My Mykonos Diary & Must-Have For Healthy Travel

chakras travel May 24, 2018

Earlier this month I traveled to the spectacular island of Mykonos, Greece for the Enrich Global Retreat. I was a speaker and instructor for an intimate gathering focused on aligning the mind, body, soul, and heart to improve connection, communication, and well-being in relationships.

The event was orchestrated by my dear friend Darya Haitoglou, an award-winning psychologist and relationship coach. Every day of this 5-day journey was expertly curated for 40 guests from 15 different countries to enjoy a beautiful destination while deepening their grasp of life-changing tools, techniques, and practices.

The energy of Mykonos was so grounding. I felt truly rooted and refreshed during my time there, even though I was busy facilitating sessions all day and performing energy work on clients late into the night. I soaked in some local sights between engagements, and delighted in the rich tapestry of landscapes, crystal clear blue waters, and opulent infrastructure of the city. The food was incredible too.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was the ancient mythological history. On an excursion to the ancient island of Delos, I was able to visit the Temple of Isis and feel the potent energy of the legendary birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. In the myths, Zeus’ mistress, Leto, was cursed by his wife Hera, so Zeus gave Leto the island as a safe-haven for Apollo and Artemis’ sacred delivery. The island’s original name—Adelos—means “invisible.”

The legend says that after Leto successfully delivered the twins, she made the sparse land abundant and fertile, as an act of gratitude. After the transformation, the name of the island was changed to Delos, meaning “visible.” It was fascinating to explore the ancient ruins of the island and learn its legends.

Having the chance to learn from the other instructors and special guests, enjoy the local fare, and celebrate life under the stars at the farewell dinner was phenomenal. I witnessed extraordinary transformations, including the miraculous healing of chronic shoulder pain an attendee experienced during one of my group meditations. There were many moving encounters that will stay with me forever. I highly recommend attending this annual retreat if you get the chance!

One of the most challenging parts of transcontinental travel like this trip to Greece, is the long voyage. It can be stressful, disorienting, and depleting of your energy. The following is my go-to product for easing the transition to ensure the travels don’t jeopardize the experience of the destination.



My Must-Have For Healthy Travel

Root Chakra Balance Blend

Chakras are subtle energy bodies that vibrate from inside the physical body to the outside, pulling external universal vibrations into our bodies. The location of each chakra corresponds to different organ systems and meridians in the body. Chakra imbalances can cause physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Frequent travel can cause the root chakra, at the base of the spine, to become off-balance.

Air travel can especially affect your ability to feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Busy schedules with lots of obligations away from home can also leave you feeling a lack of stability in your life. To help combat these root chakra disturbances, my Root Chakra Balance Blend improves the flow of energy to this vital area. This unique blend of essential oils and crystal infusions can be applied topically and used as aromatherapy daily.

Implement this into your traveling regimen and you’ll be amazed at how much more vital you feel and the improved quality of life you experience - which is extra precious when you’re traveling! No matter where you go in the world, always remember that there is beauty to enjoy in each moment, all you have to do is embrace the present moment. 



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