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divine masculine May 26, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 25
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to the Wholistic Living Podcast. I am Elena Bensonoff – Quantum Energy Practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and Health Expert. In this episode, I’ll be your guide on the journey to discover the Divine masculine within.

Did you know that everyone has both feminine and masculine energies? Sometimes these energies can be knocked out of balance by our environment, our experiences, or our ancestral patterns – weakening the access to our inner light and strength. Today, we will explore our divine masculine identities and learn how the masculine can support us on our journey to wholeness.



Yin and Yang

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the constructs of yin and yang are a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between feminine and masculine and the need for balance. All people, regardless of gender, have yin and yang within them. The contrast this provides is the spice of life. The masculine needs the feminine for grounding, creativity, and heart-centeredness and the feminine needs the masculine for logic, action, and lightness of spirit. They depend on each other.

When masculine energy is imbalanced – instead of being a strong, protective force - it instead controls, abuses power, and resorts to violence and misogynistic practices that cause much more harm than good. There is a deep-rooted wound in the masculine psyche that is crying out for healing. “Toxic masculinity” as it is often called, has been suppressing the feminine and plaguing the planet for a long time now. Our greatest lessons from experiencing this imbalance in energies in our world has created a foundation for a new age to be built. The feminine and masculine are finally coming back into balance together.

Think of the Divine feminine as an ocean on the way to spiritual expansion and the Divine masculine is the boat with the navigation system to get there. Each component needs the other to reach a destination. The rise of the Divine feminine tide washes away one phase of being and the Divine masculine vessel delivers us to the dawn of a more enlightened and aware stage of human evolution.

The Divine masculine thrives with a clear sense of purpose. It embodies a calm and gentle strength. You need not shy away from standing up for yourself, your loved ones, and your beliefs. Be empowered to protect and serve your soul’s purpose. You have the capacity to act, to reason, and to assert yourself in life. Honor your word. Healthy boundaries are essential. The divine masculine remains steadfast in the face of challenge. When standing in your power, you do not cause destruction. You pave the way for reparations and forgiveness.

When given this safe space, the wounded feminine will also heal. The unresolved pain that causes women to lash out at each other in unfriendly competition, jealousy, judgement, success at the expense of others, and downright mean thoughts and behaviors will fall away.

Both women and men are beginning to wake up to this rebalancing within themselves. As you heal and honor each part of your divine essence, the masculine within you will rise to protect, strengthen, honor, and serve the heart-centered path of the feminine. It’s a long-awaited reunion of individual and collective spirit. It’s a reminder that we are all on the same team. Together, we can achieve far more than when divided. We’ll finally understand we don’t need to tear one another down to lift ourselves up. The race to an imaginary finish line will disappear and we’ll be able to walk hand in hand.

Have faith in your ability to balance and embrace your masculine and feminine energies. Don’t delay this important mission, because you must seek balance in all aspects of your being to truly live life to the fullest.

Thank you for listening today. I hope you were inspired to embrace the divine masculine in yourself. Please take a moment and review this podcast. If you are curious about working with me, you can find more information at Until next time, blessings.

Wellness Wishes,



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