Divine Feminine Series: Hathor

divine feminine Jul 19, 2022

When you hear about the Divine feminine, what images come to mind? A maiden who embraces her emotions and sensuality? A motherly figure nourishing her children? A wise old woman with kind eyes? A fierce protectress? The Divine Feminine is all of these things and more.

For hundreds of years, goddess Hathor was the most iconic image of the Divine Feminine. I’m excited to introduce you to one of the most ancient goddesses in the world in the latest installment of the Divine Feminine blog series!

Goddess Hathor is a great reminder that goodness and beauty can be found in most goddesses’ stories. However, it’s important to recognize the cautionary tales from their stories too – keeping balance and harmony in mind.

Read below about her mythology, how she was worshiped throughout history, her vibrational revelations frequency reading, and for 4 ways you can invite the Divine feminine into your life today!



Hathor In Mythology

Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess that predates Isis. The Goddess Hathor was known for her sensuality, sexuality, beauty, pleasure, love, and music. She embodied all that was believed to be good about the feminine in Egyptian culture. She was very playful in her duties and fully enjoyed her role as the goddess of fertility. However, you could say she became a bit vain and distracted by her beauty, using her looks to manipulate others.

As the daughter of Ra, she was also a sky goddess – known as the “Eye of Ra” or “Lady of the Stars.” According to legend, an aspect of Hathor known as “Sekhmet the bloodthirsty” was sent by Ra to punish mankind’s wickedness. She raged and killed and when Ra changed his mind, it was too late. He turned the Nile red with wine, which Sekhmet drank and fell asleep. Upon rising, she was the benevolent goddess Hathor once more. Drinking, music, dancing, and revelry became a key practice during festivals and worship in Hathor’s honor. (1)



Goddess Hathor In History

Hathor appears very early on in Egyptian history, in the Predynastic Era. She was revered as a mother figure, often depicted in her animal form of a cow with upward curved horns. This image is seen widely throughout Egyptian art and architecture. The cow was a sacred image of motherhood and milk was used for food and healing within Egyptian culture. (1)

The center of Hathor worship was in the small town of Dendera, where priests and priestesses served in her temples. Both male and female Egyptians worshiped and paid homage to Hathor. She was eventually assimilated into the characteristics of the goddess Isis in later periods. (2)

Hathor was also well known abroad through trade and commerce. She was known as the “Lady of Turquoise” in the Sinai turquoise mines. Turquoise miners believed she was responsible for the success and wellbeing of the mines in the area. Chapels and shrines were built to curry her favor. Her influence traveled to Greek culture, where she became associated with the Goddess Aphrodite. (3)



Vibrational Revelations Of Hathor

My partner Alejandro and I met with Dr. Joanna Kujawa, a goddess scholar, to review the vibrational readings of goddess Hathor (watch the interview below!).

We found that she was born at a frequency of 50 - which is indifference. Her overall frequency, personal growth, and philanthropy were 200 which means heroism. Her health of body, mind, and soul was neutral at 250. She was impulsive with her finances at 125. Her creativity was 400, the level of analytics.

She used intuition at a level of 175 which is vanity. Her relationships measure at a frequency of 50 which is indifference or manipulation. Her empathy was 90%, but her integrity to others was only 62%. Her social quotient was 500. As a seductress she learned to read people, lure them in, and use them to her advantage. Unlike other goddesses who used magic to control people, she used her sensuality.

She spent time in the lower dimensions, maybe the 3rd or the 4th. Her Divine purpose was 70% and energy purity was 65%. This means that at one time she went out of alignment with her Divine purpose. Perhaps along the way, she became distracted by her powers and love of vanity and forgot her purpose to do good, learn lessons, and help people. 



How To Connect To Divine Hathor Energy

I like to learn from the stories of goddesses like Hathor to awaken and incorporate Divine feminine energy into present-day life. There is goodness and beauty to be found in most goddesses’ stories. However, it’s important to recognize the cautionary tales too – keeping balance and harmony in mind.

Here are 4 ways to awaken Divine Feminine energy within you, inspired by goddess Hathor:

  1. Practice empathy. Take time to look at situations and events from other people’s perspectives. Consider how they might be feeling, how their experience may be different from your own, and how you can learn from that distinction. Use this skill to gain insight and wisdom to help foster healthy connections and provide support to your loved ones.
  2. Create a daily beauty ritual. Apply natural perfume, style your hair, pick clothing, or apply cosmetics that help you feel your best. Lean into the things that bring you confidence. Practicing self-love in this way can remind you of the beautiful Divine spirit that you are.
  3. Look to the stars. Go outside on a clear night and look at the sky. Give yourself time and space to wonder about the vastness of the universe and the mysteries it holds. Sometimes it is helpful to look to the stars to realign with your true purpose and find fresh inspiration.
  4. Count your blessings. This ritual, the gifts of Hathor ritual, was said to have been practiced by ancient Egyptians. Bring to mind 5 things in your life that you would miss the most if you died today. Hold up your left hand and visualize each finger as one of things you love. As you go throughout your day, let your left hand serve as a reminder of those things. No matter the losses you may face, there is always something to be grateful for. (5) 



Sacred Womb Healing Meditation

I have a brand new guided meditation for you that will greatly support your Divine Feminine awakening journey!

This guided meditation is designed to clear your womb space of generations of karma, energetic imprints, and life experiences that have been causing blocks, stagnancy, and disconnect in your life.

If you struggle with hormonal imbalance, cycle dysfunction, surgery, or a diagnosis like endometriosis, PCOS, or menopause – you will be able to address those challenges in this meditation. Set aside time to incorporate this meditation into your routine each day.

Listen Now





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