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feng shui Nov 10, 2015

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of energetically clearing and creating a supportive environment for a beautiful family in Florida.

The family contacted us out of concern that something in their newly acquired home (more than 100 years old) was making them feel uncomfortable.

The first and most important step for us before performing Feng Shui is always speaking and hearing the concerns of both parties, and any other family members that are residing in the home. We always want to respect the feelings of the people living in the house and the environment that we work in, to assure all is flowing and supporting each other.

One of their concerns was that their young children refused to play in their rooms and had a difficult time sleeping there. They complained that they felt someone in their space without really seeing anyone physically present.

Another concern was that their dog was growling from the stairs in the direction of the upper floors as if someone was always there.

Even though the family loved their newly remodeled and acquired home, they didn’t feel at ease living in it. The feeling was as if they were constantly being watched and the air was really heavy.

When we entered the home, we immediately felt a presence that didn’t belong in the home of this family. The home environment didn’t support the people living in it. 

Our task was to release the heavy and dark energy that was trapped for many years in the old house. Clear and replace it with supportive, loving and prosperous energy instead, where any person that would walk through the doors would feel welcomed, as if entering a sacred sanctuary filled with love and light.

We always ask that people leave and trust their home to us, and invite them to come back once our job is completed.

Our task was accomplished in five and half hours. However difficult the project might have been, we always look forward to the owners feedback. 

The homeowners were instantly able to recognize that the air in their newly Feng Shuied spaces was lighter, and they no longer felt the dark, heavy presence.

The children ran upstairs and said that all felt really good to them.

A few weeks later we spoke to the family, as a follow up. They happily shared with us that the children no longer feared going to their rooms and had a peaceful night sleep. The dog was also at ease.

Supporting people, their environment, and knowing that we are making a positive difference in people's lives is our greatest reward.

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