Divine Feminine Series: Hürrem Sultana

divine feminine May 16, 2022

When you reflect on your childhood thoughts and dreams, what feelings come up for you? In what ways do you feel you have manifested the life you imagined for yourself?

Very often, life takes unexpected twists and turns and dreams are interrupted by harsh realities – some of which are major obstacles to actualizing the life you had imagined. What if I told you your Divine Feminine aspects can help guide you to fulfill your dreams?

I wanted to share a powerful example of how tapping into your Divine Feminine gifts can skyrocket you into the life of your dreams, even if your path is starting from a place of struggle and adversity.

In this installment of the new Divine Feminine Blog Series, I am introducing you to Hürrem Sultana, a dynamic woman in history who rose into power by harnessing her Divine gifts! We will be exploring her background – including her vibrational frequencies, her historical impact, and ways you can harness your own Divine Feminine gifts.



The Slave Girl Who Became A Sultana

Hürrem Sultana was commonly known as Roxolana (a Turkish nickname meaning “Ruthenian,” referring to the region of Ruthenia – an area that spanned Belarus, Ukraine, and western Russia). She was born in modern-day Ukraine around the year 1502. Roxolana’s incarnation frequency was 200 (heroism) but she was born at the frequency of 100 (worry).

Little is known of her childhood, but at the age of 13, she was kidnapped by raiders and taken to Constantinople to be sold into slavery. (1,5) Shortly after Roxolana’s arrival to the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the mother of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, chose Hürrem to become one of the Sultan’s concubines. (2)

Roxolana was highly charismatic. Even though her AQ frequency (dealing with challenges) was 100, the level of worry – her SQ (personal magnetism) was 500, the level of flow. Roxolana overcame the worry and adversity she had been subjected to and tapped into her Divine Feminine heart-centered energy. As a result, her innate qualities attracted the Sultan and led him to connect deeply with her. (5) Her vibrational frequencies matched the Sultan’s almost perfectly. Both were creative and equal in intelligence.

Roxolana’s charisma and charm earned her a new name: Hürrem, meaning “joyful” or “laughing one.” (5) She went on to become the Sultan’s favorite concubine and, eventually, his wife. This was a first in the history of the Ottoman Empire, and it was just the start of Hürrem’s rise to greatness. She continued to forge new roads for herself. For example, in an age when concubines were only allowed to bear the Sultan one son, Hürrem continued to provide the Sultan with four more sons as well as a daughter. (1,3,4)

Throughout her life, Hürrem lived at a high level of self-awareness and clarity. She possessed extraordinary intelligence and political skill. In Suleiman’s court, she was able to match her male rivals in debate and quickly became one of her husband’s principal advisors. Sulemein placed deep trust in his bold and clever wife and allowed her to preside over new infrastructure projects in the city. She oversaw the creation of public drinking and bathing facilities, soup kitchens for the poor, and the building of mosques and hostels for pilgrims. (1,3,5)

Suleiman and Hürrem shared a bond of trust and respect that was so great, that Suleiman gave Hürrem the second-highest status in his empire – next to his own. She became a Sultana. He often left her to rule in his stead when he departed the Capital. It was highly unothodox for a woman to hold that level of power at that time! Suleiman believed in Hürrem’s faithfulness, not only romantically – but intellectually. She was the person he trusted to protect and uphold the vision he held for his empire. (1,3)

The love between Suleiman and Hürrem was so profound that the couple defied tradition even in death, ensuring they were buried together in a mausoleum in the Suleymaniye Mosque. Alejandro and I had the privilege of visiting their tomb during a trip to Turkey and I can personally attest to the vibrational connection that lives on between this loving and generous couple. (1)

I wanted to shine a spotlight on Roxalana because so much can be learned about Divine Feminine energy from this incredible woman. Even in the face of great adversity, she was able to tap into her Divine Feminine aspects. Rather than suppress her inner light out of fear and sadness – she emanated love and joy from her heart, which led her to her twin flame, the Sultan. When you can resonate at the same vibrational frequency as your twin flame, it is like trying to keep two powerful magnets apart – they will find a way to unite, no matter what!

To hear Alejandro and I discuss Hürrem’s and Suleiman’s frequencies more in-depth, you can check out this Vibrational Revelations episode below!



4 Ways To Harness Your Divine Feminine Gifts

The first thing you should know about Divine Feminine energy is that it is an expression, not a gender. It balances the Divine masculine, and both energies need the other in order to remain balanced. The masculine needs the feminine for grounding, creativity, and heart-centeredness, and the feminine needs the masculine for logic, action, and a lightness of spirt. Every one of us has both energies within us and balancing the two helps us overcome the divisions which separate us from our true selves and from unity consciousness.

The Divine Feminine is the embodiment of heart-centered living – to really live as opposed to just existing and going through the motions. Take Hürrem as an example: she embodied joyfulness so much that she was renamed for her fun-loving nature. Despite the horrific realities she endured in her early life, she found a way to rise up and thrive. She created a life dedicated to love, compassion, and peace. This can only be achieved by someone who is able to tap into their Divine Feminine aspects.

So, how can you tap into your Divine Feminine aspects so you can more easily manifest the life of your dreams?

Here are 4 steps you can take right now to harness your gifts:

  1. Connect with Mother Earth. Go out in nature and find a quiet spot to contemplate your connection to Mother Earth and how she loves and provides for you. Allow the warm sensation of a mother’s unconditional love to flow to every part of your being. This connection is a powerful source of Divine Feminine energy. 
  2. Let emotions flow through you. Do not fear your emotions - feel all of them! As you identify the negative feelings, try to identify the source of those emotions. Once you’ve done so, acknowledge the emotion and let it flow through you. Compassion is the hallmark of Divine Feminine energy – make sure you extend it to yourself!
  3. Nourish yourself with rest. Divine Feminine energy contracts – it leads you within. The urge to “go, go, go” accomplish tasks, and constantly be achieving new goals to be worthy is incredibly masculine. Rest, stillness, and self-care have so much value and help balance out that masculine energy. It is okay to slow down and nourish your body, mind, and soul! You will have higher quality energy to do all you need to do after you rest.
  4. Create a beautiful space. Harnessing your Divine Feminine energy means you bring beauty wherever you go! Tapping into your artistic side allows the Divine Feminine to flow freely through you. Choose a space in your home, even if it’s just a corner or a shelf, and give yourself an hour to make it beautiful! Decorate with plants, create some art, print some photos, play with the lighting – use your imagination and have fun! Whenever you see this spot in your home it will spark joy within you. 



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