Healthy at Home

Healthy at Home

Healthy at Home

Do you experience overwhelming stress, anxiety, or fear?

Are you struggling to find peace during uncertain times?


I’ve put together a bundle of Wholistic tools and resources to help you expand your consciousness from the comfort of home!
You don’t have to fly across the world or attend a retreat to discover a powerful portal for self-love. The key to happiness and health is within!
When you learn to nurture your inner world with energy balancing practices, you experience health on a whole new level.

Here’s a look at everything you’ll receive in the Healthy at Home Bundle:


The entire Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness 7-day illumination retreat
A complete diet detox digital guide: Elena’s Recipes Rx Cookbook
Guided meditations I’ve hand-selected to best support your journey:
  • Expanding Self-Love
  • Raise Your Vibration (workbook included)
  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Fear of Sickness
  • Healing Body Meditation

The gift of presence is so valuable. Give yourself the time and space to explore your inner world with new focus...
Take the deep dive and rediscover how to be Healthy at Home in your heart.



All purchases are final. No refunds, credits, or cancellations.


Gifting Note: After payment, you will be sent an email that can be printed or forwarded to the gift recipient. It will contain a one-time use coupon code for them to download it for free.

All purchases are final. No refunds or credits.



"Elena, thank you for your course “Ignite your codes of consciousness”. It helped me activate deeper understanding of who I am and what is my purpose here on planet Earth. After the first few videos of the course, I started getting so many downloads, that I stopped with a course for a while. I felt I needed some time for integration (and physical purification, I guess). After I finished the course, I gained new clarity about my life and my work. I feel, as if, the course helped me activate and embody information that were lying dormant in my DNA, so I can now live if more fully and with more conscious awareness in my everyday life." 

"My favorite part of Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness was the live activations with Elena. Her soothing voice and words created beautiful visuals and transformations that surprised me… from feeling waves of sickness wash over me in the beginning as I released the darkness to feeling such love at the end that tears streamed down my face. My head feels clearer, my heart is more open, and I feel so connected to this planet and everything in it. I was lucky enough for Elena to read my personal frequency before taking this course which was 500 (love). After the 7 days, it was 625 (peace) which she said was the exact frequency I was when I was born! Knowing this has been such a confirmation of how far I’ve come getting back to who I really am. Elena, thank you for this gift!"

"I loved the 12 chakra meditation course, it was lovely!!!! Wow One of my favorite classes in the program. Also loved being able to comment on the course and have you respond. Everything's falling into place this week it's so beautiful. I'm so thankful for everything. I loved the light body activation as well. This program was so powerful!! I'm so thankful for the intentions we made. I want to take it again and again so I can keep my energy aligned. What a beautiful path you have guided me on, extremely powerful in the most loving and peaceful way. Thank you!!!!"

"Well finally completed this quest half way through the 7 day stint I came up, with a bright business idea. And at the end of the course I feel somewhat enlightened and at peace which surprised me a bit. Thank you very much Elena for the opportunity and your excellent patience which is exemplary. I thought this sort of course is inexpensive for its content and will give most people the chance and encouragement to try a course which I think is great. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL." 

"Today was really beautiful. It is hard to describe what difference I feel, but I would say much more aware of a sense of peace and serenity and joy. A knowing that all is well. It doesn't take me away from what is going on in the world, but it allows me to be in it, not of it. That's a bit biblical, but it describes it. This morning I went for a walk in the park and went to "my" tree - the one I meditated with yesterday. I got a little more - yesterday was "you are safe, you are strong" today I got "you are safe, you are strong, you are ready "(for transformation) Just how does it get any better than that? In deep gratitude." 

“Beautifully divine. I feel lighter and happier. Thank you so much, Elena.” 
“Immense relaxation & a profound release of tension.” ~ CONNIE F.
“I was able to let go of something that I had previously avoided facing." ~ MICHELE T.
“I had a sharp pain on my neck is now gone. Magical amazing.” ~ NOEMI M.
“I had a terrible pain from my lower back down my hip to my knee which is now gone.” ~ PRATHISHA S.
"I'm struggling with severe chronic pain... I listen to your class every night before bed and because of your guidance I felt really happy and safe.” ~ @THESLINGMAN_


3225 S. Macdill Avenue
Suite 129-329, 
Tampa, FL, 33629

[email protected] 

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