. Spicy Rose also invites iris orris butter, the “Love Drawing Herb,” to dance in the sunlight - capturing a subtle sweetness that embodies bliss. 

Enliven the love and passion in your life!

  1. TOP NOTES: Pink Peppercorn, Damascenone, Geraniol, Pink Grapefruit
  2. HEART NOTES: Rose Oil, Rose Water Concentrate, Jasmine Concrete, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
  3. BASE NOTES: Ambrette Seed, Tonka Bean, Orris Butter, Frankincense

Sultan Rose

Sultan Rose invites you on a journey to the East - specially formulated with both Bulgarian and Turkish rose essences. With each application, you’ll escape to the Orient with elegant aromas of frankincense and pink grapefruit. Be reminded by the rare addition of orris butter that your happiness is worth more than gold. A complimentary note of pink peppercorn is a salute to the fierce love in your heart. You’ll become the heroine of your own story and evoke 1001 nights of glamour with Sultan Rose. Ambrette seed bestows a final gift upon this perfume, with its ability to raise your vibration and help you open four main chakras: the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown.
This sophisticated scent will inspire you to cast off your doubts and worries just like rose petals are enticed to unfurl from their buds in the warmth of springtime.

Embrace elegance and grace with gentle power.

  • TOP NOTES: Pink Peppercorn, Damascenone, Geraniol, Pink Grapefruit
  • HEART NOTES: Rose Oil, Turkish Rose Absolute, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
  • BASE NOTES: Ambrette Seed, Orris Butter, Frankincense

"Orali perfumes are fragrances that combine the best of earthly pleasures and heavenly vibrations. I am so happy to have discovered them."


"The Florida-based staff at Orali carefully select natural and organic ingredients then hand-crafts every batch of perfume, allowing the fragrances to steep and age naturally. The results are delicate notes that charm the senses without affecting allergies or seizing the throats of passersby. The fragrances Orali had prepared specifically for the gifting suite were lost in the wake of Hurricane Irma, however the samples that were available for review, including three perfumes: a floral, a clean and a unisex piney scent, as well as a chocolate-infused body oil, made you want to have repeated whiffs."

Outstanding Perfume: Orali - Nominated the Top Perfume at the Emmy Awards!
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