It's time to reveal
the matrix and
remove the masks!


It's time to reveal the matrix and remove the masks!

It's time to reveal the matrix and remove the masks!

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Are you sensitive or curious about the vibrational frequencies of people around you?

For instance, perhaps you can pick up on a person’s “vibe” and it dictates how you feel around them. You’ll be interested to know that those “vibes” can be measured and interpreted as levels of consciousness.
Alejandro and I are excited to announce that we have actually created a system to test the consciousness levels of people, systems, and so much more! Knowing about these levels can deepen our understanding of our 3D reality.
That’s why we’ve created a weekly series called Vibrational Revelations, to help raise the consciousness of humanity.
Each week, we record a livestream to reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, systems, and so much more at your request! Some of the people we have discussed include Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jesus, Buddha, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, and so many more!

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We are so thrilled to have you join us, to share unique insights, and to grow our community together.

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Want a sneak peek?


Watch this special episode where we reveal Sacha Stone's vibrational frequencies and he shares how our revelations correlate to his life story.


If you would like access to past replays and all future discussions to watch on your own time, click here to upgrade to our membership.
To join for free and attend live on Tuesdays at 12pm EST, sign up below!


The views and opinions expressed in these videos are solely that of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. These consciousness readings are based on a system designed by Elena and Alejandro that draws from the Consciousness Scale created by Dr. Hawkins. These readings do not make any factual claims about the subjects but only the opinion of Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas.



“Wow. What can I say? That to me, is remotely enabling you, me, us, to build up a full holographic signature of a living soul, in so far that is humanly possible. That's what this technique, technology, and divination that you're gifting to the world represents. And honestly, I salute you both. I love you both.” Watch Sacha's full video testimonial to hear more!

"It was sooooo awesome!!! I am really starting to have so much more insight and clarity about humanity and the group consciousness!! Thank you so much!! XOXO" 

"I had a Timeline Frequency Reading with Alejandro and Elena a few weeks ago and I was floored with the facts about my life, childhood trauma and even things that happened in my parents’ lives when my mother had me in her womb 😱 that they revealed to me, they were able to uncover all this during the reading. I was in tears because they revealed to me things that nobody knew, and things that I had put on the back of my mind for fear and shame, yet, those things were getting me stuck in my personal, romantic and financial life. After only one session with both of them, things started shifting in my life, and my attitude. I’m thrilled and blessed to have found Alejandro and Elena. I’m now ready to dive deeper and book a Quantum Analysis with Elena. I can’t wait for all the doors of blessing that will open in my life. If you’re looking to break away from everything that’s holding you back and create a successful, joyful life, book your session with them TODAY!"
GLADYS F, @bienvenidagilofficial

"I enjoyed my timeline frequency reading with Elena and Alejandro. They were able to give me my energetic frequency at the time I was born and described some situations when I was younger that  only I would know and made an impact on my life. Their reading was incredibly accurate as everything they told me was  spot on. I'm so thankful for their advise. Elena is a beautiful soul in the Earth. I truly recommend her Services to everyone."

"I started to work with Alejandro and Elena on my level of consciousness back in March 2020. They analyzed my levels from birth to the current. They further described how occurrences occured in my life to cause dips in my consciousness. Occurrences that no one in my life knew about except me, but made perfect sense. After the detailed analysis, my soul wanted to raise to where it was supposed to be. Therefore, I worked with Alejandro on how to heal, forgive, and accept these occurrences. After a few months of work and journaling, I felt the shift! Early in August, I shifted back into Love! I feel more balanced, happier, and have extra clarity. I can't say things do not bother me anymore, but they bother me significantly less. I am so happy I made this journey with them!"

“I am really enjoying the evolutionary dialogue, great food for thought.”

“I love personal development and spiritual growth, now I love it even more, if that’s possible, having had my own personal reading done by Elena and Alejandro and so happy to see the truth coming out and some amazing revelations to increase our awareness and our consciousness. If you are serious about personal growth, I highly recommend watching these series and getting your own personal reading done. Truly amazing work by amazing people.” 

“The reading was such a delightful surprise on many fronts. A huge weight lifted from my shoulders--finding out I’m greater than I thought of myself. We spied behind my own curtain, and the inner critic was declawed. Thankfully, I’m forced to recalibrate how I’m living, having become aware of a much better reality."


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