Join the Powerful 7-Module Online Course, Hosted by Elena Bensonoff, Quantum Medicine Practitioner


Join the Powerful 7-Module Online Course, Hosted by Elena Bensonoff, Quantum Medicine Practitioner

Join the Powerful 7-Module Online Course, Hosted by Elena Bensonoff, Quantum Medicine Practitioner

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Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness
and Raise Your Vibration

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Elena received a Divine message from Source that, at first, she thought was for her personal path until she realized that the information is meant for all of you as well.


Experience a New Paradigm:

Our world is entering a time of great transformation. As our Earth shifts into a new paradigm based on love and peace, so must we! 
At the core of this awakening is a vibrational frequency shift. The animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and crystal kingdom have been vibrating at a higher level of consciousness for ages.
However, human beings are some of the lowest vibrational beings on the planet. It is vital that we do all we can to reconnect with Nature and our Divine Self to rise up in harmony as One. 
Many of us are answering the call to do deep inner work to prepare for the new paradigm in order to anchor into the new reality.

Follow the Path to Illumination:

We are given a Divine mission to raise our level of consciousness and help raise the consciousness of the collective. To achieve this, we must clear our bodies and minds of energetic blocks and debris so we can uncover our inner gifts, and ignite our codes of consciousness that will elevate us to a higher level of being.
I have arranged the guidance from Source into 7 days of illuminating content, delivered in Divine doses of meditation time, powerful activations, video lessons, and Sacred ceremony. Each day is designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul with wisdom, love and light.

Join the Online Retreat

Your Course Experience:

Here is a day-to-day overview of the incredible experiences and activations you’ll enjoy when you answer the call to
Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness. 

Complete on your own time and pace!

Day 1: Detoxing & Anchoring: You’ll receive guidance for conducting a 7-day detox, begin the process of rewiring the nervous system, clear your energy field, and anchor to Mother Earth for optimal activation conditions.

Day 2: Chakra Activation: I will guide you to activate your 12 Chakra System. You will reclaim your multidimensional identity to remember who you truly are.

Day 3: Brain Activation: We will synch the right and left hemispheres of the brain, activating all aspects of the brain and connecting to the wisdom of the codes of consciousness. Then, we will explore dolphin energy.

Day 4: Love and Luminous Body Activation: You will awaken your organs, cells, and mitochondria to store information that will help you ignite your codes of consciousness. It’s time to stand fully in your light!

Day 5: Earth Living Library Activation: I will facilitate a powerful activation of your living library. We will connect with the plant and animal kingdoms, with the timekeepers of the Earth, and call back all “lost” divine aspects of yourself.

Day 6: Activate Dormant DNA: Right now, you have two strands of DNA. In this activation, we will ignite the codes for all 12 possible strands to help you anchor into 5D.

Day 7: Stand in Your Full Light and Love with All that is Conscious: This is where the Self-Illumination process really “heats up”. We will weave together all we have learned to ensure your codes of consciousness are fully activated and your new strands of DNA are awakening.

Special Bonuses!

When you join now, you’ll receive two FREE bonuses to illuminate even more Divine insights for you and fortify the integration of your learnings.

Ignite Workbook: Deepen your understanding of your Ignite journey with a curated tool for processing and reflecting! This bonus is designed to reinforce the messages you’re downloading as you awaken and expand during the retreat. Be empowered to practice what you learn and connect with your intuition.

The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion: Learn how to boost your digestive health with natural techniques you can start benefiting from right now at home, including: how to test your sensitivity to foods, how to clear leaky gut syndrome in five steps, and herbal remedies for yeast overgrowth. You’ll discover within a few pages of this guide how you can take charge of your digestive health with natural methods!

If you’re ready to claim your Divine gifts and help humanity shift into a new paradigm of love and peace, this retreat is your online destination for Self-Illumination!


Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness


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"Elena, thank you for your course “Ignite your codes of consciousness”. It helped me activate deeper understanding of who I am and what is my purpose here on planet Earth. After the first few videos of the course, I started getting so many downloads, that I stopped with a course for a while. I felt I needed some time for integration (and physical purification, I guess). After I finished the course, I gained new clarity about my life and my work. I feel, as if, the course helped me activate and embody information that were lying dormant in my DNA, so I can now live if more fully and with more conscious awareness in my everyday life." 

"My favorite part of Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness was the live activations with Elena. Her soothing voice and words created beautiful visuals and transformations that surprised me… from feeling waves of sickness wash over me in the beginning as I released the darkness to feeling such love at the end that tears streamed down my face. My head feels clearer, my heart is more open, and I feel so connected to this planet and everything in it. I was lucky enough for Elena to read my personal frequency before taking this course which was 500 (love). After the 7 days, it was 625 (peace) which she said was the exact frequency I was when I was born! Knowing this has been such a confirmation of how far I’ve come getting back to who I really am. Elena, thank you for this gift!"

"I loved the 12 chakra meditation course, it was lovely!!!! Wow One of my favorite classes in the program. Also loved being able to comment on the course and have you respond. Everything's falling into place this week it's so beautiful. I'm so thankful for everything. I loved the light body activation as well. This program was so powerful!! I'm so thankful for the intentions we made. I want to take it again and again so I can keep my energy aligned. What a beautiful path you have guided me on, extremely powerful in the most loving and peaceful way. Thank you!!!!"

"Well finally completed this quest half way through the 7 day stint I came up, with a bright business idea. And at the end of the course I feel somewhat enlightened and at peace which surprised me a bit. Thank you very much Elena for the opportunity and your excellent patience which is exemplary. I thought this sort of course is inexpensive for its content and will give most people the chance and encouragement to try a course which I think is great. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL." 

"Today was really beautiful. It is hard to describe what difference I feel, but I would say much more aware of a sense of peace and serenity and joy. A knowing that all is well. It doesn't take me away from what is going on in the world, but it allows me to be in it, not of it. That's a bit biblical, but it describes it. This morning I went for a walk in the park and went to "my" tree - the one I meditated with yesterday. I got a little more - yesterday was "you are safe, you are strong" today I got "you are safe, you are strong, you are ready "(for transformation) Just how does it get any better than that? In deep gratitude." 

"Your work in this program as well as Vibrational Revelations membership are the clearest path of ascension I have come across to date. I am in awe of the shifts and up-leveling I have experienced with such ease and grace in just the past seven days. It is my intention to continue to cycle through this seven-day process ongoing so I can continue to open up and ascend to higher and higher states of consciousness and frequency calibration. I look forward to participating in future offerings from Wholistic. My favorite... the brain activation meditation! SO powerful!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! With so much love!! xx"



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