Is This The Medicine Of The Future?

medicine May 29, 2019

There is a major shift happening all around us in the wellness world. Many of us who have suffered from a mystery illness, aches, and pains have put our trust in treatments and medications that are designed to mute the symptoms. The standard of care has been to eliminate the signs that something is off balance, so we can move on with our lives and ignore the issue.

Some might say that listening to the body is a waste of time when there are pills to mask every symptom under the sun. As a clinical pharmacist, I’ve seen that world - and it’s not pretty. Even the “top-shelf” prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs have massive down-sides and lists of side-effects long enough to make your head spin (sometimes literally). Not only that, the ingredients in these pills leech essential minerals and vitamins from your body!



The Massive Side-Effects of Today’s “Top-Shelf” Meds

Check out this top 10 list of prescription and OTC drugs and their most shocking side-effects so you can see what I mean… I think you’ll agree the side-effects often sound worse than whatever symptom you may take the drug for.

These lists are unsettling, especially because many of you have probably used at least one of these drugs and may even have some in your medicine cabinet now. Perhaps you were raised to mute symptoms with these “cures” since childhood - how could you know there is any other way to respond? Well, I’m here to help light the path to a new way for you. I want you to know that the most powerful prescription of all is to finally listen to what the body has to say.



“Quick-Fix” Pills Are Not The Answer

When we choose not to listen to the body in favor of “quick fix” prescriptions – symptoms will continue to get louder and more extreme over time, often over a period of years, because the body is begging to be heard. Taking the natural route may not lead to the fastest improvement in symptoms - but it surely leads to the most profound and long-lasting results.

It is worth the diligence and patience to reconnect with the body, mind, and soul. Creating whole-person harmony with natural techniques is more powerful than anything man can manufacture and prescribe in a pill bottle.



Let’s Welcome A New Paradigm of Natural Medicine

There’s a powerful paradigm shift happening right now. A shift toward listening to what symptoms may be trying to tell us so the root cause can be identified and resolved with love and patience. It’s time to honor the wholeness of our being: body, mind, and soul. In this magnificent new paradigm, we are empowered to connect with the healing gifts we’ve always had inside.

A new kind of healthcare practitioner is emerging along with a new kind of patient. One who no longer gives up their power for a “cure” but instead claims their power as an agent of their own healing. This is the medicine of the future. Are you ready to reclaim your power and awaken your inner healer?

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