Sacred Sites Series: Mount Shasta and the Lemurians

lemurians sacred sites Dec 02, 2021

Certain places on planet Earth resonate mysterious and sacred. These special sites draw attention from scientists, researchers, spiritual seekers, and storytellers from around the globe.

People visit and study sacred sites to feel the powerful energy, pay respect to ancestors, and find special significance in the magnificent.

Mount Shasta in Northern California has been one of these magnetic places that continues to draw in visitors and knowledge seekers, yet it remains shrouded in mystery and lore.

The steep snow covered mountain peak of Mount Shasta rises above a volcanic landscape. It’s presence is a reminder of how little we know for certain of the inner workings of our world and the history that sculpted the planet we call home.

This Sacred Site Blog will be an exploration of Mount Shasta and the ancient Lemurians. We will learn about the location and natural history, myths and legends of the mountain that involve paranormal encounters and the ancient people of Lemuria, and discover the vibrational frequency readings that Alejandro and I have unveiled for this sacred site.



Mount Shasta Geology

Majestic Mount Shasta is part of the Cascade Range of stratovolcanoes located at the southern end of the volcanic mountain chain in Siskiyou County, California. Geologists believe that the current mountain began forming on the remains of an older collapsed volcano many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Hot springs and escaping volcanic gases indicate that this area remains active beneath the surface. Glacier ice and snow cover the 14,163 ft high summit. The mountain peak is often wrapped in intriguing symbolic cloud formations that add to the sacred feeling of the area. Mountain streams of healing waters flow down from Mount Shasta and create the headwaters of several of the area's vital rivers.

While geologists believe that Mount Shasta was created by volcanic activity, other scholars have theorized that it is the remains of an ancient goldmine. Over time, the excavated earth and sand may have hardened to stone by water and lightning strikes, creating the mountain we see today. 



Myths and Legends From The Mountain

Mount Shasta’s deep tunnels and internal caverns have sparked many stories and legends of what may lie within. The mountain has drawn the attention of mystics, poets, thrill seekers, paranormal investigators, and various spiritual groups. It has a power and beauty that sparks imagination and awakens a yearning inside beholders to know more.

Stories of giants, gods, and ancient mythical beings are woven into the history of Mount Shasta. The earliest known civilization of Mount Shasta were various Native American tribes. Native American legend says that Mount Shasta is the home to the “keepers of the woods” matah kagmi, which mainstream culture knows as Bigfoot.

The Klamath Tribes believed that the mountain was inhabited by the Spirit of the Above World, called Skell, who battled with the Spirit of the Below World, Llao. This legendary battle involved the spirits hurtling rocks and lava at each other which sculpted the landscape and explained the volcanic eruptions of the area during that time (1).

Mount Shasta has also been the center of some interesting extraterrestrial and UFO activity. A lenticular cloud drew the attention of UFO enthusiasts as recently as February 2020. Circular and smooth, the cloud took the shape of an alien mothership hovering over the mountain. The climate surrounding Mount Shasta causes large waves of moist air to rise, and the crests often form strings of these lenticular clouds (2).



The Ancient Lemurians

According to another legend, Mount Shasta is the home of an ancient race of Lemurians. It is said they were the first wave of Starseeds to come to Earth. These beings are descendants of a highly advanced race of energy workers and crystal dreamers from the continent of Lemuria. Their continent was a paradise of peace and they considered all things sentient.

Thousands of years ago their Earthly home sank beneath the Pacific Ocean, and they are said to have taken refuge underground beneath Mount Shasta. Some Lemurians shapeshifted into dolphins, wales, and merfolk instead. There are a lot of similarities to Atlantis in Lemurian legend. Some think the Lemurians and Atlanteans fought over the control of less advanced beings (some Atlanteans in power thought people should be controlled and Lemurians thought they should be free).

Lemurian history is said to go back to 4,500,000 BC when their race ruled the planet. Their city of Telos, the “City of Light”, is reported to be buried deep under the mountain. Halls of gems and gold, carpets of mineral deposits, and glowing crystals are said to decorate a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns (3).

Lemurians are said to occasionally appear in the Mount Shasta area as seven feet tall humans with long flowing white hair, wearing white robes and sandals. They use crystals encoded with healing messages of love and unity. (2) 

Many energy workers feel a deep connection to the spiritual when using crystals, so perhaps they are tuning into an ancient Lemurian past life. Lemurian Starseed souls feel a deep ache for the state of our planet and society today because of their past life in an Earth-revering, peaceful utopia where everyone lived in harmony.

Lemurian starseeds have a powerful and unique energy signature and can tap into past-life wisdom with the help of Lemurian quartz crystals. These crystals supported Lemurian healing arts and communication and were considered a master crystal in their mystery schools. Try connecting with your Lemurian past next time you meditate!



Vibrational Reading of Mount Shasta and the Lemurians 

Today the overall frequency of Mount Shasta is 350 which is the frequency of acceptance. This is special when thought in context of being the home of the mystical Lemurians. They were said to believe that less evolved cultures and people should be left alone to evolve and grow at their own pace. This level of acceptance creates an inviting and open atmosphere to seekers who are open to growth.

Above are the incredible findings we gathered about the vibrational frequency of the Lemurian people. As you can see, as such an advanced, compassionate civilization - they thrived at the level of enlightenment in all of these categories. 



Join the Vibrational Revelations Community

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the sacred and mysterious site of Mount Shasta. If you are ready to join a community of others on a journey of consciousness elevation, I would like to invite you to join my Vibrational Revelations Community. Members have access to a special episode where we reveal even more about Lemuria and Lemurians!

My partner Alejandro and I study and reveal the vibrational readings of celebrities, corporations, world leaders, current affairs, and other locations around the world. Join us to learn how to tune your consciousness and discover truth beyond the veil.

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