Divine Feminine Series: Isis

divine feminine Jun 29, 2022

The mission of the Divine Feminine blog series is to show you ways you can connect to Divine Feminine energy.

However, it’s also important to have awareness of low vibrational energy that can attempt to pass as Divine Feminine energy.

Connecting to “toxic feminine” energy is a barrier to your Divine Feminine awakening. Discernment is key!

Read on to discover the mythology of Isis, her multi-cultural history (including a spotlight on Cleopatra!), and her vibrational frequency readings. We will also be unmasking the dark side of Goddess Isis. Stay tuned for 3 tips to avoid connecting to toxic feminine energy.



Mythology Of Isis: Mother Of Magic

In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis married her brother, Osiris. They ruled as King and Queen of Egypt. Their brother, Set, became jealous and killed Osirus. Set placed Osirus in a chest and threw it in the River Nile. Isis was so connected to Osirus that she sensed he was dead before anyone told her. She was devastated. (1)

She went on a quest to recover Osiris’ body so she could give him proper burial rights. After she found it, Isis used dark magic to resurrect him for a brief time to conceive a child with him. Then, Osirus crossed back over to rule the underworld and Isis gave birth to Horus – the god of the Sun. This is how Isis became Egypt’s most famous single mom. (1)

Isis and her son Horus went into hiding until Horus was old enough to take the throne back from Set and rule Egypt alongside his mother. Throughout their time in hiding, and even during the final battle between Horus and Set, Isis used her magic to keep Horus safe. (1)

How did Isis acquire her magic powers?

Using her wisdom and wiles, Isis tricked the god Ra into telling her his secret name. With the knowledge of his coveted name, she became the most powerful magician in the universe. Where Ra often used his powers brutally, she used them to help her people. As the “Mother of Magic,” she was considered a master of life and death. (2)

Unlike other gods and goddesses who avoided mortals, Isis was said to have spent time amongst her people. Mortals found her charming and even relatable. The myths say she taught her people about medicine, how to read, and how to make bread, beer, and clothing. Her wisdom and motherly love made her a cherished religious figure throughout time. (2)



Isis Throughout History

Isis was worshiped throughout ancient Egyptian and Nubian culture. Temples were built in her honor and priests and priestesses served in her name. She is depicted with winged arms serving as a protective guide to the land of the dead. Her vast wings were often displayed in Egyptian artwork and architecture.

The throne of the great Pharaohs was protected by the wings of Isis. The Egyptian people saw all Pharaohs as a manifestation of Horus in life (and as such, a son of Isis) and as a manifestation of Osiris in death. She was featured heavily in magical texts, like The Book of the Dead, and in funeral rights. (3)

Mystery schools dedicated to Isis existed in Egypt for centuries. Pharaohs, hierophants, magicians, and other sacred initiates were said to study magic and other sacred arts there. The teachers were called “Magi” which is where the English words magic and magician come from. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was a mystery school initiate for 22 years (~500BCE) and learned much of his expertise, including the secret doctrine of numbers, from the powerful Egyptian Magi. (4)

The infamous Queen Cleopatra VII (51–30BCE) believed she was an incarnation of Goddess Isis. One of her consorts, Emperor Julius Ceasar, erected a golden statue in her honor in the Temple of Venus – depicting her in the likeness of Isis. Cleopatra later married Roman general Marc Antony. After losing an important battle, Antony killed himself in lieu of surrender. Cleopatra ended her life with snake venom at an Isis temple in Alexandria. (5) This dramatic end lives on in Shakespeare’s famous play, Antony and Cleopatra, and in many films inspired by her legacy.

The Roman Empire expanded and included Paris, London, and Pompeii, bringing with it “cult of Isis” worshippers. Relics created by the Isis Mystery Cult are well preserved in Pompeii because of the volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. There is artwork that shows women as priestesses in the cult, which was an unusual status for women in religions at that time. (6)

In Paris, there was a temple honoring Isis and a statue of Isis adorned a Parisian church until 1514. The reverence for Isis was even thought to be a potential source of Paris’ name, from the Latin ‘quasi par Isis’. Inscriptions attest to the existence of an Isis temple in London and Isis is still an alternative name for the river Thames. (3)

Isis influenced Mediterranean, Greek, and Roman culture. Until the rise of Christianity, Isis was worshiped throughout the Roman empire (which encompassed most of what would now be considered Western Europe). Well-known religious images of Mother Mary and infant Jesus were inspired by ancient images of Isis and her son Horus. (7)



Vibrational Revelations Of Goddess Isis

My partner Alejandro and I met with Dr. Joanna Kujawa, a goddess scholar, to review the vibrational readings of Goddess Isis. Our findings unmasked the dark side of a goddess that is often seen as enlightened. Play the video below to watch our full reading.

We found that she operated from a frequency of 125 in much of her existence. This frequency of impulsiveness was found in her birth, health, finances, creativity, personal growth, philanthropy, and intuition. We find this frequency of 125 in many addicts. She created and existed in a state of impulsive unfulfilled obsessive desire.

Her relationship frequency was 50, meaning manipulation. Isis did have some dark aspects and gained her magic powers by manipulating the god Ra. She married her brother and used the dark arts to bring him back to life to have his child and usurp the throne from her brother Set. She was fully committed to and enjoyed the role that she played as the magical and emotional goddess of life and death.

Her SQ reading was 500, meaning she possessed magnetism. People are perpetually drawn to her energy. As an example of this, when Isis was searching for Osirus's coffin in Byblos, her allure captivated the maidens of Queen Athenais on a chance encounter and led to her introduction to the Queen. Isis was so charming that the Queen invited her to stay in the palace and care for the baby prince, who was ill. (8)

Her joy was 98%. She was in the now 95% of the time. Her clarity was 99%. Her Divine and personal purpose was 100%. In the face of great tragedy and grief, Isis kept engaging with life. She did what she could, including her use of the dark arts, to protect those she loved. Although she could not prevent the evil of Set or the death of Osirus, she did not let those events define her. She stayed true to who she was and what she incarnated to do. 



3 Ways To Avoid Connecting To Toxic Feminine Energy

Goddess Isis serves as a great example that there is both darkness and light in all of us. This lesson comes with a warning about connecting with Isis energy, because as you can see in the vibrational frequency reading – “toxic feminine” energy does exist. Isis used manipulation to gain power and practiced dark magic most of her life. There is a lot we can learn from her story but it is not a good idea to channel her as, for instance, Cleopatra did.

One of the most important parts of standing in your Divine Feminine light is to acknowledge the existence of darkness. To deny it is to deny the fullness of the human experience. However, we can choose not to connect to dark forces as Isis did. Standing in your Divine Feminine light in the face of darkness can shine hope and love on any experience.

Here are 3 ways you can avoid connecting to dark energy and fortify your Divine Feminine energy:

  1. Ask For Help To Get Grounded. As you could see in Isis’ story, getting caught up in negative emotions is extremely destabilizing. She never asked for help and addressed her worries and sorrows by manipulating outcomes with dark magic. When you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and find it hard to self-regulate, ask for help to process emotions and get grounded in your body. A phone call, a hug, eye contact, guided breathing, or guided meditation with a loved one can help ground you. You don’t have to suffer alone!
  2. Address The Urge To Control Others. Isis acquired and used magic to control outcomes and even change the fate of life and death. She was adamant about acting as puppet master to those she loved (so was Cleopatra!). Even if your intentions are good, the urge to control and possess others is not healthy or ultimately aligned with love. If you notice yourself feeling the need to control others, know that acting on that is a toxic behavior. Address this urge with self-compassion and realize you are the master of yourself and your own emotions. Accept that everyone has their own free will and work on nurturing trust within your heart. 
  3. Prioritize Womb Wellness. The womb is an area of the body that can carry a lot of trauma, generational imprints, and karma. It is important to clear out the negativity from your womb space with healing light on a regular basis. Keeping this Divine portal of life and creativity clear will give you the strength to recognize and protect yourself against dark energy. Check out my brand new Sacred Womb Healing Meditation below for a powerful way to send healing to your womb space! 




Sacred Womb Healing Meditation

The womb is a sacred container of Divine Feminine energy that is central to creation – whether that represents motherhood or the birth of ideas, passion, and flow. Even if you don’t have a physical womb space, we are all connected to the nourishing womb of Mother Earth!

I’m excited to announce the release of a brand new guided meditation you can download to address the generations of karma, energetic imprints, and life experiences your womb has been carrying. By clearing energetic blocks and debris and infusing the sacred womb with light, you increase the life force energy of the womb so healing can begin to happen on a personal and collective level.

If you’re seeking womb healing for relief from pain, stagnancy, or disconnect as a result of hormonal imbalance, cycle dysfunction, surgery, or a diagnosis like endometriosis, PCOS, or menopause – you will be able to address those challenges in this meditation. Set aside time to incorporate this meditation into your daily routine. Consistency is the key to success!

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