Sacred Sites Series: The Bosnian Pyramid

Have you ever walked by something every day and never paid it any mind until one day it grabs your attention and you see it in a new way?

Maybe you notice a stone in the ground you realize is actually an old buried pathway from a long forgotten garden. Or perhaps a wooden post was actually part of a gate that bordered your home...

The sudden shift in your perspective opens a whole new storyline that beckons you to imagine the possibilities.

One such place that offers such mysterious and wondrous possibilities is the Bosnian Pyramid. This pyramid hid in plain sight for thousands of years, unnoticed by the world for what it actually is!

Join me today as we continue our Sacred Sites Series and explore the Bosnian Pyramid. I will explain its hidden location, how it may have been used historically, and read its energetic frequency both now and from the past.



Natural Mountain or Mysterious Pyramid

In the hills of Bosnia, near the town Visoko, rests a massive pyramid. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This is one of the most recently discovered pyramids. Disguised by plant life and erosion over time, this site remains controversial and shrouded in secrecy by government and military powers.

However, new overwhelming evidence supports the theory that this and surrounding structures were created and built by ancient beings. It is possible that they harbor artifacts that would be very hard to explain.

The Bosnian Pyramid was once thought to be a natural mountain and blended into the landscape. However, with the emergence of satellite imaging and new technology, researchers now believe that this site is actually an ancient constructed pyramid. Geologists and pyramid experts date this pyramid back 30,000 years.

Underneath the foliage cover, the structure was found to be made from layer upon layer of sandstone concrete held together with clay mortar. Other similar pyramids and even tunnels have been found in the same region. Samples from these concrete blocks were studied by the University of Paris and were found to be extraordinary. They are five times stronger and more water resistant than our modern concrete formulas. They would have had to have been heated over 500 degrees. (1,2)

How would ancient people have had the ability to construct something so large? That is the mystery of this place! It beckons us to imagine what secrets lie within and beneath the surface.



A Sacred Power Source

The direction and dimension of the Bosnian Pyramid also supports the theory that ancient civilizations created this pyramid in alignment with the sun. Another pyramid across the valley was aligned with the moon. Excavators claim that the points of the pyramid are directed towards the cardinal points, something that wouldn’t have just happened by natural process alone. This pyramid had to have been designed and placed by intelligent beings.

Perhaps this pyramid is an example of an ancient machine. Author Michael Tellinger believes that sites like this created a network or great circuit board. They seem to have been made to collect and control energy. Ancient peoples would have used the Earth as a resonator, and pyramids or towers to amplify and beam this energy up into the sky.

Tellinger believes that this would have created a grid covering a specific area. Perhaps ancient peoples used this energy to control and manipulate the weather for agriculture or even for protection. He notes that modern day examples of such spaces are cathedrals, churches, or great auditoriums where people gather and their sound and energy is amplified and transmitted through columns and stone.



Vibrational Frequency of The Bosnian Pyramid

When Alejandro and I measured the vibrational frequency of the Bosnian Pyramid, what we found supports the theory that this was a Divinely created structure. 30,000 years ago, this pyramid emitted a frequency of 900, the frequency of enlightenment. Because the genesis frequency is so high, this tells us that an enlightened being was responsible for its creation.

Today the frequency of the Bosnian Pyramid is 310, the frequency of willingness. Could this be a hint that this place is ready and willing to share its secrets? When we see the vibration of these ancient sites shift so drastically over the years, it is a good indicator that these sites are no longer being used as they once were. I wonder as this information spreads and people open their minds to new possibilities, if sites like these will rise again.



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