5 Ways The Golden Ratio Can Enhance Your Life

sacred geometry Dec 13, 2023

The golden ratio is often described as the “Divine proportion.”

Some call it “nature’s secret code” because it is embedded within the fabric of nature, serving as a fundamental blueprint for the order and balance in the environment. The golden ratio is also prevalent in architecture and design.

In sacred geometry, the golden ratio is a powerful tool for healing and transformation – believed to connect us to the harmony and flow of the universe.

In today’s blog, I’m sharing:



Why The Golden Ratio Is So Aesthetically Pleasing

The golden ratio, also known as the golden mean or Fibonacci sequence, is approximately equal to 1.618 and is represented by the Greek letter phi (φ). This ratio is beloved by the masses and has been used to create sacred symbols, structures, and artwork for millennia.

This proportion can be found from the micro to the macro scale. The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon, and Notre Dame Cathedral are just a few highly revered wonders that utilize this ratio in their construction. Spiral galaxies, flower petals, pineapples, and even our DNA exhibit the golden ratio. (1)

Take a moment to look at The Golden Rectangle, a rectangle with side proportions equal to the golden ratio. This shape can be infinitely nested, creating a spiral pattern, known as the Fibonacci spiral, that mirrors the logarithmic spiral found abundantly in nature.

What do you feel? What other images come to mind?

Let’s explore the compelling interplay of factors that contribute to our attraction to the golden ratio. 

  • Efficiency of Visual Processing: Studies have shown that the human brain is more efficient at processing images that adhere to the golden ratio. This means it takes less time and effort for our brains to understand and process images proportioned according to the golden ratio. That’s why we find things like a nautilus shell, sunflowers, or even the human body aesthetically pleasing. (2)
  • Visual Harmony and Balance: The golden ratio creates a sense of visual harmony and balance. The proportions of objects that align with this ratio resonate with our innate sense of beauty. The fact that it has been used in art and architecture for centuries is a contributing factor. Historical exposure may have shaped our preference for the Divine proportion. People are more likely to be drawn to spaces that conform to the golden ratio.
  • Healing and Wellbeing: The golden ratio is found in sacred geometry shapes, including the Fibonacci Spiral, Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, and many more – serving as visual instruments that can help bring vibrations into harmony with the rhythm of nature. Sacred geometry is incorporated into healing practices such as energy healing, yoga, massage, and meditation to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall wellbeing.
  • Evolutionary Significance: Our affinity for the Divine proportion stems from evolutionary history. Ancient civilizations relied on visual cues to navigate their surroundings and identify potential threats or sources of sustenance. Our preference for the golden ratio may have developed to help us identify and interact with objects in the natural world that were more likely to be beneficial, such as plants or fruit.
  • You are the Creator: According to the first Hermetic principle, “The Universe is Mental,” everything in the universe originates from thought. This implies that everything that exists first exists as a thought in the mind of its creator. YOU create your reality! The golden ratio serves as a reminder that the universe is not a random occurrence, but a manifestation of a profound and intricate design. It is a glimpse into the mind of the collective consciousness, fostering an understanding of the universe's underlying order and beauty. 



5 Ways The Golden Ratio Can Enhance Your Life

Experiment with these suggestions and see how incorporating the golden ratio into your routine can bring more flow to your life! The more you practice, the easier it will become to fine-tune your “eye” for harmony and balance in all things.

  1. Improve Your Home and Work Space: By incorporating the golden ratio into the design and arrangement of your home and work space, you can create a more harmonious and inspiring environment. Consider using the golden ratio to determine the placement of furniture, artwork, and decorative elements. This can create a sense of visual balance and flow, making your space feel more inviting and restful. The golden ratio epitomizes energy-efficiency and can be used to design ergonomic workspaces that reduce strain and discomfort while promoting productivity. You can even use the golden ratio to design an eye-catching business logo!
  2. Optimize Your Creative Pursuits: Whether you're a writer, artist, musician, or simply enjoy expressing your creativity, the golden ratio can serve as a valuable tool. In writing, the golden ratio can be used to structure your stories, poems, or essays, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative. In art, the golden ratio can be used to compose visually pleasing and balanced paintings, sculptures, or photographs. In music, the golden ratio can be applied to create compositions that are both harmonious and memorable.
  3. Enhance Your Personal Style: To incorporate the golden ratio into your personal style, all you have to do is make selections based on what you are drawn to and ask yourself if the choice makes you feel connected to harmony and balance. This simple question will guide you towards garments that reflect your inner beauty on the outside. Intentionally select the placement of waistlines, necklines, and hemlines to accentuate your natural beauty! When selecting jewelry and accessories, consider pieces that create a visually appealing balance. While math CAN be applied to this process, with practice, you will “just know” when you’ve nailed it! 
  4. Boost Your Physical Wellbeing: One of the best ways to harness the golden ratio to boost your health is through meditation. Using sacred symbols that embody the golden ratio, such as the Flower of Life or the Sri Yantra, during meditation can foster a deeper sense of connection with the divine and promote inner harmony. These symbols are imbued with Divine healing codes that can help to balance the body's energy systems, reduce stress, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.
  5. Deepen Your Connection to the Universe: The golden ratio's presence throughout nature suggests a profound connection between the mathematical concept and the universe itself. By studying and appreciating the golden ratio, you can gain a deeper understanding of the universe's inherent order and beauty. This can lead to a sense of awe, wonder, and connection to something greater than yourself even in the most mundane moments of your day. 



How The Golden Ratio Unites Us

Sacred geometry, including the golden ratio, serves as a universal language – providing a way for people across time and space to visualize and connect deeply with the invisible codes of the Divine. Similar to the flower of life symbol, the golden ratio is found all around the world in architecture from ancient times.

In essence, the golden ratio transcends the realm of mathematics and serves as a lens through which we can perceive the universe as envisioned by the Divine, reinforcing the concept that we are all connected. By embracing the golden ratio as a guiding principle on your life’s path, you can cultivate a sense of oneness that can transform your life.

This brings to mind the Vedic verse "Eko-Ham-Bahusayam," which suggests that all objects in the universe are ultimately manifestations of a single, unified source. In other words, the golden ratio can be seen as a reflection of the interconnectedness of all things. It is a reminder that we are not separate from the universe around us, we are all part of a global community.

This understanding of the universe as a unified whole has profound implications for our lives. It empowers us to live in harmony with nature and with each other. It also helps us recognize our own inherent connection to the Divine source of all things. 



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1. Dvorsky, George. “14 Interesting Examples of the Golden Ratio in Nature.” Mathnasium, February 20, 2013.

2. Bejan, A. (2009). The golden ratio predicted: Vision, cognition and locomotion as a single design in nature. International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, 4(2), 97-104.


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