Sacred Sites Series: Stone of Tara

Ireland is a land brimming with ancient mystery. The rich green hills shrouded in mist invite the imagination to run wild.

Folktales, ballads, and dances are passed down through the generations. These stories weave a tapestry of layer upon layer of cultural substance. It is easy to still feel the magic in the air today as ancient traditions, stories, and modern life coexist there.

As an explorer of this world, I have found my travels enhanced by learning about sacred sites and the tales surrounding them. Today, I invite you to come with me to Ireland to visit the Stone of Tara. We will learn where it is, what it was used for according to legend, ideas of its origin, and finally, I will reveal the vibrational frequency reading.



The Stone of Tara

The Stone of Tara is a 12 foot tall 2 foot wide stone pillar. It stands on top of a mound in County Meath Ireland known as An Forradh, the Kings Seat. It is also known as Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny or Speaking Stone. This place was used during coronations of Irish kings all the way to AD 500. It was said to have rejuvenation powers and ensure a long reign. (1, 2)

According to legend, this stone would cry with joy when the rightful king of Ireland would strike his foot against it. This was a sacred place, with an interesting purpose. The title of high king of Ireland was given to one man, even though the island remained ununified. Perhaps the phallic nature of the stone was believed to bestow wisdom and virility to the new kings. (1, 2)

According to Irish lore, the kings of Ireland were not chosen by heredity or election, but by druids that conducted grand rituals. The purpose of the rituals at Tara was to see the “true” king through sacred vision.

The origin of the stone is unclear and conflicting. One mythological story from the eleventh century describes the stone as a talisman brought from the northern islands by a semi-divine race called the Tuatha De Danann who served the goddess Danu. They brought with them knowledge, skills, and druidic magic. There is also disagreement as to whether the stone today is still the original stone, or if it is fact hidden somewhere in the area for safe keeping.



An Ancient Fossil

There is an idea held by some researchers that many stones in ancient sites are actually fossilized or petrified body parts. Some are extremely large, seeming to be bones and knuckles of ancient creatures that were over 300 meters tall. It is hard for us to imagine such creatures today!

Modern mainstream geology does not yet recognize the possibility that these stones could actually be fossils. Yet all over the world, these stones have similar properties.

Stones at sites like Tara are found to be rich in iron, which may be due to the blood of the creatures they belonged to. The stones also have strong acoustic properties and ring like bells. Quartz crystal combined with iron is found in elongated pillar shapes, it will have a very high resonance capacity and ring beautifully. The people who created these implements would produce it for a specific resonance. This perfectly aligns with how ancient tales describe the singing Stone of Tara.

It is unknown where the Stone of Tara came from originally or how old it is. It could be millions of years old if it is a fossil of an ancient being. There is rich history and lore tied to this stone. While much of its history is shrouded in myth, it still stands today inviting travelers to marvel and wonder.



Vibrational Reading of the Stone of Tara

Today, the vibrational reading of the Stone of Tara is 400. This is the frequency of reason. This is very interesting considering the ancient use of this stone in confirming kings. Good leaders are known for their reason, wisdom, and ability to make decisions for the benefit of their kingdoms.

Since all things are energetic and can be affected by frequency, then perhaps using this stone’s resonance was a way of tuning into ancient wisdom of the high kings of old.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey to the Stone of Tara. I hope that your creativity has been sparked to look at the world around you as brimming with possibilities and new ideas. The way the world is understood is always evolving. We have an opportunity to welcome fresh perspectives with an open mind and learn from ancient wisdom. I am honored that my work is on the frontier of unveiling truth and mystery.



The Vibrational Revelations Community

If you are intrigued by our work in vibrational readings, I would love to invite you to join our Vibrational Revelations Community. My partner Alejandro and I created this community to answer questions, explore beyond limiting beliefs, and dive into a deeper understanding of yourself and others. We hope to see you there! 

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