Divine Feminine Series: Sophia

divine feminine Jun 01, 2022

Do you feel the Divine Feminine awakening?

When you are dreaming or meditating, do you catch glimpses of light and truth and feel as if you are tapping into higher dimensions or levels of consciousness? In these quiet, contemplative moments, it can be easier to connect with your Divine Feminine aspects. When you slow down and go within, you are sure to receive loving Divine assistance!

I’m excited to introduce another installment of the Divine Feminine series – a collection of blogs that explores various goddesses and powerful women in history. In this blog, you’ll be introduced to Sophia – The Great Mother. We will dive into her background in mythology, how people throughout history connected with her, her vibrational frequencies, and 4 ways you can connect to the Divine feminine.



Sophia In Mythology: A Heroine's Journey

Sophia embodies Divine Feminine energy in countless ways. Her mission is to share the illumination of love and truth with humanity. Sophia is a gnostic diety and is often associated with Mary Magdalene. The Pistis Sophia is a Gnostic document in which Mary Magdalene asks Jesus questions. However, it is important to note that in our research and vibrational readings we found Sophia to be her own unique being, separate from Mary.

Sophia came from the higher 11th dimension where she was “one with the One.” Somehow, she fell down into our dimension. When she fell, she forgot her identity and divinity. Her journey is a beautiful metaphor for the human soul. She became a prostitute, living in a way that was not in alignment for her – because she forgot who she was.

There is a romance between Christ consciousness and Sophia. Legend says Jesus came to bring her back to the higher dimension. Faced with the choice to stay or return, half of her consciousness went back and the other half stayed. Out of compassion for humanity, because she knows what it feels like to forget your divinity, she chose to remain on the planet to guide and enlighten humans.

Sophia is known for her creative power, giving birth to both light and darkness. She is also known to be righteous, full of wisdom, protective, giving, and perceptive. One of her gifts was her ability to see the bigger picture in any situation. She shows us that when we act with love, we can make something beautiful out of the chaos of a fallen world.



Sophia Throughout History 

You are probably familiar with the famous painting by Michelagelo in the Sistine Chapel. God has one arm stretched out towards Adam. His other arm is wrapped around a woman that many art historians believe to be Sophia. This imagery depicts her closeness to the Divine – where she belongs. (1)

In the Bible, the Koine Greek word “sophia” is wisdom. Sophia has been thought of as the Holy Spirit who descended in the form of a graceful dove and provides wisdom and guidance to God’s people. (2)

In Christianity and Judaism, Sophia has been known as Divine Feminine wisdom personified – a female consciousness expression of God. She is love and light that shines through the darkness like a mother gently showing her children the way. She has been known by cultures throughout the world as the “Goddess of Heaven”, the “Black Madonna”, and one of the “Aeons” who created all things. (3)



Vibrational Revelations Interpretation Of Sophia

My partner Alejandro Ferradas and I sat down with Dr. Joanna Kujawa, a scholar, author, and spiritual detective who specializes in goddesses and other Divine Feminine figures. We went through the vibrational readings of Sophia and found that she deeply embodies love. Her origin and relationship frequency is 500, the frequency of flow.

Her creativity is 540 – meaning she was blissful, playful, and childlike. Her integrity, clarity, personal and Divine purpose, and empathy were all 100%. Her personal growth reading is 700, the level of illumination. This reflects the hero’s journey she undertook to recover her Divine identity. We found that she was in the 7th dimension 86% of the time, reaffirming that she was intimately connected to a higher realm.

If you would like to watch this reading for more details you can do so below...



4 Ways You Can Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

Sophia invites you to discover the power of Divine Feminine love, light, and wisdom. Though the Divine Feminine will be revealed to each of us in unique ways, there are ways you can begin accessing and expressing this energy in your personal life now. 

  1. Affirm You Are Loved: The Divine Feminine is the mother of life itself and nurtures all creations with unconditional love. State the following affirmation aloud: "I deserve unconditional love for being me, just the way I am!" 
  2. Imagine A Brighter Future: You may notice the mainstream paths are not in alignment for you. The Divine Feminine empowers you to imagine a whole new path! Channeling this beautiful energy can help you see new possibilities that can lead to a brighter future. 
  3. Let Joy In: When there seems to be nothing but bad news, it doesn't mean you must wallow and suffer. The Divine Feminine aspects within you can help you find joy and ease even on the darkest days. Don't wait to be happy. Allow yourself to enjoy life to the fullest right now!
  4. Seek Support From The Divine Masculine: Much like Sophia partnered with Christ consciousness, the Divine Feminine can be lovingly supported by the Divine Masculine. The heart-focused flow of the feminine can be protected and strengthened by the light of the Divine Masculine in perfect harmony. Seeking support is an important element of success in all things!

I hope these tips can help you tap into your Divine Feminine power and access the infinite well of love that can be generated from your beautiful heart. Remember that love is the most influential force in this Divine Feminine awakening!



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