Chakra Guided Meditations

"I Stand in My Power, Connected to Heaven & Earth."
To complement my award-winning Chakra System, I’ve created eight beautiful guided meditations you can listen to anytime, anywhere to bring you back to balance. Surrender to the calming tone of my voice and relax as therapeutic melodies and powerful visualizations transport you on a journey to an inner oasis.
Each guided Chakra Meditation empowers you to understand and support your chakras, connect to your highest self, and discover your divine purpose.
Reach a deeper state of consciousness as you are carried to the paradise within by the soothing tempo and ambiance of each track. Low vibrational energies and inner chatter will be undone as you release attachment to past and future and hold space for yourself to be rejuvenated in the present moment.
Soft musical arrangements complement each meditation and establish an atmosphere of peace and serenity, no matter where you are.



Album includes eight 10 minute meditations:
ROOT CHAKRA - BALANCE: Bring balance into your life and connect to the flow of Mother Earth energy with warming, grounding, and supportive visualizations and the red root chakra energy. Allow a deep sense of rootedness and stability become part of you. Unite with your body and breath to create a solid foundation of meditation practice.
SACRAL CHAKRA – ALLURE: Melt into the enchantment of this powerful meditation. Release fear and anger, inviting passion and creativity into your life with a warm orange energy. Radiate your magnetism and expand into an experience of sacred trust. Let the tribal beats move you and infuse your meditation with bliss.
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – POWER: Nurture the golden light of this chakra and establish a divine connection to the sun in this meditation. Follow the magnificent visualizations to work with transformational fire energy, releasing any anger and defeat and inviting confidence and abundance in. Connect to your power, self-worth, and self-esteem.
HEART CHAKRA – COMPASSION: Explore this center of compassion and devotion within you and experience the vibrant emerald green light of your heart energy throughout this meditation. Honor the beauty of empathy and carry it into every moment of your life. Release fear and uncertainty and embrace unconditional love and gratitude.
THROAT CHAKRA – EXPRESSION: Invite openness to this vital part of your being in this powerful meditation. Let go of tension and restrictions and embrace authentic self-expression with bright blue expansive energy. Allow yourself to be anchored to speaking your truth and empowered to share your thoughts and feelings clearly.
THIRD EYE CHAKRA – CLARITY: Let crystal clear understanding flow into this chakra in the third eye meditation. Dissolve stress and tension and relax your mind with indigo energy and invite clarity into your life with each breath. Discover that being in the present moment is your true nature. Improve mindfulness and enjoy deep knowing.
CROWN CHAKRA – WISDOM: Open to a new dimension of understanding of complete self in this meditation. Release limiting beliefs and attachments and receive infinite wisdom to reveal your purpose. A fountain of violet light brings you into flow. This is your sanctuary, filled with security and luminous beauty. Everything is as it should be.
DIVINE ONENESS: Inspire peace and harmony and renew your zest for life. Connect you to yourself, your purpose, others, and the divine. We are one! Sample this one free below...




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Meditation Testimonials

“Beautifully divine. I feel lighter and happier. Thank you so much, Elena.” ~Alejandro F.

“Immense relaxation & a profound release of tension.” ~Connie F.

"I was able to let go of something that I had previously avoided facing." ~Michele T.

“I had a sharp pain on my neck is now gone. Magical amazing.” ~Noemi M.

“I had a terrible pain from my lower back down my hip to my knee which is now gone. Thank you Elena.” ~Prathisha S.

"I'm struggling with severe chronic pain... I listen to your class every night before bed and because of your guidance I felt really happy and safe.” ~@theslingman_ 


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