Redefine Wellness And Shape The Future Of Conscious Healing


Redefine Wellness And Shape The Future Of Conscious Healing

Redefine Wellness And Shape The Future Of Conscious Healing



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It all started with a question: “Elena, will you teach this?” 

Imagine having absolute clarity. Knowing exactly what’s needed for a patient, a client, or a loved one’s healing. Leaving no room for doubt.
Imagine stepping into alignment with your mission. Feeling a deep sense of fulfillment in your life and in your work. Serving the highest good.
Imagine having the tools to perform diagnostic testing and craft specific regimens, customized for the success of each individual who seeks your guidance.
This is my daily reality. And I truly believe it can be yours, too…

Awaken Your Inner Healer 

Over the past 25 years, I have helped thousands of people all over the world harness their inner healing power to end their struggles with chronic Illness once and for all.
Many of my clients are health and wellness practitioners themselves and have become passionate advocates of my approach.
One such client and now dear friend kept urging me to consider teaching my protocols and methods to others who are both ready and willing to do the work.
And this is how the Wholistic Quantum Healer™ program came into being… 
In February of 2022, the first group of 20 students gathered in Marco Island, Florida, to learn how to access their intuition, accurately identify imbalances (physical, emotional, and energetic), and integrate applied kinesiology with powerful energy medicine tools.
And, October 7th - 9th in St. Petersburg, Florida, I welcomed 10 more special candidates to join me in this intimate, transformational training experience.
Will you be there for the next one?


Humanity Is Facing A Global Healthcare Crisis

As a clinical pharmacist, board-certified functional & holistic medicine practitioner— and, most of all, as a mother—this has become clearer to me than ever before.
Recently, my family and I experienced the shocking truth of our broken healthcare system, first-hand, during my eldest son’s diagnosis and treatment for pancolitis.
You can read more details about our journey here.
The sad truth is the majority of the healthcare system doesn’t care about our health.
That’s why it fails so many of us, including those practitioners who want to do better.
The Wholistic Quantum Healer™ approach to health is a method that does care.
That’s why I’m dedicated to sharing this knowledge with those who are ready for it!



Become A Leader In Conscious Healing

From fad detox diets to quick fix “vibrational” alignment gadgets, we are living in an age of abundant information… and misinformation
Which is why it is so important to align with a teacher and community you can trust.
Wholistic Quantum Healer™ training equips practitioners to become experts in integrated well-being in a way that both supports and upholds existing protocols as well as each individual patient, client, or person’s best interests.
This is not about just the spiritual work or just the physical work, this is the bridge between.
A completely unique approach where scientific grounding meets energy healing principles, this is the future of conscious healing...



The Anatomy Of A Wholistic Quantum Healer™

Whether you’re a healthcare professional who’s craving to explore more holistic techniques, or someone who’s simply looking to support your and your loved ones’ well-being, the wisdom and skills you learn here will serve you for the rest of your life.
Anyone can apply! However, this work is a calling and there are some prerequisites…

Wholistic Quantum Healer™ is for you if you are:
  • Fully committed to healing yourself and others
  • Dedicated to excellence and integrity
  • Open-minded and investigative
  • Ready to take your practice to another level
  • Willing to implement changes in your own life and be a living example

Wholistic Quantum Healer™ is not for you if you are:
  • Not ready to make healing (yourself and others) a priority
  • Only interested in selling products to your patients and clients
  • Attached to your own limiting beliefs and limited understanding
  • Comfortable as an average or “good enough” practitioner
  • Unwilling to apply the skills and learning that will make you great


Immerse Yourself In Healing Wisdom

Wholistic Quantum Healer™ training gives you all the tools and skills you need to take your practice to a higher level… Learn how to:

1. Complete comprehensive quantum health checks. 
Using a proprietary combination of applied kinesiology and energy work, tune in and receive important information about people's health on all levels. Accurately identify and clear physical and energetic imbalances specific to each unique individual and test for the cause of the imbalance.

2. Create customized quantum protocols.
Interpret each individual’s energetic blueprint to create customized quantum protocols for your private practice or to use with your loved ones. Track healing progress and modulate your recommendations as the individual returns to homeostasis.

3. Anchor into the physical realm.
Too often, spiritual healers and teachers neglect to address the foundation of human experience: the physical body. If we think of the body as a tuning fork, we can refine the vibration of this magnificent instrument and hear the music that resonates into the universe from each individual with the clearest tone.
But learning the right tools is not enough.
Having a piano in your household does not make you Mozart.
Wholistic Quantum Healer™ certification combines mastery of required skills with your own integrity, practice, and commitment to healing humanity.
Equipped with a methodology of critical thinking and proven diagnostic techniques, you will become a deeper investigator of truth, capable of transcending your own limiting beliefs and understanding to benefit both yourself and those you serve.
This is what will make you the Mozart in your field.

Mastery Of Skills, Commitment To Practice, Dedication To Integrity

It’s time to welcome a new kind of healthcare. One that will empower us all to:
  • Feel better from the inside out
  • Create mind, body, and soul balance
  • Leave Rx pill dependency behind
  • Take control of our health once and for all











Join The Waitlist

Are you ready to lead the evolution?
 If the answer is a full body, mind, and soul, "Yes!" then add your name and email to the waitlist below so you are the first to be notified for our next live event. There will only be 10 spots available!

Patient Testimonials / Before & Afters



Student Testimonials

"I had doubts that I'd be able to do energy healing on another person (never having done anything like that before)! But my mind was blown… It isn't magic but pure energy and anyone can access it, reignite it, and restore flow. I came into this training with a deep longing to awaken my own inner healer and enhance my intuition and I left with that and so much more."

"The course was incredible! I learned so much and feel very excited to practice everything I learned. Elena is an amazing teacher. I loved learning how to muscle test using magnets and vials and do energy healing, practicing on a couple of different partners, and how to protect my energy."

"Elena's teachings and demonstrations provided me with leaps and bounds over where I was otherwise feeling and piecing together various teachings and techniques on my own in order to bring health and healing to others. I cannot wait to see how human potential unfolds and what a miraculous future we have. I have no doubt that we can create a world of real health and wholeness brought about by loving change-makers in service to others."

"It was a real pleasure attending and seeing all the like-minded people. Elena shared with us a wealth of knowledge. The experience was very hands-on, very interactive... very open, very kind, light surrounding everyone. It was a real pleasure and I really recommend it to anyone who is on the verge of attending because it's really worth it."
Watch video testimonial

"Phenomenal. I experienced so many new things. I have so much to absorb. So much to go back and let sink in and review my scribble notes. It was a beautiful group. Beautiful energy. Extraordinarily uplifting. And would I recommend it? Oh, yes! Highly... Absolutely life-changing to see this work in action and to know that we can do this."
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Are you ready to take your practice to a higher level?

Wholistic Quantum Healer Vibrational Frequency

Overall Frequency of the Program: 700 (Illumination)
Impact on Human Energy Field: 800 (Illumination)
Impact on Human Body: 600 (Harmony)
Alignment with Divine Purpose: 100%
Alignment with Mission: 100%



3225 S. Macdill Avenue
Suite 129-329, 
Tampa, FL, 33629

[email protected] 

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