Sacred Sites Series: The Siwa Oasis

Have you ever learned about or visited an ancient landmark and felt a pang of longing in your heart? Maybe you felt a tingling of powerful energy or received an intuitive download. Or you may just find yourself hungry for more information about the ancient history of the site.

There is a good reason for this phenomenon!

You are attracted to sacred sites because you feel something ancient awaken within you and it seems to amplify your ability to unlock Divine wisdom. That is why I am starting this Sacred Sites Blog Series - to help you connect to your powerful ancient wisdom and raise your vibration!

We are going to dive into information about the people who built and inhabited these special places, what their culture was like, and what significance these sacred sites still hold for humanity today.

Today, I invite you to join me as we journey to discover the Siwa Oasis of ancient Egypt. I will share its location, history and lore, and its vibrational frequency reading of this site both in the past and the present.



Imagine An Exquisite Retreat

Imagine, in the middle of a vast desert of white sand, weary travelers would come upon a lush oasis fed by thousands of fresh sparkling springs. Here they would find refreshing water to drink as well as dates and olives to eat. Wildlife was abundant and the people who lived here curated their own unique culture protected from outside influence.

Established in the 7th century BCE, the Siwa Oasis rests in a deep depression about 20 meters below sea level. In ancient times, this would have been a lush forest with a large lake at the center. It is thought that this lake was part of Lake Chad which used to be the largest lake on Earth. Lake Chad would have been larger than all of the lakes of North America combined. (1)

The Siwa Oasis was a place of refuge and respite… a place where people came to seek the truth and receive enlightenment.

However in present day, the site of the Siwa Oasis is much different. Climate change, perhaps brought upon by man's quest for gold and other precious metals, has created what is now known as the Sahara Desert. Egypt and other African nations were known for their gold mining, and now that area appears to be vastly changed from its original splendor.



Siwa Oasis History And Lore

In 708 BC, the inhabitants of this area resisted an Islamic army and probably did not convert until the 12th century. A local manuscript mentions only seven families totaling 40 men living here in the 13th century. There is history of some fighting at Siwa during both of the World Wars. During the Second World War, returning Italian pilots left North Africa and crossed the Sahara Desert. They happened upon this Oasis in the middle of the great white desert.

The Siwa Oasis is home to another sacred site called the Temple of the Oracle. Legend has it that this was where Alexander the Great and his armies visited to consult the Oracle of Amun in 331 BC.(1) The Oracle revealed to Alexander that he was the son of  Zeus, advised him of how he could placate the local population on the Nile River, and prepared him for what he could expect if he left the Mediterranean Sea and pursued the Persians to Babylon.

The Siwa Oasis is protected naturally by its location and known as a micro civilization where its inhabitants still lead a very traditional way of life. The traditional culture of the Siwa Oasis is as unique as its location. One practice that has been observed is “sand baths.” During this ritual, people are buried in the sand up to their heads for 10-15mins. They are covered in palm fronds and fed water and tamarind. Locals say that a week of daily sand baths can cure medical conditions such as rheumatism, joint pain, infertility or impotence. (2)



Vibrational Frequency Reading of the Siwa Oasis

Everything is energy and frequency - including sacred sites! The energy is available to be interpreted and frequency cannot be manipulated - it simply is what is. In reading these historic sacred sites, we tell the tale and unveil what is already present.

During the 7th century BCE, the vibrational frequency for the Siwa Oasis was 700, which is the frequency of enlightenment. This must have truly been a unique and special place where people came together to seek truth and healing. A current reading of this special place gives a frequency of 600. This is the frequency of peace. This place is no longer in use as it once was, but there are many legends to learn and now the land rests peacefully.



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